6 Tips for Starting a Healthy Weight Loss Program

weightloss program

Starting a weight loss program is never easy, and starting one on a healthy foot can be an even bigger challenge. Take a peek below at 5 tips for starting a healthy weight loss program. When you give these tips a try, you can enjoy losing weight in a way that is healthy and more effective. Take a look!

1. Consult your doctor.

Since your doctor knows your medical history, he or she can best help you pick a plan that is safe for you. Speaking with your doctor honestly about your weight loss concerns and goals is the best way to get started on your weight loss journal.

2. Be realistic.

Losing 30 pounds in a month is not a realistic weight loss goal. On average, 1-2 pounds per week is safe rate to lose weight at. Keep this in mind when goal setting and creating a timeline for your weight loss.

This will keep your goals within reach and help you feel success.

3. Don’t forget the water.

Staying hydrated and flushing your system of toxins is an essential part of losing weight. Drink 8 glasses of water per day to make sure this happens. You can add fresh lemon, cucumber, even mint to your water to make it more flavorful and fun.

4. Ease into exercise.

Don’t feel like you need to turn into a body builder over night. Ease into exercise instead. Start by walking around the neighborhood each night with a friend, or attending a fun yoga or Zumba class.

These are fun and easy ways to sweat!

5. Stay full on fiber.

Fiber is another essential part of weight loss. It keeps you regular and removes toxins, plus is helps you feel full. Make sure your diet includes lots of fiber filled foods. Not only will you feel less hungry and therefore eat less, but you will feel more balanced!

6. Think fresh.

Fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables will be an important staple to your diet. Make yourself familiar with local farmer’s markets and grocery stores that can keep you chock full of these items. Anytime you have a choice in menu, the freshest option will always be the best. Think fresh and watch the pounds melt away.

Losing weight is a challenge, but it isn’t impossible. Give these starter tips a try so you can lose weight the healthy way!


  1. stephy905 says

    I totally agree with #2. Sometimes people hurt themselves.

  2. Great tips – being realistic is very important! WE come from a everything is fast society these days, that it's hard to remember weight loss is a slow process is done healthy!

  3. Thank you for sharing these valuable Tips. Here I would like to suggest a healthy weight loss program that I'm following, it is food lovers fat loss system from tryfoodlovers.com It's actually a food lovers diet plan. It's a metabolism make over diet plan. The main advantage is that there is no need to avoid my favorite foods.

  4. These are excellent tips! I'm currently pregnant and loosing weight and loosing weight is not ideal at the moment but these tips will come in handy after the baby is born and I'm ready to get back into shape!
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  5. I always forget about the water!
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  6. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I love your "be realistic" tip. It is so easy to dream and get carried about with our goals. It is important to be logical and realistic that way our goals are achievable.

  7. Great tips – – I have to work at drinking water – one of the most important things!

  8. The consulting doctor one is always where I get tripped up because it seems they want me to make too many changes too fast then my body goes in shock. I need to remember to drink more water though, I'm pretty bad about that.
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  9. yumeating says

    Fiber is good but so is fat and protein. Water is a huge thing too. A lot of people skip that one.

  10. Great tips, I think for me being realistic is the most relevant one.
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  11. Love this! So very true and helpful to be reminded of!

  12. All of these tips are great, but the two most important ones are realistic goals and water intake. If your goals are unrealistic, you'll get frustrated and stop trying. Water helps your metabolism and allows you to burn more fat.
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  13. Realistic is really important. Things don't happen overnight and a lot of the time I don't think people give things enough time to show results.

  14. Those are great tips. My biggest problem is sticking with it.

  15. Such a great list of tips! My toughest thing is drinking enough water. I just rarely do it when I'm home on the weekends, for some reason.

  16. asouthernceliac says

    Drinking enough water is so important when trying to lose weight. It's also something that I need to get back into the habit of…
    -Pam W

  17. Those are all great tips. I think the most important thing is water!
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  18. massholemommy says

    Easing into it is a big one. When I started a new workout routine, I Jumped right into it and man, I was SORE the next day!

  19. Great tips. I agree with the water one and being realistic. People try to do to much to fast and get discouraged if they don't get immediate results and never meet their goals and then they just give up.
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  20. My Hubs has been trying to lose weight for a year now. I keep telling him he needs to exercise, but he won't listen to me. He thinks he can do it by food alone.
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  21. Great suggestions. I have friends who aren't realistic and seem to try every new fad that comes along. They always seem to weight the exact same amount, so it can't be healthy to yo-yo diet like that.
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  22. Shop with Me Dad says

    Wonderful tips! I do drink lots of water already, but need to make more time for actually working out!

    Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

  23. Great tips! I'm just getting back into working out after taking a few months off!

  24. Being realistic and eating fresh are super key for me. I hate the taste of water, so I have to flavor it.

  25. I usually lose weight when I'm stressed which isn't healthy at all either but these are all great tips. I definitely agree with #2. You gotta do it gradually
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  26. These are all great tips, for sure! I love that the first one is to consult your doctor – that is probably the most important first step!

  27. My biggest pitfall has always been shooting for an unrealistic goal. These are great tips!

  28. These are such great tips! I found that when I started drinking more water and eating fresh, non-processed foods, my weight started dropping. I also felt so much better mentally and physically.
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  29. Thanks for the good reminders. I had done so well but then came summer and vacations. There are too many yummy food options. Gotta get heathy again!

  30. Great tips! Fresh and healthy is totally the way to go.

  31. Setting obtainable goals and making sure you get enough lean protein helps too. These are all great tips.

  32. Awesome tips! I keep putting off starting a weight loss program but I really want to get healthy.
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  33. I didn't know fiber helped remove toxins. That is very good to know!
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  34. Water is so important. I'm working on upping my intake now!
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  35. Great tips. Being realistic I think is a top one. You're not going to lose a ton of weight in a week or two of dieting. It's slow and steady that wins the race!

  36. Great tips for weight loss! I always try to increase my water intake when I'm focused. Unless I keep a bottle beside me at all times, I usually don't reach my goal!

  37. aleshafulltimemama says

    I think the key word here is "healthy". Love these tips!!! Water and being realistic are the 2 that I find resound most with me.

  38. being realistic is a great point. I think too many times people make a goal that is so unattainable (right now) that when they don't reach that goal they just give up. Instead, make goals that you can reach then make a new goal and so on.

  39. teresa mccluskey says

    I love this! Its important to start off on the RIGHT foot! Being healthy is the way to be!

  40. These are great tips. I just started 'trying' again and I'm doing pretty good. I haven't been pushing myself, just doing a little more each day and I've been trying to stick to fresh foods only.

  41. The most important thing is TO START!

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