5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Cook

5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Cook

Kids love to help their parents cook, as this is a wonderful time for learning and trying new things. If you are unsure about how to incorporate your child into the kitchen, give these helpful tips a try. You can create a fun learning experience for your child, while making a tasty meal at the same time. Take a look at these 5 tips for teaching kids to cook to get started!

1. Let them browse cookbooks.

Give them some colorful, kid friendly cookbooks to browse. Have them mark off recipes they would like to try or ones that look tasty to them. You can then decide together which ones would be a good fit for you.

2. Head to the market.

Kids should know where ingredients come from. Invite them to visit the market or grocer with you so they can get the necessary ingredients. Before you go, create a list so you know exactly what you need and how much to buy.

3. Find fun measuring tools.

Measuring is an important part of cooking. Find children colorful measuring cups, spoons, spatulas, and other cooking tools at the local dollar store. This is a great way to allow them to be hands on with a variety of tools.

4. Demonstrate patience.

Part of cooking is expecting that mistakes can happen. Demonstrate patience and positive behavior choices when you cook. Clean up as you go, take care of your supplies, and don’t waste food. This will show children how to cook by example, which always sticks with them more.

5. Safety first.

Cooking often involves sharp tools and heat. Now is a great time to talk about kitchen safety. Closely supervise and activities that could be dangerous, and talk about safety when using such tools or methods. You may also want to review what to do in case of a fire, cut, or injury.

When you give these tips a try, you can help create mini chefs who love to learn the culinary arts!


  1. nenasinclair says

    When kids get to help choose and make food, they're much more likely to eat it! I think it's great to encourage kids to help in the kitchen!

  2. Great post! My little guy is too small to help out, but he sure is curious! And he wants to help with the dishes & bubbles lol. I will definitely be keeping these tips in mind as he grows and wants to learn!!

  3. Lindsay T says

    Great tips! My girls love helping bake but it often stresses me out!

  4. alexanernberg says

    My boys always wanted to help out in the kitchen. They enjoyed making cookies the best. They now fend for themselves. If they are hungry they will make something; KD or canned pasta like Chef Boyardee

  5. These are great tips for the safety of kids in the kitchen.My grandchildren love to help me make cookies and cakes.I try to keep them aware of dangers.Thank you.

  6. I have cooked with my inquisitive niece since she was 4 years old, and now (at 16) she loves to do the shopping and cook some surprise meals…shows that a lot of you advice really works….thank you

  7. Jennifer Lo says

    great tips!

  8. my son has always been good at helping me in the kitchen and I have confidence in him with a very watchful eye of course but he is great

  9. Elva Roberts says

    I think these 5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Cook are practical and workable. Thank you for these tips. I am sure we will have some beginning cooks if these tips are followed.

  10. very helpful article for sure. Right now my son is just at the cereal and milk level

  11. Patients is the majour key. My daughter is 12 and has been baking and cooking with me since she was 2. She was even giving tips to my friend who doesn't cook much. Wow what a egoe boost for me.

  12. Thank you for the great tips.It's so much fun making these kind of memories with kids.They are so will to help with a little encouragement.
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  13. Teresa Claire says

    These are great tips for teaching children to cook. I hadn't thought of the tip of actually choosing a recipe and then heading to the market together…such great ideas!!

  14. lyndac1968 says

    These are awesome tips and I agree children should learn how to cook and know the way around a kitchen, but with someone like me that has to have perfection in the kitchen and no patience, it's very hard teaching young ones, this is something I struggled with my girls is letting them enjoy and have fun in the kitchen, but it all worked out

  15. Treen Goodwin says

    awesome article , great tips thanks for sharing 🙂

  16. The best tool for teaching kids to cook is patients. Cooking also helps with school doing math.

  17. kathy downey says

    Great tips! I love teaching the grandkids the way of the kitchen

  18. Jenn Andrews says

    Great post, I love letting my kids help in the kitchen. I just wish I had a bigger kitchen since my kids have grown we are running outta room.

  19. (5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Cook) I cannot wait till my grandson gets a little older so that he and his grandmother can do some baking together. Will be a lot of fun! 🙂

  20. kristen visser says

    awesome tips!! these are really great to keep in mind for when my daughter gets a little bit older and can help me in the kitchen and have fun with it 🙂

  21. Kids love to help with cooking and I think all children, male or female should know some of the basics at least.

  22. Anna Johnson says

    Thanks for this, my boys haven't shown much interest. I will see how these work!

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