Safety (and fun) tips for the Amusement Park

Amusement parks with their rides and games are great fun. They have been a huge draw for families ever since the first Ferris Wheel started to turn in 1893 in Chicago. Here are some tips to really enjoy a safe, fun outing.

1) THE PARENT RIDES, TOO: What may look to an adult like the softest possible amusement ride, even a carousel, can be completely terrifying to a small child if it is his or her first time on such a ride. One parent can take the photos; the other needs to ride or stand (in the case of a carousel) alongside, at least, until the children are happy on their own.

2) FOOD AND RAPID MOVEMENT: Do not really mix well. Of course, everyone is going to want to fill their pie-hole with candy floss, hot dogs, fudge and, well, pie. But do try and time out the snack break so that there is some mild activity, such as looking at craft exhibits or animals, for a good hour after eating before getting on the roller coaster. 

3) BUDGET FOR LOSSES: If the amusement park has games like shooting baskets, or popping balloons with air rifles, those games are rigged. Don’t argue the point. They are rigged. There are enough winners chosen to walk around with the giant teddy bear, so people think the games are not rigged, but they are. Budget accordingly. The game-player will essentially buy that giant teddy bear through repeated trade-ups.

4) FIND THE RESTROOMS: Find these early upon arrival before an emergency occurs. 

5) REMEMBER SUNSCREEN: And do use it. Just because the family is not out at the beach does not mean that a nasty burn won’t happen after three or four hours walking around outside. The sun will find the family.

6) KEEP THE CHILDREN WALKING AHEAD: Otherwise, they will vanish. And who wants to be the parent being called over a megaphone to report to security, so all the other parents can stare in rude assessment of one’s parenting skills?

Most of all though, have fun!

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  1. Great tips for those with children! Thanks for the post.

  2. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Great tips! I love going to amusement parks! Thanks for sharing Kim.

  3. Living in amusement park central near Disneyland, Knotts, Universal and Magic Mountain this is fantastic advice!
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  4. We are having family friends over for 2 weeks this summer and a trip to the theme park is on the itinerary.

    Your timely tip sheet will come in handy for me.

  5. Paula Parker says

    Good tips. Especially keep the kids ahead of you and sunscreen. Hope everyone has a fun safe summer.

  6. We were thinking of going to Hershey park this year.. we will keep these tips in mind!

  7. Wonderful tips and post, thank you so much for sharing ^_^

    Diana Villa
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  8. Jessica Peeling says

    Finding the restrooms is definitely imperative. Great tips!

  9. Thanks for the great safety tips! That roller-coaster looks like fun!
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  10. Great tips! Even as simple as keeping the kids walking ahead could save lives!
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  11. danielledesigns says

    I am probably the worst mom in the world because I took my 6 year old on a big kid ride and scared the living daylights out of him but my lesson is learned.
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  12. Great tips! We always forget the sunscreen!

  13. These are really great tips to think about while planning a fun vacation.


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