5 Tips to Organize your Pantry

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Are you tired of looking in your pantry and seeing a complete mess? Getting it back in tip top shape is incredibly important for your sanity. These five tips will help you get your pantry organized, so you can spend more time on the things that matter.

#1. Out with the Old

Getting rid of the old items in your pantry is so important. You simply cannot have an organized pantry with a can from 1999. It’s probably best if you don’t even donate that stuff to the food pantry, just throw it out. You can also make a box to fill with donations to the food pantry. While you’re in the pantry organizing, make a list of items you have in which you can make meals out of.

#2. Use the Space You Have

Many of us are blessed with a lot of pantry space that we can utilize. First of all, you should put the food where it goes in the pantry. It’s easy to get caught up in putting food wherever we can put it, but putting it in its rightful place is a smart move.

#3. Label Time

I know you can’t wait to whip out the labeler and start labeling stuff. It’s totally worth it to label the items within your pantry. You may have trouble determining what something is if you don’t take the time to label. You can also use the label to direct where things go within the pantry.

#4. Make it Fun

Instead of dreading the pantry every time you open it, make it a little more fun. Paint the inside of the pantry a fun and bright color. You can add a couple of organizational bins and baskets in there as well.

Don’t forget you can also add a dry erase board or a chalkboard to help make it even more organized and fun.

#5. See Through Storage

Along with using labels, using see through storage is pure genius. If you can’t see those higher up spaces, see through storage is your answer. If you can see what’s in your pantry, you’re more likely to use it. You might also consider sticking a small step stool inside the pantry, so you can use it to reach the items you need on a daily basis.

Aren’t these great tips for organizing your pantry? What tips would you add to this list?


  1. Super tips! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Great and practical tips! I love an organized kitchen

  3. what great tips! Thank you

  4. Victoria Ess says

    I always label everything and organizational bins are a lifesaver!

  5. massholemommy says

    Thanks for the awesome tips. I think labeling everything is important because how else would you know what it is, right?

  6. I love the clear storage containers. I need to start organizing soon!

  7. I sure could get more organized, these are some great tips thanks for sharing.

  8. These are such great tips! The pantry can get so messed up so quickly so these tips can be used frequently!
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  9. My best tip is to not BURY things in the back. They are never found again! 🙂
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  10. I am wanting to move towards more see through storage in my pantry. Love the label idea and will have to share that with my husband. He's always upset when someone puts things in the wrong spot.

  11. meaganef says

    Great tips! I just reorganized my pantry and "zoning" my different kinds of foods seemed to help quite a bit! Organization containers also help a lot!

  12. Great list… I have always wanted to get those see-through containers… They are awesome and make things so simple. My sister has an awesome pantry… ha,

  13. Melanie R says

    Great tips..thanks for sharing, I actually have this planned for next weekend so your tips will come in handy and perfect timing; thanks for sharing

  14. martinkadeluxe says

    See-through and labeling are SO important for us! It helps me both find what I am looking for and check to see how much is left!

  15. mamatomanyblessings says

    We have a really small kitchen so organization is crucial – great ips!
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  16. Oh gosh, I hate organizing my pantry! I am so bad at using up all my spices in timely manners too! Maybe that will be tomorrow project.

  17. Great tips. The pantry is one of the least organized part of my main living space. It scares me to even look at it.
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  18. Great tips. I always use see through containers in my pantry. That way, I always know what I have.
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  19. I always use clear containers. If for some reason a clear container isn't handy, I'll label my container. It helps keep everything easily accessible.
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  20. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Great tips. My pantry is a mess and not very well organized. I really do need to follow your tips once I move into my new house. Thanks for sharing,

  21. These are great tips. Especially the see through storage containers. Genius!

  22. Wonderful tips! I will be putting them to use tomorrow when I clean out our pantry.
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  23. I love using see through containers with labels. I can see how much and of what I have. Seems I over buy if I can't see how much is there.
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  24. I really need to de-junk mine soon, I know there's expired stuff in there somewhere! It's so hard to keep a pantry clean!

  25. I need to go through my pantry. I'm betting that there is a can from 1999 up in the back top corner. I love the ideas

  26. I'm forever forgetting what I have on hand, and part of it is exactly because I can't see what's in there, like you said. I'm short, so I have to put things up top that I don't need too often. My staples I have to put at eye level.
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  27. Super jealous! I wish I had a pantry I could organize. I'm pretty sure I have the world's crappiest kitchen that is made of nightmares.
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  28. asouthernceliac says

    I really need to clean out my pantry and organize it. Thanks for the tips. – Pam W

  29. I will organize my pantry so good and then I go grocery shopping and BAM my pantry is a mess!

  30. Amanda Love says

    Those are actually some great tips! My pantry is a hot mess and I've been meaning to organize it for the longest. Now with these tips I can make it look so much better.
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  31. becca112971 says

    super tips for organizing thank you

  32. thelesleyshow says

    Really great tips, I so wish I was into organizing, not my strong suit.

  33. I need to do the out with the old tip, for sure! We have a packed pantry.
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  34. Ann Bacciaglia says

    My pantry is a mess as I always buy doubles and triples of everything. Thanks for sharing such great tips.

  35. I have a dozen 1/2 gal size Ball canning jars and I use for pasta and legumes, etc. Keeps it all fresh and easy to see what I have. I utilize other size glass jars as well, even wash out empty pickle jars. I also use lazy susans to keep things organized and more easily accessible on the upper shelves….as I am short!

  36. Nice tips. I like the color idea. The prettier is it to you the more yo will enjoy it.
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  37. Wonderful ideas! I am unburying things from the back as I type!


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