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When people think about the ultimate summer vacation there are a handful of top answers, and always in the top five is the answer of, “a trip to Hawaii”. Unfortunately many people look at this as a nearly impossible journey to make because of the expenses involved. Although there are many things to consider, a trip to Hawaii doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are our Tips For An Affordable Trip To Hawaii. While some factors will not be changeable, many things on your list will be. Don’t mark this off your list of dreams just yet, we can hopefully help you make this a reality instead of a dream.


FLY A DIFFERENT ROUTE: While the hub for most flights to Hawaii is San Diego, that doesn’t mean you must take a direct flight to San Diego with the airline you plan on flying to the island on. Check with smaller airlines like Southwest, JetBlue and Frontier for cheaper flights from your nearest airport to that destination. This can give you a savings of up to $400-$500 per ticket.

CHOOSE ALASKA AIRLINES FOR YOUR TRIP FROM THE MAINLAND TO THE ISLAND: While it doesn’t offer the amenities of some of your standard larger airlines, the ticket prices are routinely cheaper with Alaska to Hawaii than any other airline we have checked. They have hubs across the nation as well, so you may be able to fly direct from your airport and not worry about switching planes along the way.

WATCH DEAL SITES FOR RESORT PACKAGES: Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local and Deal Chicken all routinely have great deals on resort packages for the Hawaiian islands. Some even include airfare. Watch specifically for those that provide some or all of your meals. While eating on the island isn’t really more expensive in restaurants, it can be convenient to be able to stay in the resort and not have to drive all over for meals.

CHECK INDIVIDUAL HOTEL PRICES & CALL FOR SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: While you can look for hours online for deals on resorts and hotel packages, sometimes the best deals come when you actually call the hotel itself and inquire about in house packages. Many hotels have rooms starting at only $75 a night versus the resort deals that are typically in the $125-$150 range per night at minimum.

USE HOTEL REWARDS PROGRAMS: If you travel for work or routinely as a family, sign up for some of the more popular hotel chain reward programs. While you will not find a motel on the island, there are multiple popular hotel chains that you can begin earning reward points through while on the mainland to then use/transfer as free nights in Hawaii.

STAY OFF BEACH: While walking out of your room and right to the beach may be your dream, there are a handful of hotels that are within walking distance of the beach but are not actually beach front properties. These hotels tend to have lower nightly prices.

RENT A CAR AND EXPLORE ON YOUR OWN: Many attractions and tours are available for daily fees or flat rates, but often you may find one area you would rather spend more time at. Check out rental car prices and read reviews on various adventures of interest. The island of Oahu is a great place to set out on your own and wind around for a leisurely drive to see the sites. With a map and GPS on your smart phone there is very little chance of getting lost on any of the islands if you set out on your own for beaches and waterfalls.

TRAVEL OFF SEASON: While you would think that summer months would be the busiest time of year for the islands, in fact Spring tends to be a bit busier due to people wanting to get into a warmer climate. Each area and every islands is a bit different, but a quick check with the chamber of commerce of the area you are looking to visit will help you determine the best times to travel for lower ticket and hotel pricing. Late Summer and early Fall tend to be some of the slower times on the islands as people wind down their vacationing.

Be realistic in your expectations of what it will cost to visit the islands. Ideally you want at least 7-10 days to allow your body to acclimate to the time change, find the areas and things you want to see most and simply relax. For a 7 day trip to one of the islands with enough planning and looking for deals, you can easily find flights for $500-$700 per person and hotel stays that would be in the same price range. For a family of four you can plan to at minimum spend in the range of $2500-$3000 for flights and hotel accommodation. If you plan properly you can keep the entire trip from start to finish under $3000 for a family of four. A trip to Hawaii is never going to be cheap, but with these tips for an affordable trip to Hawaii you can easily make it fit within your long range budget.

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  1. Hi There,

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  2. massholemommy says

    Going to Hawaii is a big dream of mine and I will get there someday. We just flew to San Diego 2 weeks ago and from the east coast with a layover each way the price of the tickets was phenomenal, so I can't even imagine what it would have been to add on an extra trip to Hawaii. It was $2500 round trip for us from boston to san diego, so I am guessing Hawaii would be double that.

  3. Great tips and perfect fro me as i do want to see Hawaii one day. thank you fro sharing this will have to write this all down.

  4. Amanda @ Erickson and Co says

    Great tips! I would love to visit hawaii!

  5. Ashley Gill says

    Oh my gosh, I can't believe the options you listed here about making your airline tickets cheaper! What great tips! If I ever made it to Hawaii, I will for sure be doing some of these tips. Gotta save money anywhere I can!

  6. kristentoneycampbell says

    Fantastic! My husband and I decided that we're gonna go to Hawaii as soon as we finish paying off our student loans! Thanks for all the tips!
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  7. triplezmom says

    I am dying to go to Hawaii. My cousin and her family moved there last year and I am so jealous!
    My recent post It's the Weather, Stupid

  8. Thanks for these great tips. My husband and I have talked about going and this information will come in very handy. I sent him a link to this post so he can read the info too.

  9. Jennifer Williams says

    I will be needing this, my oldest wants to go to college over there. I would love to visit there but do wish he would choose a school that is closer.
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  10. casavilorainteriors says

    I would love to go to Hawaii. I hope I will in the next few years

  11. I have yet to visit Hawaii. Time to start planning!
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  12. kathy downey says

    Thank you for sharing this,would love to go.I do not travel much because of my MS

  13. I have never been to Hawaii but have wanted to go for a long time. These sound very helpful.
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  14. We try to travel in the off season whenever possible. It is so much cheaper!

  15. We never been to Hawaii but longing to be there someday! I will keep these tips in mind.
    My recent post My Sweet Little Girl Will Do Everything for Me on Mother’s Day!

  16. The New Classy says

    I have not been to Hawaii but love the tips you shared. On almost all vacations, I try to travel off season as I think that makes it easier to find lodging, cheaper and less crowded.
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  17. Using some of those tips might actually make a Hawaii trip possible for me. Awesome!
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  18. Hawaii is on my bucket list of places to visit. Great list and one that I'm sure going to have to use for my trip there.
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  19. Terry Perron says

    Great tips been to Hawaii twice and hope to go back

  20. Ladybug traveler says

    I'm wondering about cost of food/eats and also excursions – I've heard it's really, really pricey!

  21. If I may add:

    If you're staying at a condo, make sure to write down the address and phone number. Then go to the grocery store and get a locals card – groceries are cheaper that way!
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  22. c. heise says

    My family of four just returned from 16 days on Maui – so a couple of other tips…
    Do some research and know where you want to go and what you want to do – place reservations early for popular things.
    DO get your own car and explore on your own – you can find amazing snorkel areas without the crowds if you search.
    Stay someplace with a kitchen and eat breakfast and get out early, then eat a bigger "lunch" out during happy hour to save – then eat a later dinner back at your place. (We used VRBO/Homeaway and found a great place)
    Stop at local produce stands/open markets – the fruit especially is MUCH better and a little cheaper.

  23. Wendy chaffin says

    Great tips, thanks so much. We are leaving next week and I’m so excited! Going to see my son and his wife and our new granddaughter! Luckily we will be staying with them so we won’t have the hotel or rental car expense. We purchased our tickets from American Airlines and they were only $1950 round trip for two. Praying for safe flights and beautiful weather.


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