Get to your Dream Destination sooner

It has been a long year for many! After the crazy winter we all had, many of us are looking forward to the summer. Summer for me means more family time and some great road trips. Lots and lots of family traveling across this fabulous country of ours and beyond. Even traveling locally has so much to offer and is easy and affordable to do. You would be surprised at what gems are located right in your own backyard. You really do not need to go far to enjoy a little family vacation.  

Maybe you are more adventurous and are planning a trip farther south? Somewhere tropical, warm and a bit exotic? No matter where you plan on going, you can get there faster with the help of Aeroplan partners when you use your TD Aeroplan Visa. 

With the TD Aeroplan Visa InfiniteCard, you can earn miles faster so you can start travelling sooner, plus you’ll receive a Welcome Bonus of 15,000 Aeroplan Miles.

The dream vacation can be a reality sooner. Partners include Marriott, Air Canada, Esso and more. Places many of us shop at day to day. So why not benefit front he rewards?!? Imagine the places you could go either alone, with the family or with that special someone. Where would you go?

I think if I could pick any destination in the world it would be England. I have family there and I find the history of the area to be very interesting. It would be great to see where my grandparents came from. However somewhere tropical and warm is very appealing as well. Maybe Jamaica since I have never been. I admit it, the choice would be hard. Maybe one day, we can visit both. 

Where would you go if you could pick a place to visit?




  1. I would visit Japan!

  2. Ronald G says

    I would go to the Australian Outback

  3. Teresa Claire says

    I would visit England. My Mum is from England and I would love to go with my Mum and daughter. We have a big family and many relatives that we haven't met before.

  4. angela m says

    I would visit Scotland ,or Hawaii.

  5. Erin Leigh says

    my next dream vacation is an Alaskan cruise… can't wait!

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