Packing Tips For Cruise Trips

Packing Tips For Cruise Trips

Packing Tips For Cruise Trips
Heading off on an exciting cruise is something that most people are only able to dream of, so if you are getting ready to go on one, then you are in an extremely lucky position that you will want to make the most of. One of the keys to making the very most of a cruise is to pack correctly for it. Over packing, forgetting something important or leaving it too late and becoming stressed when packing can take enjoyment away from the experience. To avoid this here are top packing tips for going on a cruise holiday.
Tip number 1 – Don’t Forget Important Things!
There is no doubt that when compared to conventional vacations cruises are gaining so much attention nowadays because of the endless fun and entertainment that they bring. While this is a great thing in itself it does mean that holidaymakers going on cruises need to be aware of the differences with packing for a cruise when compared with a “regular” holiday. One of these is that it is more critical to take important things with you as, when at sea and cruising to multiple different destinations, it can be mightily hard to get a hold certain items or have them posted to you. Take an inventory of things such as medications, food requirements and personal items that will be hard to come across if you don’t bring them with you.
Tip number 2 – Pack Light, If Possible!
While it can be tempting to take lots of things with you, it can in fact become more of a hassle than it’s worth and eat up value storage space in your cruising cabin. Packing light frees you up to enjoy your time onboard and have a welcome break from the excess most of us are used to back at home. A good example of how to do this is to take an e book reader instead of books which requires no sacrifice in terms of enjoyment but takes up far less space.
Tip number 3 – Pack For All Temperatures!
Regardless of where you go there is always likely to be a range of different temperatures over the course of several days or weeks. To avoid being caught out by this always make sure to pack at least one set of clothes which are for hotter or lower temperatures so you are guaranteed to be comfortable throughout your time away.

Cruise vacations are a wonderful way to experience multiple locations in a short space of time while enjoying luxury and comfort on board. To get the maximum out of every moment of your cruise it is vital that you pack well. By following the 3 tips above you will pack perfectly and be sure to have an awesome, memorable time!


  1. No.3 is very very important. It's something that I do even on a non-cruise trips. It's always best to be prepared for whatever surprises that may come your way when on a cruise or a vacation. PS. I'm planning to go on a cruise soon. Thanks for these tips.

  2. Mrs. Mashed Up says

    Thanks for the tip! I really, really, really hope to be going on a cruise or trip of some kind this before next summer, so this is helpful! 🙂
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  3. Thank you so much for the great tips and the useful post. I'm going to share this wonderful post with my mom she is going in a cruise next month 😀

  4. Catherine S says

    Thanks for the great tips! I will be going on a cruise next month, I will be sure to pack for all weather conditions.

  5. thank you for the tips! I have never been on a cruise…YET, but intend to soon 🙂
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  6. Christine Topley says

    I've always wanted to go on a cruise. Thanx for the great tips on what to pack. I usually pack light but smart and it doesn't hurt to have extra ideas.
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  7. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Going on a cruise in on my travel bucket list. My friend recently went on a cruise and mentioned tip #3. Thanks for your great suggestions.

  8. I haven't experienced traveling via cruise. If ever I'll have that opportunity, I'll keep these tips in mind for sure.

  9. These are great tips for a cruise or any trip, really. Whenever I take a trip, I end up forgetting at least one essential. Maybe next time I'll make a list.
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  10. Very brief and helpful post. I wonder where I can have a cruise ship. I think it's a bit expensive and I should save for it. Thank you for sharing and I'll remember your advice!

  11. luckyseventen says

    Good suggestions. I would add bring mostly comfortable clothes and 1 or 2 dressy options.
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  12. The last time I was on a cruise was in 2012. I forgot to pack a formal outfit for the dinner! I took a Royal Caribbean cruise.

  13. We've never been on a cruise but almost went… I would def think it would be easier to pack since you are pretty much spending time in your swimsuit.

  14. Great tips! We've never been on a cruise (well, I haven't. Husband did years before I met him) and would love to try one in the future.
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  15. savingsaidsimply says

    I made the mistake of not enough cold weather for our Alaska trip. Great tips!

  16. Great tips! I have never been on a cruise before, but I sure want to at some point. 🙂
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  17. massholemommy says

    The best tip I ever got for going on a cruise was to pack my swimsuit in my carry on. I always tell people that when they tell me they are going on a cruise for the first time.

  18. I like to overpack so I have everything I might possibly need. 🙂 I just put my suitcase under the bed and slide it back out when I need it.
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  19. Thanks for the tips! I'm planning on taking a cruise next year and these will surely help!

  20. I have never been on a cruise but would LOVE to one day. I will keep these tips in mind if we ever get to go on one.
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  21. bonniegowen says

    These are some really great tips! I've always wanted to go on a cruise ship and haven't yet. Hopefully some day I can. =)

  22. Great tips! I can't count how many times I've over packed and had to lug around a full bag of clothes and books.
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  23. Great tips! I would love go on a cruise one day, have yet to go!

  24. My fingers are crossed that i will need this post for next year. We have a lot of family events that my parents may celebrate by taking us all away on a European cruise!

  25. touristmeetstravel says

    Great tips, I agree with them all. I love going on cruises.
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  26. Great post, we have been looking at taking a cruise for our next vacation but it will be our first. We really are not sure how packing differs but this post helps for sure.
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  27. These are some good tips. I always have trouble packing light, but I try!
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  28. these are great tips, specially the ereader! never been on a cruise and slightly jealous 🙂 thanks for sharing!
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  29. Maria Oller says

    The best tip ever pack for every season we went on a cruise to the caribbean, all I had was summer clothes and wet hit a cold front it was 2 days only but I was freezing on tank tops

  30. I always brought like three outfits for each day. I needed PJs, beach stuff, then something nice at night!
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  31. We love going on cruises. I agree that packing for all temperatures is important. It's amazing the temperature difference that can happen once you're out on the open sea.
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  32. Rebecca Swenor says

    Great tips for packing to go on a cruise. I have never been on one before in life. It is on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Rayveniael says

    I can definitely see these as useful tips. We plan to take a cruise soon and with children, I hope to pack light – can they wash clothes aboard a cruise line?

  34. What a wonderful article. ! I haven't been on a cruise ship since I was little, but these are excellent tips.

  35. These are pretty good general tips for any vacation, really. It's always good to remember essentials, pack light and prepare for weather no matter where you are going.
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  36. aleshafulltimemama says

    I'll have to remember these tips for if I'm ever able to go on a cruise. I'd LOVE to be able to!!

  37. Awesome tips ! While planning the vacation or travel holidays we really have to kept these tips in mind if we want a enjoyable vacation. Thanks a lot.

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