Dolphin Discovery- Swim with dolphins #PVPressTrip

Enjoy a day full of fun with your family and friends during a day plenty of adventure, entertainment and natureSwim with dolphins in Vallarta is one of the best vacation memories your family can have. After your dolphin swim, take advantage of the day to enjoy our 10 water slides, a fresh ride along the river, and marine animals shows. For parents, we have a swimming pool area with a playground for kids so the entire family can have a good time.”

dolphin discovery water park

While in Puerto Vallarta we had an amazing day at Dolphin Discovery. I actually got in the pool with the dolphins and interacted with them. It was amazing and a bit scary all at once. The instructor was very knowledgeable and calming. He taught us about the dolphins and we each got to swim with them or pet them (depending on our level of comfortable) . I let them pull me for a bit through the water, while others had the chance to do a superman like move where the dolphins pushed them through the water by their feet and out into the air. It was great fun! Something we will all remember forever. 

dolphin discovery1

We got to see a demonstration and mini show with the dolphins later on in the day. They respond to sounds and signals that their trainers do as well they give them fish as a reward. These amazing animals are handled by a group of people who are trained  and meet all required certifications and more. They work hard to educate people and preserve the environment while working with the Bottle-nose dolphins. The commitment to the animals and environment was obvious the entire time we were there. 

dolphin discovery 2

As amazing as the dolphins were, I really enjoyed the Sea lions. Sea Lions can grow to live up to 25 to 35 years in captivity, whereas sea lions in the wild live up to 15 years. The most common sea lion is the California Sea Lion.

male sea lion

This male sea lion was a real character. And a great kisser 🙂 He was way bigger than I would have imagined and had a funny personality. 

Like everywhere else in Puerto Vallarta the food was amazing! Below is the had, all of this was filling for our tortilla shells. 

shrimp tacos


As you can imagine this is a popular destination for families, both local and visiting. The staff was very friendly and full of information. While swimming with dolphins we were under a shaded canopy and my redhead complexion did not have to worry about getting burnt. The entire facility was clean and family friendly. This is a place my children would want to spend every day if it were possible 🙂 The restaurant had a full menu and served drinks. So when you are all done you can enjoy a pina colada or margarita if you choose! 

Exciting as this experience was, I really love that the staff cared so deeply for the animals. They educated us not only about the dolphins and Sea lions there but those in the wild as well.

Planning a visit? You can book ahead online or pick up your tickets at eh gate. 

Aquaventuras Park Opens daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
Dolphin Discovery operates daily: 10:00 a.m., 11:15 a.m., 1:45 p.m. and 3:00 p.m

Sea Lion Discovery- $89 USD

Dolphin Encounter- $79 USD

Dolphin Swim adventure- $109

These include Aquaventuras Park admission 

The Aquatic Park open daily from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm. Dolphin area is open every day.

The Aquaventuras Park has an entrance fee of US $25.00 per adult and US $19.00 per child age 4-11 years old.

You can easily spend the day at this amazing park with no shortage of activities. There are plenty of washrooms, change rooms and keyed lockers to store you things. As well lots of souvenirs and chances to purchase pictures of your experience. 

Connect with Dolphin Discovery Puerto Vallarta online at Facebook  and Twitter 

Disclosure-I was part of the #PVPressTrip and all opinions are my own 


  1. massholemommy says

    Wow. What an adventure. We almost did a swimming with dolphins excursion at sea world, but ended up doing something else.

  2. ladymarielle says

    My son would have a ball there. The last time I saw dolphins was on my trip to sea world back in the 9th grade! lol that's a long time ago! The food sure looks delicious!
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    That looks like fun! I love dolphins! they are such cool animals

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    I would love to swim with dolphins that is on my bucket list.I bet you had a great time.

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    This sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. Your photos are beautiful and I'm sure you'll never forget this day.
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  15. What a fun place to visit. I love dolphins and watching them!

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  17. bellanna3 says

    What an amazing opportunity to swim with the dolphins! They are such curious and beautiful creatures!

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    Love this! We swam with dolphins once, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had!

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  36. melissa d says

    Sounds amazing. I have always wanted to get into the water with these amazing creatures!

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