Adding nutrition to our daily routine with SunRype #LiveRype

When you have picky children like I do, you worry about them getting all that they need for nutrients. I remember many years ago asking my Dr about my sons health and being told he was healthy. Not to worry as long as he was eating fruits and veggies. So fruit juice has been a big part of our daily routine. Along with fresh fruits and veggies, fruit juice is a great source of nutrition that fits nicely into our lives and schedule.

SunRype is committed to providing a range of simple, nutritious and refreshing options for your busy lifestyle. They have been providing families with products that are made simply with high quality ingredients, to give a tasty balance of healthy goodness for many years. Their latest addition to the SunRype family is the resealable 900 ml juice cartons that fit perfectly in the door of the fridge. They have yummy blends that are available in an exciting variety of flavours! They are the perfect thirst quencher for anyone on the go and in my case, the picky kids


I think my favourite part of these tall thin cartons is the easy pour spout with twist off lid. No worries about the carton getting soggy from pouring and no spills from quick flow. Available in 16 varieties, including grape, apple orange peach, wildberry and their more health specialized juices including Fruit Plus Veggies and Fibre, FruitActiv and Frullo- the new 50 calorie option.

We got to try out Mango, Apple Orange Peach and Ambrosia Blend Apple. My little one loves apple but my fave by far is Mango. The texture is amazing and the juice is very flavourful!

Having picky children I have been giving them juice with breakfast and after school with their snacks. I also have been using the juice to make my smoothies. I just add as little or as much as needed. I think SunRype juice would be perfect for recipes like muffins as well.

Just the facts

• SunRype juice is 100% Juice, no added sugar, no artificial flavours and colours. You know exactly what you and your family are consuming.

• Being active and living a balanced lifestyle is important. Drinking juice made from quality ingredients adds to this lifestyle.

• The new 900 mL pack has an easy to open twist cap that’s recloseable, which makes it easy to store. It also helps when you have little ones who often spill when they open and pour. The lid locks,making it hard for them to open without help.

• I find the sleek carton fits easily in the fridge and is comfortable to hold and pour.

Head over to SunRype’s website to find out more info about the NEW SunRype 900ml Juices available.

sunrype juice


Disclosure:Although this post has been generously sponsored by SunRype, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect SunRype.





  1. We love SunRype juice in our house as well. Thanks for the great review.

  2. hmrcarlson says

    SunRype juices are very popular at our house! I would love to win this!

  3. Victoria Ess says

    This line of juices is so good!

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