Green Salad with Ruby Grapefruit & Grape Seed Vinaigrette

One thing I love about summer is all the fresh produce! The seasonal fruits and vegetables make recipes really pop.  I love the sun but my body can not handle the heat. I blame it on being a redhead. So I often look for lighter dishes to prepare when I can. Something great to share with company or to have as a light lunch. Salads are great for this. You can make a lot and eat it as you like. The newest salad I have been introduced to by my daughter is the Green Salad with Ruby Grapefruit & Grape Seed Vinaigrette.

Green Salad with Ruby Grapefruit & Grape Seed Vinaigrette

Green Salad with Ruby Grapefruit & Grape Seed Vinaigrette

  • 3 leaves baby Lollo Rosso, clean and pick
  • ¼ cup frisee lettuce, clean and pick
  • ¼ cup baby Arugula, clean and pick
  • 3 chives
  • 1 Tbsp. fresh Cilantro, chopped
  • 2 Tbsp. mixed Assorted Micro Greens
  • ½ a Ruby Grapefruit
  • 60ml Grape seed oil
  • 1 T. Sherry Vinegar, as needed
  • ½ an Avocado
  • 10g shaved parmesan

Cut grape fruit into wedges. Squeeze juice out. Add grape seed oil and pinch of sugar to bowl of grape fruit juice. 

Mix lettuce in the vinaigrette add arugula, cilantro, micro greens, and toss. Add avocado on top.  Garnish with slices of Parmesan, salt and chives. 



  1. massholemommy says

    That's a perfect summer salad! I love things like this for lunch on a hot summer afternoon 🙂

  2. kay adeola says

    That looks great! i could see mysxelf eating this with a BBQ in the nice warm sun..Oh except we hardly ever get sun here lol.

  3. OH my goodness, does that ever look tasty! Sounds wonderful for summer!
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  4. I fully understand you. Love the warmth of summer but I have a difficult time with 'heavier' foods. I eat so much fresh salad during the summer. It helps me handle the heat! This one looks yummy and light. 🙂

  5. Such a great way to put that tang in a salad too!! I like it!
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  6. celebbabylaundry says

    That's a great salad for the summer time, the grapefruit sounds refreshing!

  7. massholemommy says

    I love it. I have never had a salad with grapefruit in it, but it sounds really good.

  8. That looks like a delicious summer time recipe!

  9. I used to take grape seed for healing. Haven't taken it in a long time though. I used the herb, not the oil.
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  10. This looks really tasty! I love salads that use arugula.

  11. Oh what a lovely sounding summer recipe, now just for the sun and I bet it would be lovely to eat out in the garden 🙂 x

  12. fromthegardentable says

    That salad looks so refreshing. I love the pairing of grapefruit and avocado too!

  13. tutuingraham says

    Grapefruit is something I crave all the time! This looks delicious–pinning for later!

  14. healthgistmd says

    Looks light and delicious!
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  15. bellanna3 says

    This looks so fresh and good for you! I'm loving the avocado cubes! I'll be serving this one soon!

  16. I think the grapefruit would give it a bright and flavorful kick!
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  17. This salad looks amazing. I am trying to get more salads in my diet. Thanks for the post.

  18. That looks so refreshing. I love salads, if left up to me it would be all I would eat. I will have to give this one a try – never thought to use grapefruit and it is my favorite fruit.
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  19. kristentoneycampbell says

    Ooo! Now this looks yummy! And perfect for summer! Is it lunchtime yet?!
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  20. brepurposed says

    Ooooo this looks so tasty! I'm on a grapefruit kick right now but never thought to add it to a salad!
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  21. mburbage says

    Yum this looks really great! Simple, and fresh, yum!
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  22. I've not considered putting grapefruit in my green salad before but this looks great! I'll have to make one soon!

  23. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    That sounds like a wonderful summer salad. I have recently stared using grape seed oil in salads and it is a delicious new twist.

  24. I love salads and this looks like it has a load of things I like. This will make a perfect lunch for this summer.
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  25. becca112971 says

    This looks yummy but would have to swap oranges for grapefruit for sure. Very summer like meal.

  26. casavilorainteriors says

    That is one awesome looking salad. I am saving this recipe

  27. prettyopinionated says

    I too love all the fresh fruits and veggies that you can find in the summer. That salad looks delicious!

  28. That looks so refreshing & healthy. I love grapefruit, too!
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  29. I love this combination. Grapefruit adds such a nice, clean flavor.
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  30. Ann Bacciaglia says

    You are great at creating salads. This one looks so good.

  31. This looks fabulous! Wow, this is perfect and in time for summer! Yummy!
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  32. Anything with Avocado in it has to be good and this salad looks so refreshing for those hot summer days! I love eating fresh fruit and salad when everything is in season. And it's good for you.
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  33. This looks yummy! I am especially interested in the Grape Seed Vinaigrette, as I looking to try new homemade dressings. Thanks for sharing.
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  34. This looks amazing. I wish I were more into eating leafy greens.

  35. YUMMY! This looks delicious! Pinning this one for later for sure! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  36. toughcookiemommy says

    This looks like a delicious salad that can be enjoyed during the warm weather months. It's perfect to take to work for lunch.
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  37. The New Classy says

    That salad looks so good. I especially want some of the avocado and grapefruit. Yum!
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  38. Sounds like salads that I eat. I love grapefruit in my salads, adds such a fresh taste. I also love arugula I used to grow it in my garden.

  39. I would definitely give this a shot. I love grapefruit but have never had it in a salad.

  40. healy088 says

    I loved salad! Will definitely give this a try and with avocado, yum, my favorite!
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  41. Our family is totally not big fans of the heat either That's why my husband and I loved living in the mountains so much!! This sounds like an interesting combo of ingredients that I never would have thought of … very colorful too.
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  42. I love salads so much more in the summer than in the winter. Probably why I have more energy in the summer!
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  43. sounds delicious and am sure it is refreshing also; thanks for sharing

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