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So like any family, my children fight. They fight over silly things like who had the last cookie. Or sometimes who is wearing who’s pants lol Seriously! When you have teen boys close in age and the same size, this is an issue. I know they all love each other and really are best friends. But as their mom, it hurts me to see them argue. I try to tune it out most days. Usually it does not last long but some days, it seems to go on forever. 

This winter felt like we had a few occasions where they were bickering none stop. I think being cooped up inside with so many snow days does this to people. Too cold to go out and play. Schools cancelled and routine all mixed up. Boredom sets in and they pick at each other. Not just the teens either, the five year old had her moody days. So I started doing something new. 

It actually started when my five year old daughter was being grumpy with her teen brother. He looked at me like he was clueless why she was so grumpy. Being much older he really could not argue back either. Not sure if it was so many snow days in a row or over tired. But she was moody! Being younger and smaller she is always asking her older brothers for help. Help getting stuff out of the cupboard, cooking her a meal, changing the show etc. I guess he was not quick enough and she was a bit snappy. So I told her she needed to apologize. I explained why and she did. But it did not feel over to me. So I told her to say three nice things about him. She sat there and really really thought about it. She actually thought so long I thought she would say nothing lol Or worse, something sarcastic. But she actually said 3 really nice, thoughtful things about him, to him. 


I felt better as mom. my son then felt the apology was real and Little One turned her mood around. When you say something positive it not only changes the people around you, it changes you. For the good. It was heartwarming for me. We have done it a few times since as well. I love hearing the positive things the kids say about each other. I even had one of them say 3 positive things about me 🙂 

What do you do when your kids keep bickering? 


  1. I just love this Kim!!! I need to remember this next time my little ladies get into an argument. Sometimes it's just too easy to say sorry (and not necessarily mean it).
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  2. mamabear6910 says

    there is just my daughter so she tries to argue with me.. I will be good, i want to be good… but that is usually said when she can't have something or do something..My daughter has red hair, do you think that has something to do with it…lol.. she will say sorry and try to kiss up to us..she is a card!!. My sister is a year older than me so I know what that is like. we fought all the time..
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