Are you Guilty of this Tacky Blogger Behaviour ?

I really try not to care what others do in this online world.

If it does not affect me or my blog it is not my business.

However some actions indirectly reflect badly on us all and I would like to address them. Do I want to call these bloggers out? NO! I just think that many do not realize what they are doing is viewed as wrong, tacky or even viewed as bad etiquette. 

Lets start by defining “Tacky

TACKY means “In bad taste” 

Below are a few situations I have observed recently.

Promoting your blog on other blogs

Bloggers are great at supporting one another. You can see this by them RTing each other on Twitter and adding linkies on their blogs for others to promote their posts and giveaways. So why do some feel they need to go beyond this and take advantage of others reach? 

Posting your blog link, giveaway or post link on another blog’s Facebook page is SPAM. If you do this on mine I will not only delete it but most likely report you for spam. If I feel like educating you, I may send you a message explaining why. But I really do not have time for that. Who does? This also goes for the bloggers who you think are being supportive and comment on your posts. Just to see at the bottom of the comment “I am also hosting this giveaway. Come and enter on my blog (insert blog link here)” This is not acceptable! There are many places to add your links to for additional exposure. Even better, if you know bloggers working on the same campaign, why not cross promote? Add their link to your post, RT their post. You can do this on your own or arrange something through email or message to both do it. Nobody is required to do this. But it would be a win win for all. It could help you both get some extra views and entries. 

Taking other bloggers pictures and or content

This one is huge, and I would honestly think it would go without saying but I see it often.

It is never okay to take another bloggers content or picture. If you see a post you want to share, do so via their share buttons. Pin it, Tweet it, share it. If you want to add it to your blog there is an etiquette to doing so. Never use pictures without consent. This includes product pictures, collages and prize photos. I have seen bloggers bandwidth go nuts when people use their pics. When using the pictures, link back to the original persons blog/site to give credit. If you are highlighting a post/recipe, only include a few lines. Enough to spark interest in your readers. Then add a read more link directing bloggers to the original post. The original poster always deserves the traffic and credit. Google will also penalize you for having duplicate content if you copy and paste a post. This goes for press releases as well. 

Not doing this is not only tacky, but you can be reported. The blogger may be kind and give you a chance. Warning you by email. Or they may report you. Report you to your host and your social media channels as well as Google.  

If you need content then consider asking for guest posts from others, or join a community that has writing prompts

For pictures, use your own (you can never go wrong) or use a photo sharing site. There is a huge list of places to find pics for your blog here. When working with a brand, they are happy to provide stock images. 

Asking bloggers for contacts

I have written about this before. This is so tacky and just plain rude. One of my biggest pet peeves! 


Well to begin with, bloggers work very hard to have the contacts they have. We attend conferences that we often pay for ourselves. Our time and money invested to make connections. We take years to build relationships and a great rapport with brands and reps. So when I refer a blogger to a contact I have, I state why I think they would be great. I put my reputation on the line to refer these people. If they mess up, it looks bad on me. Many brands and PR people are happy to be introduced to other bloggers. But sometimes product and budget is limited. So often they like to be exclusive, work with limited numbers. Offering up their info without permission is breaking a trust. Sharing contacts with all floods the online world and we no longer look unique. It is good to have different themes, contacts and products. We want to be original, right?

I often ask my contacts if they are looking for other bloggers, and if so offer to get some names for them. I share when I can. I do not post their contact for all to see, unless they request this. Then I will consider doing so. 

Being directly asked for a contact puts a blogger on the spot. Makes them feel obligated. If they say no, they feel like they are the ones being rude. When in fact , they should not have been asked to begin with. 

If you are looking to work with a brand then do your research.

Use Google for a media contact.

Use social media to reach out and be seen.

Put your name out there.

Let them know you are brand friendly by adding info to your blog and social media profiles.

Attend conferences and network.

All else fails, a generalized “Does anyone know who to reach from (brand) for a blogger campaign?” This is not directed to any one person. If someone can share they will message you. Nobody is being put on the spot with this general request. 

There are various networks that connect bloggers with brands. It seems like more and more pop up every day. A simple Google search of “Blogger networks” pulls up quite a few. Add your name to these networks and start building a relationship with them.

Some great posts for bloggers I would love to share

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Lots of great tips and posts pinned here 

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If you want to succeed in blogging then you need to work for it. Hard work pays off just like anywhere else in your life. Cutting corners does not. 

Do you have anything to add? 



  1. PUUURRRRREEEEEAAAAACH!!! I've had another blogger blatantly copy and paste a few of my posts and when I first started out – I didn't know any better. I've also fallen victim to the "who is your contact" bit and naively shared with someone who had alterior motives. Blogging is NO different than daily life! Would you do these things at your day job? With family? Friends? Maybe it's because in the online world, people can hide behind personas and "disappear" if they want to…but at the end of the day there is only one word to deal with people like this: KARMA! 🙂 #My2Cents

  2. paula schuck says

    Love this. But I think it's even worse than tacky when people lift your pictures. It's stealing and it's not a way in which anyone should be conducting themselves on line. If I have a really excellent trust and a relationship with another blogger then I am happy to share but you can;t just randomly holler hey Kim can I have your PG contact. It's rude. Also we work hard to maintain relationships in the industry so that undermines the business potentially if that blogger isn't professional in their approach. I don;t mind too much when blogger toss a link at end of their comments but don't do it on my wall. I am very unhappy when people put odd crap on my wall.
    My recent post New Feature – #TheBlacklist Episode Recap Berlin

  3. It's pretty sad when you have to spell these things out. Whatever happened to respect?

  4. I also love when another blogger messages you and says "I see we blogged about the same thing/event… Were you paid for it? If so, how much!" Ugh…

    Great topic! Wish I had of thought to write about it on my blog http://www.morethan... oh… wait… Nevermind…

    My recent post The Truth is in the Chicken

  5. canadianbloghouse says

    I love this post and your other ones highlighted here. They are a must read for any new blogger out there…and a refresher for the rest of us 🙂 Thanks Kim!
    My recent post Top 10 Fun Facts About Mom Who Runs

  6. Wazoo! Great post. I hope your post gets through to those who have done this. Thanks for writing this post!

  7. I have been contacted so many times asking me to share my contacts for a brand, etc, and I think that is wicked tacky. It always ends up putting me in an awkward position because I am not sharing and then I feel bad saying no.

  8. These are all excellent points, but nothing makes me angrier than theft. How could someone think that’s okay?

  9. Awesome post Kim, lots of great advice.
    Side note, I still have a recipe and picture is still on someone else's blog even though I emailed and kindly asked for it to be removed. Thanks for reminding me that it is now time to take this theft to the next level.
    My recent post 20 Clever Uses for Baking Soda!

  10. Great post Kim – It’s terrible how people steal from each other and it’s so unnecessary!!

  11. Kim – as someone who is relatively new to this world, there is invaluable advice in here. Hope I haven't been slapped with the tacky label. As always you have been an incredible resource to this community.

    My recent post #ShadesOfOtherhood: rewriting the fairytale

  12. Blogging is a hard job to do. There are many steps to take for building a good blog.
    You will face many tacky things like there are many spammers who try to harm your blog.
    Many other bloggers try to copy the content from your blog just to boost up their own blog.
    But unfortunately it's not the good thing to do.
    Stealing the content is much tacky than anything else.

    Thanks for sharing.

    My recent post Some Habits Of Entrepreneurs Which Can Drive You Crazy

  13. I totally agree. I realize some of the people that do this just don't know any better but hopefully they will stumble upon your post and learn. I've also seen bloggers list a bunch of contacts and when asked if they had permission to share, say no. Do you give out phone numbers to just anyone?

    Oh and thanks for sharing a link to my post!
    My recent post Get a Peek Into Your Site Usability with Peek

  14. kristentoneycampbell says

    Oh dear! I don't think I'm doing any of this, but thanks for the checklist!
    My recent post My #1 Trick to Staying Organized

  15. Candace says

    I'm new to the Blogging world….to say it is a tad overwhelming would be a massive understatement! So thanks for the helpful info! I'll certainly be mindful of the 'tacky' behavior you mentioned.

  16. triplezmom says

    I love you for posting this. Stealing pictures and content is the worst.
    My recent post Unpopular Opinions

  17. so sad when people engage in the points you mention
    it all boils down to respect
    with everything that is going on right now, i trust karma right now

  18. These are definitely all tacky behaviors! Especially stealing someone else's photos or posts.

  19. Fortunately I try not to do any of these but I am guilty of posting reviews with links on the bottom.
    My recent post About Rock n' Roll

  20. I have seen and had all of these happen, they all suck. I get tired of getting pm messages from others asking me about a sponsored post and how I got my contact, how much I made – that is just crazy. I even had one blogger who asked for a contact, I got permission from my contact to share and then the blogger blasted the contact out in a group. I will NEVER share contacts again because of that. We all make mistakes in the beginning, but many I know are not new to it.
    My recent post Happy First Birthday Jaxson!!

  21. Yay, I am not guilty of any of these, woot! Great post 🙂
    My recent post Sharks Round 1 Game 7 Playoffs

  22. The copy and pasting part I completely agree with, it’s very annoying!

  23. Curby Aardvark says

    Never done any of this in my life, it's a little embarrassing if people do.

  24. Amber Edwards says

    I can't say this enough…AMEN! Seriously all of them! It is so accurate how annoying and in bad taste each and every single one of them are!

  25. jeffmarias2001 says

    No No NOOOOO I don't do this!! You need to add asking for support but never supporting your blogger "pals" lol It's laughable sometimes.

  26. If someone asks for help, I am willing to offer what I know…except for a contact. I always contact the sponsor first to see if it's okay to offer the contact when asked. If they say no (and they sometimes do), I won't give it, and you're right, it feels uncomfortable.

    Another is asking for votes. I don't really mind voting for someone, especially if it's not often, but when you have to turn off your Facebook 'online' status because someone's asking every day, sometimes more than once a day…and you don't know that person and they never visit your blog, well…it's a tad bit annoying. 😉
    My recent post Groovy Girls (with Doll & Doll Bed Giveaway)

  27. It's too bad that there are some bad apples out there. Great post though Kim!

  28. pamatiw says

    Not guilty. There are plenty of Facebook groups out there that offer support for bloggers and that is where they need to start. Great groups that offer advice and guidance and you just have to sit back read and learn.
    My recent post My Mother’s Hands

  29. Good post! I think it's hard to prevent theft–it seems like it's pretty blatant. As bloggers, we have no rights to our copy unless we pay $35 to copyright every singe post.
    My recent post 14 Incredible Mother’s Day Recipes | Breakfast in Bed

  30. My problem is more with so called friends who never supported my blog either by commenting or sharing/liking posts. Once they started blogging then I am their go to person for all the information, and all of a sudden they want me to support them with likes and comments and other important advice.
    My recent post Jump From Paper Animated Handbags

  31. casavilorainteriors says

    These are great points about what not to do as a blogger. Any one can call themselves a blogger but respect is what sets the good ones apart

  32. I'm scared to ask bu, how do you know when someone steals your content. So far, I'm oblivious to all of this. I have only done a couple of reviews to be honest. But I have never thought of someone 'stealing' content.
    Great point on the PR release info, I never thought of it.
    My recent post Fast and Easy Roasted Chicken Tacos

  33. What makes me laugh is the fact that they don't already know.

  34. chancesmommy says

    Oh, goodness! Those are some of the things that bug me too. I often wonder for those who use photos without asking, if they do it intentionally or if they are just that clueless. I'd like to think people don't do things with ill intentions, but I could be wrong. Thanks for posting this.

  35. So true…on all counts! Thanks for the post for those who are oblivious to blogging etiquette. 🙂

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