Renée’s Premium Dressings, Dips and Sauces

I am a dipper!

I love to add dips and dressings to my food. I always have. Thick and creamy full of flavour are the kinds I enjoy most. Renée’s has been a fave of mine since I was a little girl. They have really grown since then. I am happy to say, they are still a fave in my house! 



“In 1984 Canadian-born Renée Unger, all driven by a passion for great food and fresh produce, began dabbling in the creation of salad dressing. Well, she hasn’t stopped since.
Today Renée’s continues to earn the respect and loyalty of consumers by maintaining the supreme standards of freshness, quality and value set by its founder.”
Renée’s has a large variety of dressings. You can choose pourables, spoonables or portion packs (great for lunch on the go). The dressings include, yogurt dressings, low fat options and Vinaigrettes. The flavours are endless. my fave has always been Blue Cheese as it is creamy and full of chunks of crumbled Blue cheese. 
Their savoury dips have been in my house since I can remember. But since I am trying to make healthier choices, I have been using the 1/2 fat ones more often. I also, for a treat enjoy the Greek yogurt or sweet dips. Great in recipes or with fruit. There are all kinds of recipes on the website you can try for yourself. 
Renée’s sauces are fabulous for marinating meats and vegetables. You can find it in the meat aisle at your grocery store. You can also use as a a sauce or dip after the meal is cooked. The possibilities are really endless. I like adding the Roasted garlic honey to meatloaf when cooking. The kids are big fans! 


If you want to change up your meals and add some flavour to you life, give Renée’s a try. Check out Renée’s recipes for your next meal. You can also like them on Facebook for up to date information and promotions. They also share tips for cooking and more!

Have you tried Renée’s premium dressings, dips and sauces lately? Which is your fave? 


  1. You would find Renee's dressings and dips in my grocery cart every time I shop. And, some of the products are made right here in St Marys, ON! Great products that I trust.
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  2. OMG! Renee makes CHEESECAKE!! That sounds delicious! I love the Cesar salad dressing so I'm sure that I would love their cheese cake!
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  3. Praveen Saanker says

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, It is awesome.

  4. I recently tried the Yogurt Dill & Cucumber, I will never go back to the "middle of the grocery aisle" dressings again. They're fresh and amazing.
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  5. I've only tried the caesar dressing before from Rene's but I loved it! can't wait to try more!
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  6. I love their Caesar dressing. It was rich and creamy and made our Chicken Caesar Salads even better. One of my favs to use. I have yet to try anything else from Rene's, but would love to. Maybe I'll get some other dressing for Easter or try their cheesecake dip!
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  7. Oh my gosh. I love their Caesar dressing. Who am I kidding? I love Renee's products…all of them! Now I want some! Thank goodness it's lunch time!
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  8. thriftymommagogo says

    I love their salad dressings. We are huge fans. I haven't tried their dips I don't think but their dill and duke dressing is divine. I discovered it when I had lunch at a friend's house and she was serving Renee's dill and cucumber dressing on the salad. This friend is super picky about her foods and is always doing whole foods and fresh foods and organic so to me that makes it even more likeable. I know if it passed her screening process that the product is really high quality. I also love their caesar dressing. Yummy.

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  9. Victoria Ess says

    I love Renee's dressings and my favourites are their vinegrettes! Which is your favourite?

  10. sarah sar says

    I think I should buy this and try it out. Might break our Kraft habit!

  11. I just have this to say: OMG they make Cheesecake Dip?? !!! Where have I been? lol

  12. I love Renee's Chunky Blue Cheese dressing for dipping my veggies in, but I haven't seen the Cheesecake dip in the super markets yet.I will have to check a little closer now because it would honestly be so delicious with fruit.
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  13. Susan T. says

    I am addicted to their mayo. It is so good! I also like the roasted garlic dressing.

  14. nenasinclair says

    I love Renee's products, I've been a fan for a long time! 🙂

  15. spring herb italian is my hubbys favorite salad dressing, renees is all he uses!

  16. Kim Tanti says

    Dose Renees make anything that doesn't taste good?

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