5 Fun Water Games for Kids

5 Fun Water Games for Kids

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Whether you are headed to the pool or the beach, you will want to give these 5 fun water games for kids a try. Pool and beach time are the perfect time to get silly, and these water games will do just that.

So don’t jump in the water just yet, check these ideas out first!

1. Fill the Bucket.

Give each child a spoon and a bucket. Create a line half way up the bucket with a piece of brightly colored tape. On the count of go, have the children use their spoon to fill up the bucket with water. The first one to make it to the line wins.

2. Pool Noodle Picking.

Take a selection of colorful pool noodles and cut them into chunks. A knife will cut them easily for you. 

Have each color be worth a point value. For example, a red piece is worth 5 points, green 10, and so on.

Take the chunks and toss them into the water. On the count of go, have children chase after the chunks to collect them. When time is up, add up the scores and see who won!

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3. Spray Bottle Fun.

Fill assorted spray bottles with water and add a few drops of food coloring to each. Have fun spraying sand with the various colors, creating a collage to your liking! If there is no sand to be found, buy some white sheets at your local thrift store to spray.

4. Sponge Wars.

Find sponges of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Allow children to soak the sponges and toss them at each other. The soaked sponges will send water flying all over, and since they are sponges they won’t cause any injuries.


5. Glow in the Dark Fun.

Paint pool toys, diving toys, and pool noodles with glow in the dark paint. This is fun to do when swimming at dusk as they will light up the night. Plus, it helps you keep a better eye on your kiddos since they will be glowing!

Have some fun this summer when you hit the beach or pool. These 5 fun water games are sure to please.


  1. These sound like lots of fun, and sure to keep the kids entertained for a while.

  2. mistygrl70 says

    Oh I never thought of sponges!! Such a fabulous idea and loads of fun I'm sure. We're suppose to get hot and humid this week I'll have to do this with Miss K! Thank you so much for the fab idea.

  3. teresa mccluskey says

    I love the sponge idea! Brilliant! I know what we will be trying this next few days!

  4. LifeAsAConvert says

    I need some of those sponges for "water balloon fights" .. Where did you find them at?
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  5. pricelessyona says

    I really like the glow-in-the-dark idea – I bet that is a lot of fun for the kids.
    My recent post Creative Gift Idea Alert: Sport Buds

  6. massholemommy says

    We were just at the water park last week. My boys would have loved playing some of these.

  7. My kids and their friends beat each other with the noodles.. its fun to watch.. they also use them as squirt guns.

  8. JaimeLovesStuff says

    These are such fun ideas! My daughter just learned about the joy of water squirt bottles at her summer program.

  9. How much fun! I must remember all of these for the next time we go to the pool!

  10. oh, I remember pool noodles… we did not do any of these things… sounds like fun!
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  11. My kids just love water and these games look like such a great time!
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  12. These sound like fun the sponge wars sound like a blast!

  13. mrenkema79 says

    This sounds like a fun birthday party!! Great ideas – thanks!

  14. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Great tips! I love the sponge toss idea. Sounds like a fun and safe water activity.

  15. Glow in the dark fun is brilliant! now why didn't we think of that sooner! we love swimming at dusk when the desert sun is much more bearable. thank you for sharing!

  16. LaTonia Gray says

    What great ideas for summer fun!

  17. debbiejeancrochet says

    Love the sponge wars idea! Gotta try that with my kids!

  18. I love these games! I have never heard of a lot of them!
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  19. These are some fun kids activities that even moms and dads or adults can have fun with. 🙂 We love the water gun and glow in the dark. Or just spray water to someone straight from your garden hose. LOL! Gotta love summer!

  20. Jennifer Williams says

    My boys miss playing in the water. We would have loved doing these with our pool back home. Unfortunately here the water never gets warm enough for us whimpy people.

  21. listen2mama says

    Cute game ideas, they all seem fun!
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  22. I actually have bought sponges to do the sponge war.. just have not done it. The pool noodle game sounds fun!

  23. Love all of these suggestions. My girls love to just sit in the sand and let the waves wash over them.
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  24. kay adeola says

    These are all great.I think my kids would most like the glow in the dark idea.

  25. What some great sounding games! I love the sound of the pool noodle one great fun! x
    My recent post Explore the New Forest in Peace.

  26. I copied number 3 to do with my toddler…he is going to love it! There are all great ideas I would have NEVER thought of!
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  27. The pool noodles look so fun, what a great list!

  28. Sponge wars sounds pretty amazing. And i love pool noodles as well.
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  29. I loved playing with spray bottles as a kid! The poor version of a water gun 😉
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  30. Great ideas here! My boys would totally have sword fights with those noodles which is another thing they are good for. 🙂
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  31. What great ideas! I am running out of good ideas the further we go into summer!
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  32. danielledesigns says

    These are some amazing ideas. We don't do much water play since we don't have a pool but we love to take out the water guns and have an all out war…lol
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  33. Pool noodles have lots of uses. We havent even had a chance to go to the pool. Looks like fun.
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  34. FUN!! Sponge wars sounds like the perfect summer game for a little boy's birthday party!
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  35. Glow in the Dark pool fun sounds perfect for night time fun! I wish I would have known about these games when i was young.

  36. amanda @attachedmoms says

    Depending on your child’s swimming ability these sounds fun and more than just the basic pool games. Thanks for the ideas.

  37. Kristin Yach says

    my grandsons would love this. Great ideas for the pool or the beach. We could even set this up at home! thanks

  38. Sponge wars would be right up my alley! Always so much fun with water.
    My recent post 5 Tips on Soothing a Teething Child

  39. Paula Parker says

    I love the glow in the dark game. Pool noodles are the best. Such a fun post!

  40. edwardsmom says

    I love these ideas. The pool noodles are so versatile. We play tons of games with them, now I can add another fun game 🙂

  41. Jacqueline says

    Sponge Wars, yessss!!! We used to play this all the time when I was a kid! We didn't have our own pool and couldn't afford a lot of pool toys, so this was my mom's way of making sure we had a great time at our local community center. They sell colored sponges at most dollar stores. This is a great, cheap thing to play with 🙂

  42. William Stone says

    Some neat ideas. I especially like the timed noodle game.

  43. Gabrielle says

    Some of these games for kids could be so much fun with adults as well! I know my friends and I still act childish at times.

  44. I love pool noodles. It's cool that kids can have tons of fun with it and at the same time, it's used in water aerobics. I've tried it and it's exhausting 😀

  45. Jessica Peeling says

    I love the sound of Pool Noodle Picking! 🙂 I also have never seen any glow in the dark toys for pools, but those would be super neat.

  46. Rebecca Swenor says

    Great games for the kids for the summer. I love the sponge game. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Maria Oller says

    I love the sponge idea, last week my daughter had a awful bruise caused by water balloons.

  48. We have never done a sponge war, I bet that is fun. I like water games too, and I'm all grown up. 😉
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  49. Great games!!! Living in Florida, we stay in the water almost year 'round, so it's great to get some new game ideas!

  50. unveiltheweb says

    Who goes wrong with a noodle? LOL… I love those things myself. ~ Don Purdum

  51. touristmeetstravel says

    Perfect ideas, this is going to be great since it's the summer time now.
    My recent post Cruise Vacations and Travel: How to Afford a Family Cruise

  52. Pool noodle picking is fun love that playing iwth my daughter in the pool

  53. Oh man, my kids are going to love this! I am totally going shopping for spray bottles and sponges today so that my kids can do this. Fun!
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  54. Pool noodle picking sounds new to my ears and I think the game is fun. I'm sure my son will have a blast when this games are played.

  55. bonniegowen says

    These sound fun. I've been looking for new ways for the kiddos to have fun with water. Thanks!

  56. Great ideas! I especially love the spray bottle one. No fancy items needed!

  57. Ahhhhhh, all of these games sound so refreshing It only hit 101 in Austin today.

  58. This is a great idea my family having a pool party soon and we will definitely use some of this ideas for the games.

  59. suzanne barber says

    Fun ideas!! My boys would love each and every one of these… thanks for sharing!

  60. Sounds like some good ideas for some inventive non-expensive ways to stay cool…..
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  61. Thank you! Fill the bucket will b our afternoon activity!

  62. These are great games for kids’ teambuilding activity when in a beach or pool. They should just always remember to stay out of danger and be careful so no harm will be caused.

  63. brijdeepk says

    oh wow, loved all the five.. all of these look wonderful and really easy to organize for the kids to do.. filling the bucket with the spoon is like lol.. but fun nonetheless, to keep kids busy.. also pool noodles is a new concept I heard for the first time.. loved this post.. 😀

  64. naturalchow says

    wow I am deinatly gong to try the fill the bucket game. That ought to tie them up for a bit! lol 🙂

  65. What fun water games for kids to play this summer. I know my son and his friends will enjoy doing these.

  66. kathy downey says

    Thanks,sounds like fun

  67. Reese Speaks says

    Forget about kids! This list would be fun for my other half and I to have a good time! I love it! Thanks for sharing it!

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