How do you keep track of your Baby Moments?

Having four children I must admit I have been bad at documenting all of their special moments. I started off great with my oldest, I even had a baby book. I would update it weekly and add pictures for every little thing that happened. Then baby number two came and it slowly happened less and less. I am not even certain where these baby books are right now. by the time we had our third and fourth I lost all interest in keeping up with these things.  I have a few half started scrapbooks, memory books that are missing dates and lots and lots of pictures sitting on my computer. Pictures waiting to be printed and put somewhere, anywhere. Many were taken without much thought and I will be lucky if I remember details of them.

When it comes to the pictures, I believe time was a factor for me. However I also believe lack of inspiration was too. Now looking back over the last twenty years I really wish I had taken more pictures. Documented more memories and shared more milestones with others. Luckily it is not too late and I plan on spending my summer going through many of these pictures that I do have. If you are a parent and not sure what kind of pictures to take of your little ones,  I have just the thing for you.


Canon Canada has a great new Facebook app for taking your babies picture. It provides parents with tips, tricks and ideas on what special moments to capture in their child’s life. is where you need to go to see all this great info.  To get started you choose a month in your baby’s first year, then they share an organized a collection of key photo opportunities by age within your baby’s first year. The app suggests photos to take and provides step by step instructions on how to get that perfect shot. Many of these pictures are ones you would see and say “I wish I could take a picture like that!” Now you can 🙂

Click on a photo for simple step-by-step instructions on how to capture each precious moment with your baby

This app is great for new parents as it really inspires you to take amazing photos of your baby. Go check i tout for yourself! 

What pictures do you regret not taking of your children?





  1. lizlampman says

    What a wonderful app! I have SO many pics of my babies that I think I have everything covered except I had a DSLR with my youngest but only a point and click with my oldest. If I could go back in time I would have gotten a DSLR during my first pregnancy!
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  2. I need this app! I too am bad at documenting thing – I document most firsts using my iPhone. Just this morning in the car my toddler put her sunglasses on top of her head and looked SO cute. Of course, by the time I parked the car, 30 second later, she had removed them. I have lots of "missed" opportunities like that…
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  3. My mum was always great a documenting our childhood by taking lots of photos. I have so many albums of photos and just love browsing through them every so often. Now, with photos being digital, my worry isn't about what photos I regret not taking, but more about how "safe" I keep my photos…by backing them up!
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  4. Amazing app! I have like 20,000 pics of my kids. It's not even funny LOL! If I could have had a better camera I would have! LOL
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