Children’s Activity Atlas Review

childrens activity atlas

Children’s Activity Atlas is perfect for parents looking to get their kids excited about an upcoming trip (and keep them occupied while they’re packing), teachers planning a lesson about the different continents and countries, and children looking to continue their summer travels after school has resumed. This fun and engaging activity book would also make an ideal addition to a piece on family travel, even if just as a tool for keeping children busy while on the plane or in the car, or a list of new and upcoming travel books for young readers or educators.


Getting children excited about learning new things is always a challenge, but Children’s Activity Atlas (Sterling Publishing, August 2014) does exactly that—all while instilling in them a love for travel! It was great looking at the collection of 13 bright, colorful maps; postcards from 6 different continents; fun stickers of wildlife, landmarks, and flags from around the world; and a personal passport to help children get from one place to another without ever making them leave their seat. As they set forth on an expedition to each region of the world, young readers will learn a number of interesting facts pertaining to the different locations along the way, such as:

  •       The Colosseum in Rome is the world’s largest amphitheater
  •       Angel Falls is over 3,000 feet tall and is the world’s largest waterfall
  •       Adult kangaroos can leap 30 feet in a single jump.
  •       Brazil produces more coffee than any other country in the world.

My children has a love for travel. Personally Florida has been as far as they have went. However they all dream of other destinations and can not wait to explore the world more. This book was great for them to look through and read about different places. The bright coloured pictures, bold print and soft cover make this a great book for kids. My youngest enjoyed matching up the stickers and flags to where they needed to go where my older kids loved reading the facts for each place. 

If you have a little traveler in your life they will surely love this book. Maybe they can help plan your next vacation spot 🙂


  1. hmrcarlson says

    My girls love geography and leaning about the world. They would enjoy this book, for sure!

  2. Roz Irvine says

    There is nothing better than to open a book with you grandson and let your imagination take over, we go all over the place.

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