Redhead Genes are Strong in my family

Almost everyone who meets me for the first time asks me where my red hair came from. Many assume I am Irish, I am not. I usually give a quick “My dads side of the family” and leave it at that. But sometimes people want ore. Especially older people. My dad was a redhead as a child but after years and years his hair went ore brown. However you could see traces of red in his beard. My red hair stems back to his mothers family. Her aunts and uncles by blood all had red hair. All twelve of them. Myself and my older male cousin were the only ones who got red hair. And that is amazing as there are s lot of cousins in that family. 

Fast forward to now and both of my teen boys have red hair. I have a bright auburn colour and they have strawberry blonde. One has more darker shades than the other. But they are both very much redheads. Recently on two occasions I had strangers talk to me about my boys when they were not even near me. I am use to being the only redhead in a room, but I guess when there are three people assume we are related lol 

Last night we were at a dinner for my teens grad and an older lady was sitting beside me. She pointed up to my son and said “That is your son there, right? I can tell by the red hair” Then she glanced around the room and pointed out my other son. She thought it was great that I had two Ginger kids as she had always hoped one of her children or grandchildren would have had red hair. 

Another time we were shopping for summer clothes in the mall. My youngest wanted to go into Children’s Place.  A great place for children’s clothes, especially little girls. So my teen boys went to a video game store. While little one was trying on clothes my boys walked into the store packed with people. They looked around, did not see us and left. When we came out of the change room, two people asked me if I had teen boys. Said they saw two redheads walk in and assumed they were my children. As correct as they were, it was odd to me that they made the connection. There were lots of people in the store. 

Even though it seems like there are more redheads around now than when I was a kid, there still are very few. I am happy that my redhead genes are strong and hope that when the day comes, my grandchildren will have red hair as well. 

Do you have redheads in your family? I would love to hear any stories you may have similar. 

Redhead Days 2014

Redhead Days 2014


  1. My son's father is a strawberry blonde as is his father….His daughter from his first marriage has beautiful red hair while my son inherited my brown hair gene…..I work in retail and have seen a few red heads lately 🙂

  2. My mother was a red head but none of my children were but I now have a red headed grandson 🙂 what makes him so special is he has big brown eyes …:)

  3. My mother had auburn hair and all six of her children inherited it. It was weird to walk into a classroom in school and have a teacher that I'd never seen before say "Oh, you must be the Calvert." I'd pray that it wouldn't be followed by "I taught your brothers." My oldest son is a ginger and the other 2 have red tints to their blonde hair. One of my grandsons is a ginger. Unfortunately my hair came back grey after chemotherapy. I'm hoping that it will eventually turn white like my grandmother's did.

  4. Teresa Claire M says

    Fantastic Photo!! You make it sound like red heads have all the fun and I really think that they do!! You know, I don't think that we do have any redheads in the family, unfortunately. The last time that my stylist coloured my hair, he added warmer tones that were more natural looking than my natural colour and that is dark blonde. I loved the light reddish tones in my hair and I have to say that it was the best colour session to date.

  5. Darlene W says

    My brother has red hair, we use to call him the milk man's son, now I am dating myself

  6. kathy downey says

    There is no red hair in my family but I love it

  7. My grandmother on my mother's side had red hair, my mother was brunette and then I got it. I was teased mercilessley as a child over it but by college, boys discovered how wonderful ginger girls are. LOL!
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  8. Elaine Buonsante says

    My husband and I had 5 children: first with black curly hair, 2nd with blond with a wave, 3rd with curly reddish blonde, 4th with brown and the last with RED hair. When the first three were born, people asked if we had adopted!

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