Canon’s Mother’s Day Surprise- What does Mom want?

When I see the question “What does Mom want for Mothers Day??” I am never surprised by the answers.  For me being a busy mom and working from home, I just want a day to slow down. A day spent with my family and to make memories. Time goes by way to fast and I know to cherish every minute. My youngest has invited me to her school for Mothers Day tea and we are planning a family day trip. I do not want material items, just quality time. And if they were to get me an actual present, I would hope it is one that will help preserve those memories like a great camera.

Other “Gifts” I see moms ask for are help around the house, sleep, meals prepared and cooked and spa days. Seems moms just want a day to relax and be loved. That is perfect in my world 🙂

Check out this amazing video below from Canon. 

I think the reactions of these moms when they see their children’s creations clearly show what moms want for Mothers Day. Memories that last a life time and are cherished forever. 

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What do you or the mom in your life want for Mother’s Day?


  1. I just want a happy day with the kiddos 🙂
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  2. Well said, lady. That video is adorable. Handmade crafts and being left alone to sleep in. There is nothing I want beyond that.
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  3. kelly hutchinson says

    My kids are going to help me start a container garden! What a fun way to spend mother's day!

  4. What a sweet video, kids capture the most candid moments and handmade gifts or even a sweet comment means more to me than anything money can buy. I should actually hand my little ones a camera and let them go to town for a gift to grandma.

  5. Amber Edwards says

    That is such a sweet video! For me; what I love most is when my kids make me something special from their heart for Mother's day. Those are the best Mother's day gifts.

  6. Such a sweet video!! Love it!! The best Mother's Day gift for me is spending it with the family 🙂 I love being together and just having a nice meal and enjoying each other's company.

  7. When I saw your blog title it's simple! I want a CANON! 😉 Loved the video too. I'm looking forward to my Mothers Day cruise on Sunday. I can't wait to see my son's excitement as he boards the ship.
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  8. What a sweet video! There is nothing more I want than something made by my daughter, cuddles and to be left alone a bit.
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  9. What a cute video! With only two years left before my son goes off to college, I want to maximize my time with him, not just on Mother's Day, but all year!
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  10. that totally makes me smile! I'm a canon mom myself and would get totally sappy about huge pics of the kids!
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  11. Kim Tanti says

    I love having all my children around.

  12. I absolutely LOVED that video! It gave me goosebumps. As a Canon lover myself I just absolutely can identify with the beautiful pictures that have come from my camera. Next step is to let the boys use my camera!
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  13. Sigh…love these types of videos and posts! As much as my son doesn't allow me to sleep, one kiss, one look , one crumpled up piece of paper that he made just for me, take the lack of sleep blues away! Thanks for sharing!

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