5 Simple Staycation Ideas for Families

With many families living on a tight budget, staycations have become all the rage. Staycations are a great way to feel like you are getting away, but for less. If you are not sure where to begin, take a peek below at some ideas to get you started. These staycation ideas are fun, creative, and above all, frugal!

1. Backyard Luau

Have a backyard luau and really feel like you are in the tropics! Make grass skirts out of paper bags and paint, and don’t forget the plastic yard flamingos. Enjoy grilled pineapple, frozen drinks, and don’t forget the hula music. This is a great way to relax, unwind, and feel like you are in the tropics. Make sure your propane gas barbecue is full

grass skirt

2. Parisian Escape

Pretend you are in Paris when you enjoy pastries, coffees, local art museums, and assorted French foods. Practice your French when you check out a translating dictionary from the library, or download a fun French translation app. France is all about fine foods, art, and culture, so use this staycation to brush up on these cool topics!

3. Film Festival Fun

Feel like you are at a film festival when you pick an assortment of your favorite flicks. Buy dollar store snacks, find some large blankets, and enjoy the movies either inside your home or on a project in the backyard. You can even create fun “tickets” to the event, film posters, and other themed décor.

4. China Escape

Enjoy all that China offers right in your own home. Practice using chopsticks, make your own Chinese dishes, snack on fortune cookies, and learn about the traditions of China at your local library. You can even create your own Chinese New Year parade complete with paper dragons and masks.


5. Disney Dreaming

You can still enjoy Disney without stepping foot into the park. Enjoy a staycation of your favorite Disney movies, Mickey Mouse pancakes, a trip to the Disney store, and even by dressing up in Disney themed costumes. It is a great way to bring the magic of Disney to you!

A staycation is waiting for you and your family to enjoy. Give one of these ideas a try and see how much fun you can have!

staycation ideas


  1. All of these are great suggestions! It is easy to have a fun staycation if you put some thought and planning into it to make it fun! (Judy Cowan)

  2. I'm always dreaming of Disney, we'll have to try tip #5 until the dream comes true again 🙂

  3. Ronald G says

    We have gone to Disnyland but can't afford a trip this year so your #5 advice is great…thank you

  4. I love these ideas, we also camp in our backyard. We set up a tent make a small fire and toast some marshmallows. They kids love it and it's in the budget!

  5. Teresa Claire says

    I love your tips for stay vacations…I always seem to be on a budget but with saving eventually I will take my Mum and Daughter to Hawaii.

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