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When I found out we would be participating in a Taco Adventure FOOD TOUR while visiting Puerto Vallarta, I may have gotten a bit nervous. Not because of the things you hear about drinking the water, as I was prepared (I took Dukoral) but because I have tummy issues on a good day. Fresh fruits I am not use to and spices seem to trigger something that is not what you want to deal with when traveling. Anyway, I wanted to be adventurous and I love food, so I took part and brought my Imodium just in case. 


I am really glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and did this. It may have been the most memorable experience of the trip for me. For three hours we got to learn about Puerto Vallarta, meet locals and eat like they do along side them. The food was amazing! As was the hard working people we got to meet. So friendly and so welcoming, it was the best time. I also loved that those of us on the tour got to chat a bit and get to know one another a bit more as we enjoyed this evening together.

Vallarta food tour

Vallarta Food tours offers a variety of tours for anyone looking to experience the food like a local. We participated in an Evening Taco Adventure FOOD TOUR. This tour included tacos, soups, churros and lots more. We tasted beef, pork and fish tacos full of fresh vegetables and spices. We were even educated on how to properly eat a taco, and the different kinds of salsa and hot sauces. We were able to make each sample as mild or as spicy as we wanted. During each stop we made on the tour, our knowledgeable guide gave us some info on the area as well as the restaurant/stand, food and people who ran it. Of course we had plenty of bottled water, Mexican beer, Tequila and other beverages during the tour. Being in the heart of the community allowed us to get to know the people who ran the businesses and lived in the area. Everyone was very welcoming to our group. 

vallarta food tour 2

The food was amazing! So much flavour in every bite! I loved how many of the businesses had been around for years. They were all family run and a true part of the local neighbourhood. For anyone nervous about eating from a street vendor, don’t be. One of the criteria to be on the tour is that everything is clean. So no need to worry 🙂

What should I expect if I take Vallarta Food Tour 3 hour Walking Tour?

A guided 3-hour food and cultural walking tour featuring 10 food tasting locations carefully chosen to highlight the best regional flavors Puerto Vallarta has to offer. Enough for a satisfying lunch, you will enjoy a sampling of mouth-watering food at family-owned restaurants and stands, sip on refreshing local drinks and even enjoy a fresh tortilla straight out of the conveyer belt. Learn about food from the colorful local folks whose pride in their craft is only matched by the effusiveness of their spirit. Stops include Vallarta’s best mole enchiladas, traditional ceviche tostadas, tortilla factory, fresh coconut, tacos from an authentic taco stand, traditional drinks, savory soups, regional candies and more. All food tastings are included in the ticket price.

Some of the food on the tour

taco open

No shortage of hot sauce

hot sauce

Our first taco of the night served with a lime and avocado

taco with lime

Another taco (forgive me for not remembering exact names. The food was so good and I do not claim to be a foodie) 


This was pork with onion and cilantro. 

We enjoyed a delicious soup that contained pulled pork and cabbage along with a special treat (A bottle of Coke in a glass bottle made with sugar cane)

pork and cabbage soup

This is just a small handful of what we got to try. The last few stops, it was a bit dark as it was night and the rain decided to come. But we still finished our tour and loved every minute of it.

food tour street view

I took the above shot while we were stopped at one of the stands. As you can see we were right in the heart of the community. I am happy to report back that I kept the spice to a minimum and had no tummy issues either. 

If you are in the Puerto Vallarta area I highly recommend you take part in one of Vallarta Food tour, tours.  This experience made me want more, so the next day we went out and discovered more of what the local area had to offer. 

Check them out online Puerto Vallarta Food Tours 

Facebook  and Twitter @pvfoodtours

Disclosure- I was in Puerto Vallarta on a media trip. This food tour was part of the trip. As always opinions are my own


  1. Nat-PegCityLovely says

    I followed along on Instagram and was super jealous!! I find that the best way to enjoy a new culture is through their food!

  2. WOW I had no idea this was available. I'm going to follow them and hope I can find something similar in Cancun
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  3. Oh my gosh…I have been following along with your picture posts and the food looks SO good! One of the best things about travelling to new places, is experiencing their food. Yum!

  4. I do love Mexican food! What delicious options, perfect for anyone wanting to try authentic Mexican food. Delicious!
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  5. Wow ! I had no idea that you could do such a thing! A FOOD TOUR! Sign me up! Everything looks so good Kim and it is so nice to hear that the locals were so friendly, that many of the restaurants are family-owned and run, and that things were clean. I love trying new and different food, so this would be right up my ally! I am a total foodie and this kind of tour would be my idea of a really fun vacation trip! Thanks so much for sharing! And now I'm hungry for Mexican!
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  6. MapleMouseMama says

    Wow that is pretty cool that you can do a food tour like that. As you mentioned Kim I think the fear of the water etc would keep people from being adventurous on their own, but an organized tour is a great idea!
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  7. Wow, that must have been such an amazing experience! I would love to do a food tour like this!

  8. Mmm looks great! I love Mexican food. I have a taco craving now after seeing the pictures.
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  9. I would be so nervous trying new and different foods. BUT, I would want to, too. Everything looks so fresh and well prepared. YUM!

  10. It was so good. Strangely beef cheek tastes fantastic!
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  11. kathy downey says

    wow,thanks for this

  12. The food looks amazing; there is nothing like authentic cuisine surrounded by authentic scenery.
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  13. We went to PV in 2008. We *still* talk about the amazing local food we were able to have there. Even the food at the resort was good! I would love, love, love to go back and participate in this tour!

  14. Yes, a great tour! It was a great way to experience the local culture, even if it did get a little wet toward the end.
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