Join me in the #cleanwater PHOTO CHALLENGE for a chance to win

This morning I woke up and brushed my teeth. I rinsed my mouth out with water straight from the tap and washed my face. I then went to the kitchen and filled the coffee pot, again using tap water and made myself a coffee.  The rest of the day consisted of me washing my veggies grown in my garden, bathing my daughter, my kids playing in our pool and filling up my dogs bowl with water.  Oh and I also drank two glasses of water and mixed up some juice for the kids with water. Until now, I never really paid much attention to how much water we use in a day. We are very lucky to have clean water accessible to us and our families. Many do not have this luxury. 

How many times in a day does clean water touch your family’s life?  How many times in a week?  In two weeks?

As Canadians, we have a seemingly unlimited supply of clean water, so it’s no wonder that we often take it for granted.  Yet approximately one billion people in the developing world do not have the same luxury, and diseases from contaminated water are killing more children every day than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined.

To help remind Canadians just how lucky we are to live in this great country and to educate them on ways they can help provide clean water to those in need, I am taking part in the #cleanwater photo challenge!  You can take part too! From July 18 through 31, P&G and Walmart want you to share photos of the role clean water plays in your life and the life of our family and friends. 



How to participate?

Using your preferred social photo sharing platform, follow the #cleanwater calendar and post a photo inspired by the word of the day (ie. Day 1 – Hydrate).  The photo could include clean water itself, or simply the impact water has (ie. a satisfied smile and wipe of the mouth after gulping clean water from a glass or a happy child after a dip in the lake). Use the daily hashtag in a caption for your picture.

Whats in it for you?

One lucky participant across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc will win a great prize from Walmart and P&G from those seen participating. The prize – $250 Walmart gift card and a bundle of P&G products as pictured below. 

CDW Prize Pack


You can see other people photos by following the #cleanwater hashtag or visit the pinterest board here. I can not wait to see all your photos and it would be awesome if one of my readers were the winner. Good luck! 


*source world health organization


Disclosure- I am a P&G Mom as part of my affiliation with this group I have been offered compensation to participate in the #cleanwater photo challenge. The views, photos and opinions expressed on my blog and social media networks are of my own. 

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