5 Gifts to Give New Parents


New parents are often overwhelmed with the latest and greatest technology available for them and their baby. They think all these gadgets and items that take up space in their homes will help them. Often they just add to the chaos. When I had my first child I bought everything I could get my hands on and only really used a fraction of it. By the time my second was born I knew what I needed and was happy with less. Feeding supplies, a crib or bassinet and baby clothes in Canada, that is all you need to start. If you have a friend or family member who is a new or expecting parent, here are my 5 picks for gifts that will make their lives easier. Other than the basics of course! 

Diapers all sizes

Diapers are always welcome when there is a new baby. Families go through them way faster than they could ever imagine. Often the baby grows out of them quick, so stock up but on various sizes. When my sister hd her son I made her a diaper cake with diapers that would fit as her grew. It looked great and was so appreciated. 

Clothes that are not for newborns

When a parent is expecting a child they are fully stocked with clothes for Newborns. But if they are a new parent, they are usually surprised to see how quick their baby grows. Almost every person I have spoken to has said their baby outgrew many of their clothes before they actually wore them. So buy clothes for 3 months or 6 months plus. Just remember to think of the season for the age. 

Gift cards for Food Delivery

This is offered more in the city than any where else. New parents are tired and mom is often not eating like she should. Unless there is a gracious grandmas or neighbour helping with cooking, chances are the family is not eating like they normally do. Both parents are tired and really who wants to cook when you have a new baby to snuggle? Check out what food delivery services are available and buy them a few meals. This unique gift will be loved by all!

Books on New Baby

I suggest never looking up online when something is wrong. If you search symptoms you will get freaked out. So when I give a gift to new parents, I like to include a book. Books on what to expect, Q&A etc. These books are written by professionals and are resources. Not random people posting to freak you out. This gives parents peace of mind and information they will use forever. Plus it gives mom something to read wile baby is nursing 🙂

A large group gift

When a new baby comes along parents work hours often decrease, money is tight and budgets change. Why not ship in with others at work, within the neighbourhood or family and buy a large gift they will need for the baby. A car seat, swing, crib or stroller are all welcome gifts. If they are a part of a registry you can find out exactly what make, model and colour they want. 

No matter what you give a new parent they will love it. The best thing you can do is be there for them. Help out where and when you can and be a friend. 


  1. lyndac1968 says

    These are great gift ideas for new parents, these are ones everyone seems to miss

  2. Laurie P says

    Dead on with this list!! Especially the first 3 on the list. So very helpful….

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