Five Must Try Meals From Around the World

If the wildest thing you’ve ever tasted is a sausage and egg Mc Muffin you owe your taste buds a disservice. There’s a world of food out there, full of delicacies that are ready to reward the taste buds of the adventurous. The great thing is that you don’t necessarily have to book an extensive open-jaw flight to experience all these fine flavours. Head on over to and equip yourself with the best barbecuing gear in the business, then read this guide to the five most must try meals from around the world. It’s about time your took your taste buds on a culinary adventure they’re not going to forget any time soon.

Churrasco (Brazil)

If your partial to a bit of meat, you’re going to love the turbo-charged manner in which it’s served at a Churrasco restaurant. Cooked with care to delicious perfection and served straight off the skewer, Churrasco provides every “meat lover” with the carnivorous meals their inner-Neanderthal craves. And the best part is you get to fulfill you yearly protein requirement in one swoop (probably not a good one to invite your vegan housemate to, though).

Escargots (France)

Snails? That’s right, snails! But these aren’t your grandma’s snails! And they aren’t snails served in the manner that kid Derek from pre-school used to enjoy (fresh, covered in dirt, procured from the preschool garden seconds prior). These snails are pan fried and served in a delicious, garlicky butter that really makes you forget you’re eating snails. If you’re planning to eat a bug in the near future, this is probably the most delicious way to do it.


Teppenyaki (Japan)

This one is a little more difficult to replicate at home on your non-stick fry pan, but in the hands of a professional Teppenyaki makes a great, fun dining experience you’re sure to enjoy. Food flying through the air at extreme angles gives your meal a sense of unpredictability you just don’t get with something like scrambled eggs. Be careful though – if you’re hand-eye coordination isn’t up to scratch it might not be such a great date idea, as wearing your entrée is never a good look.

Currywurst (Germany)

One of the great German delicacies happens to be one of the most simple ones –sausage, sauce and curry powder. It doesn’t sound like a recipe that’s been devised by a rocket scientist, but it works so well together. Make like President Kennedy and say Ich Bin Ein Berliner as an excuse to devour this oh so delicious treat.


Gelato (Italy)

It would be remiss to have a list of the must try foods without including Italian gelato. The funny thing is when you’re in Italy, the gelato is so good even the vaguest excuse will do. You’ll be eating 10am gelatos, 11am gelatos a lunch gelato and that’s just the first half of your day!

What do you think of this list? Do you agree with all the must try foods? Is there anything you would add? 



  1. Vinaterta from Iceland is sooo good. No icing though!
    There's also summer borscht that my father in law makes. He's Ukrainian but it seems to be more of a Mennonite thing. The recipe on the page is similar, but no meat and he adds carrots and rice. It has to have the sorrel. So delicious!

  2. jomcarroll says

    Nasi Lemak in Malaysia – simple and wonderful.

  3. Very interesting list, I've tried both snails and Teppenyaki.

  4. The churrasco is a must try for my family.I love trying new meals. It's just if we don't like it I don't know if it was me or the recipe that went wrong. Lol

  5. Im still not convinced about the snails!

  6. So many interesting foods from around the world. One thing you'd never get me to try is Balut.

  7. The curry wurst sounds great. I have never heard of it before. Thank You for the intro.

  8. I am a food lover and would try almost anything.The churrasco sounds really delicious among many other delicious things.It was nice of you to post the recipe page.Thanks so much.

  9. I am a food lover and will sample almost anything that I think might be delicious.I think this was nice of you to post this recipe page of all these interesting dishes to try .Thank you.

  10. I totally agree with you about the Italian gelato. If you get the coffee flavour it is totally a legitimate breakfast!

  11. Elva Roberts says

    Gelato is probably the only one I would knowingly eat. i am not adventurous when it comes to food. I do like working with herbs and spices and I love to cook. My five favorite food list would not even remotely resemble the one above.

  12. lyndac1968 says

    These all sound so good and I love Escargots they are so good!!! I am one to try anything at least once

  13. Darlene Demell says

    I think I could try the Currywurst (Germany) and probably like it but never in this life would I even try the snails. Eww.

  14. cottagebunny says

    I would love to try almost any of these wonderful foods.I would definitely love the German CurryWurst sausage.Thanks for sharing.
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