Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge with Giveaway CAN #HWTrackBuilder

Recently Kerrie was sent some fun stuff from Hot Wheels for her boys to check out

Growing up without siblings I had lots of toys but pretty specific to my interests, mainly Barbie® and her friends. I absolutely loved going to my friends’ houses, especially those with brothers so I could play with their Hot Wheels. I loved racing the cars and seeing all of their cool designs. With two little boys we are just beginning to understand the creativity of the new Hot Wheels with tracks that combine, fast cars, unique tracks and the ability for kids to design their own creations.

track builder challenge

Recently our family got to try out Hot Wheels Track Builder sets and were absolutely amazed by how cool they are. Easy to assemble, fun to play with and easy to pick up and get out of the way if you need them too. Our favourite pieces are the HOT WHEELS® Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set and the HOT WHEELS® MUTANT MACHINESTM MUTATION LABTM  Play Set with totally different capabilities. The Track Builder 5 Lane Tower Starter Set is the perfect place to start your Hot Wheels track as it catapults the cars in five directions even launching an airplane! When joined with other track sets you have an intricate track system that will fill up any playroom and provide hours of entertainment and discovery.

hotwheels collage

I loved that our boys had fun indoors on hot summer days as a break from outdoor play and that they were able to play on their own without adult help once the tracks were assembled. Having twins it is important that we have enough activities that they can each do their own thing but also come together to play interactively.

hotwheels track

The Hot Wheels Track Builder system was great for that. Each could play with a separate part, or they could launch their cars off the 5-Lane Tower set and race each other. Their imaginations were ignited laughing, squealing and making up stories to go along with their cars. And, the variety of cars was amazing. From fast racers to flexible cars and motorcycles there are so many styles and design there is sure to be one to suit your little one’s favourite style.

Hot Wheels Car collection  and motorcycle 

I cannot wait to purchase more Hot Wheels Track Builder accessories to continue to build our Hot Wheel tracks.

Check out all the track and Hot Wheels options at Hot Wheels Canada


Check out the Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge  and upload a photo of it to the Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge website and you could win an amazing Hot Wheels prize pack. You can enter a new track every day up until the end of the contest period – August 31st, 2014.

Giveaway time

1 lucky Canadian reader is going to win a Hot Wheels pack worth $50 (1 Basic Car Assortment


1 Mutant Machine


1 Colour Shifter


1 Monster Jam Truck


1 Quick Kick Loop


1 Speedometer


1 Curve Pack


1 Launch Pack)

Fill out the form below for your chance to win. Good luck! 


  1. claude normandeau says

    My son loves to design his own tracks and make up names for the drivers… Hot Wheels are the best!! Do I get points for commenting first? LOL

  2. Amy Heffernan says

    My son LOVES hot wheels. He has a HUGE collection. We buy a new one every time we go to walmart!

  3. Juliee Fitze says

    My son had a really big collection and they were passed down to my nephews and now to my grandkids.

  4. Audrey Skinner says

    My great-nephew loves hot wheels and they are easy to pack and bring for sleepovers.

  5. karinespace says

    Constructing and racing it haha

  6. whatiadore says

    My son loves how you can get real cars as hot wheels. he loves the classics.
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  7. Jeff Skidmore says

    The boys love the speed and all the different cars and trucks they can chose from.

  8. charityk says

    i love the retro hot wheels

  9. My son loves the imagination, he gets wrapped up for hours building tracks. It's like 6 year old nirvana to just leave him alone with a bucket of cars.

  10. DARLENE W says

    Racing the cars along a track

  11. My son loves collecting the cars 🙂
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  12. hmrcarlson says

    My little guys love racing their little cars around the house!

  13. Kim Greig says

    The variety and how well they are made

  14. tennille says

    I love how much my hubby likes to play with the boys!
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  15. andrea amy says

    My son LOVES hot wheels. He loves building parking lots, and playing crash, and everything about hot wheels.

  16. Silvia D says

    just loves collecting them and playing with them..

  17. I love that my daughter and sons all love it. They have so many different tracks and fun car designs.

  18. Sunshine G says

    Kate loves to use them in her sandbox and create racetracks with leaves.

  19. My son loved making jumps with them and loops.

  20. Brandee H says

    My son loves creating ramps a d flying hot wheels around the house.

  21. jessica s says

    all the different cars to choose from!

  22. shellie clark says

    he can always change up the track

  23. Dayna Wilson says

    I love the creativity it inspires. My son loves yelling "vroom vroom!" as he drives his cars over his sister.

  24. edmontonjb says

    My kids and my husband love the Hot Wheels that are based on real cars. They have a huge Hot Wheels Mustang collection.


  25. I love how versatile the track sets can be.

  26. Jeannie Lam says

    My son taking the hot wheels everywhere he goes because they can fit into his pockets and is able to race them anywhere and on anything.

  27. mommakoala says

    Racing the cars and building the tracks.

  28. mistygrl70 says

    My nephew loves building his own tracks, testing how well each car goes..cause if the first 40 don't make it.. it's gotta be the car right??!!? lol

  29. i love the detailing on the cars

  30. Marina M. says

    My son loves to race them and bring anywhere he goes.

  31. My nephew loves to build different styles of tracks and see how the cars work on them. Love that they encourage creativity and imagination. (Judy Cowan)

  32. Sharon Lalonde says

    I'd love to win this for my grandson as he is just getting into cars and this would be perfect for him.

  33. I like how many cars and vehicles there are to collect.

  34. butterflyamyc says

    We love that hot wheels tracks are easy to assemble and very fun to play with.

  35. the hours spent on building tracks and racing the cars

  36. kathy downey says

    my grandson loves racing

  37. My little guy loves the size he can put several in his pocket

  38. Kristi Renout says

    They love racing their cars against one another.

  39. laurbolduc says

    My son loves all the different types of hot wheels there are. He plays for hours creating a huge map with all different places to drive around to as well as on some of his tracks.

  40. wendy Hutton says

    all the different cars there are

  41. I always had lotsa hot wheels and track when I was a kid, I just love HOTWHEELS

  42. My son loves all the different types of cars that hotwheels has!

  43. I love that my boys can spend hours with these cars, creating their own little cities and voices for the cars.

  44. My son is too little to understand how to put the tracks together, or understand the different types of cars, etc. But that doesn't stop the little man from sitting on the floor and playing with the cars, for hours at a time. They are the right size for his little hands, and he loves how they move!

  45. Tannis W says

    My daughter is still too young to play with hot wheels, but I think she’ll like building the track and racing the cars.

  46. Elizabeth L says

    My almost 3 year old daughter is in LOVE with cars. Hot wheels allows her to use her imagination and have her own cars to play with. I love that the quality has remained the same since I was a kid!

  47. The nephews love the loops, just like we all did!

  48. Laurie P says

    endless imagination! we also love big track layouts.

  49. fahlinstar says

    My son just LOVES to play with them! He loves to race them or set them up like hes at a car show. Its really cute.

  50. Ashley J says

    I just want to win for my nephew 🙂

  51. stephen gordon says

    I played with these when I was a kid had to send in box tops to collect track. Cheers Thanks for the chance.

  52. Chris Stockford says

    Play Catch!

  53. Brent MacLeod says

    Girls can like HotWheels too. My 8 year old has a race car set and loves to play "cars" with me and her Poppa (my father).

  54. Carole Dube says

    The cars!

  55. stephy905 says

    Most definitely the speed & building tracks

  56. Kayla Gilbert says

    The are durable and there are so many different kinds.

  57. Jennifer Lo says

    love the different tracks

  58. Viv Sluys says

    My daughter loves lining all her hotwheels up and then pushing them away one by one to see which goes the farthest

  59. Kate Hearn says

    My son loves the change color cars. He has a few, and is forever putting them in cold and warm water.

  60. I love that Hot wheels are a toy that my kids do not get tired of playing with, so much fun!

  61. all the cool tracks you can get

  62. We love all of the different cars that Hot Wheels make! (I like the sparkly ones best!)
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  63. My kids love all the different cars

  64. I loved Hot Wheels when I was a little girl, happy to have passed on my love to my daughter. Classic, fun toy!

  65. Lisa Neutel says

    My kids love racing they're hot wheels against each other

  66. My grandson loves that they have trucks little daddy.

  67. Elva Roberts says

    My great grandchildren love everything about Hot Wheels. They especially like the cars going down and around a winding track.

  68. julie bolduc says

    They like playing with there daddy

  69. nenasinclair says

    My grandson loves that you can add different pieces to the sets all the time to make them different!

  70. jane kramer says

    my son everything that has to do with hot wheels , he has so many hot wheels things im running out of space to put them

  71. Elva Roberts says

    I think the most popular action is watching the cars go down a long winding track!

  72. Tara Gauthier says

    I love that both my kids age 5 and 12 love Hot Wheels! They don't agree on much so it is great when they do!

  73. C McLaren says

    I love that Hot Wheels appeals to all ages.

  74. I love that Hot Wheels gives my son and I something to bond over 🙂

  75. Bailey dexter says

    I love playing with the grandkids, we race the cars on the floor all the time!

  76. All the different cars!



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