Decorating with Wall art Decals

Recently Tracey checked out the decals

When I was decorating a nursery for my daughter I decided to use wall decals as a way to make it unique and easy to change in a couple of years. Well my daughter is now 6 years old and tells me it is time for a change to her room. Not only that she wants to switch rooms and move into the guest room. I figure this is a good time to redecorate and update her room.

Once again we decided to go with wall decals and this time she helped picked what ones she wanted. We browsed though and believe me that took while. There were so many options for us to look at. We narrowed it down to 3 selectins and she picked what one she liked the best.


Her final decision was the Colour Rings decal in Large.  A sleek and modern look for an updated girl’s room and the rings comes in sets of three colors for you to place on your wall. Then it was time to customize what colours she wanted. In the end we went with Pink as the main colour, second colour is soft pink and white for the third colour. We are in the process of painting her room and cannot wait to put these up. I am thinking over her bed would be a great place.

The decal comes in three sheets that are already arranged according to the pattern in the product picture. Installation is easy. Once the painting is completed we just need to layer the three sheets on your wall. Each order comes with a test decal and we have already tried this in her bathroom. It was such an easy application – she even did it herself.

She now wants more decals for the playroom! I love how quickly and inexpensively you can change a room with these decals. I wonder what I can get for my bedroom.

Be sure to check out and see what you dream up. Delivery was so quick I may need to order more before the summer is out and update other areas in our house.


  1. mommakoala says

    I enjoy decorating with the wall decals. I gives a nice "dimension" to a room and it looks unique. So much easier than wall paper too

  2. Treen Goodwin says

    that looks amazing , i love wall decals thanks for sharing 🙂

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