SmarTrike Touch Steering CHIC 4-in-1 Tricycle

Recently Natalie and her children checked out the SmarTrike Touch Steering CHIC 4-in-1 Tricycle

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Don’t you just love baby products that are totally cool and can be used for a long time and with multiple children?  I DO, since right now I’ve got both an infant and a toddler, who are currently using a stroller or a tricycle.  So why not try an innovative product that acts as both such as the SmarTrike Touch Steering CHIC 4-in-1 Tricycle.
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I recently had a chance to try out this amazing trike/stroller with both my baby and very active 3 year old.  I was so impressed with both the quality and ease of assembly of this product.  When I was putting it together, my little helper was so excited, and wanted to start riding it almost immediately.  I could not believe the sturdiness of the frame and how light-weight the entire assembly was when it was completed.  The front wheel was steered very easily and the foldable non-slip pedals were extremely durable and operated the trike perfectly.  As an added bonus the trike also came with very durable rubber wheels and a shock absorber with built-in suspension – Fancy!.  Obviously, my main tester was my 3 year old who loved to whiz around on the fourth stage of this SmarTrike Touch Steering CHIC 4-in-1 Tricycle, the classic trike.  This stage is intended for the 30 months+ age group.

As soon as he got on the trike, I strapped him in with the convenient trike seat belt, and then like a flash away he went happily pedalling down the sidewalk.  He loved to chat away on the cute little attached battery operated toy phone that lit up and played music.  The trike also came with a phone holder and a drink cup/ bottle holder at the front of the trike.  It even had an attached bucket at the back which could be used to store just about anything, although my 3 year old liked to use it to collect “flowers” for his mom.
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Now, this SmarTrike Touch Steering CHIC 4-in-1 Tricycle, can also be used in its first stage as a parent controlled trike/ stroller for babies as young as 10 months old.  I set it up in this configuration as well, and as a trial had my 5 month old sit in the 3 point harnessed high back supported padded seat for a few seconds.  He absolutely loved it!  So I am really looking forward to taking him out for a trike/ stroller ride in the late fall and early spring when he is old enough.

With my baby safely out of the trike, I took the SmarTrike Touch Steering CHIC 4-in-1 Tricycle for a spin down the sidewalk, to get a feel for the manoeuverability of this amazing product.  The trike/ stroller handled like a dream, since it was very light weight, and the front super swivel wheel steered easily with the slightest touch.  I also liked the overall designer appearance of the trike with its modern fabric choice displayed on the washable padded seat cover, the extendable UV protective sun canopy, and the handy storage bags attached to the telescopic touch steering parent handle.
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The SmarTrike Touch Steering CHIC 4-in-1 Tricycle, also converts into 2 other stages for your child.  For stage two, when your child is 18 months+, the high back support is removed, but the safety bar around the child is left in place, and the trike is still fully controlled by the parent.  Then for stage three, when your child is 24 months+, the safety bar is removed, the footrest is folded in, and the free wheeling pedals are folded out, to let your child practice pedalling, while you push him/ her with the parent handle.  Obviously, at stage four, the parent handle is removed, and the pull-out clutch for freewheeling on the front wheel is pushed in, so that your child is now able to pedal the trike on his own.
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The SmarTrike Touch Steering CHIC 4-in-1 Tricycle can be bought at Toys R Us in both Canada and USA.  I look forward to using the SmarTrike Touch Steering CHIC 4-in-1 Tricycle for many months to come with my 2 youngest!


  1. massholemommy says

    Ok, so that is a seriously cool product!! I would have gotten so much use out of that when my boys were little. They are 3 years apart and this would have been killer to have!!

  2. I love this. We had something like this but not this.. And ours did not have the cute flair that this has. Love it.

  3. Such a cool ride for the kiddo! This has got to be the coolest stroller I've ever seen! I bet a kid feels like they're on a ride for sure!

  4. lyndac1968 says

    I would love to get this for my granddaughter, it sure would benefit and save on money as it grows with your child, that is my most favourite feature of the smart trike

  5. This is such a smart design. I love the touch steering because I have owned other bikes that have the handle that pivots and it never works like it should. Now a days strollers are becoming a thing of the past so with Smart Trike offering versatile products they are sure to stay at the top in this market.

  6. listen2mama says

    Very cute, this was not around when my daughter was little!

  7. LifeAsAConvert says

    That looks cute. I need one of them for my tiny 9 year old!

  8. Okay, this is really cool! I wish there had been neat things like this when my kids were little. Oh well, maybe for the (eventual) grandkids?

  9. Wow, this looks so fun. Maybe my kids wouldn't mind log walk if I had it.
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  10. becca112971 says

    Ok that is too cool. Where was this stuff when my kid was little he would have rocked this.

  11. If I ever have another child I'm getting one of these!

  12. That looks That is very cool. It looks like a lot of fun!
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  13. ladymarielle says

    Oh I like this! Wonder if they were available when my son was tiny. Would have been awesome to get a smartrike for him!
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  14. casavilorainteriors says

    That is one cool looking stroller. Quite an improvement from 12 years ago when my last one was a baby

  15. Wow! This is a great product! Why do all the cool items come put after I no longer have babies.

  16. I got one at Christmas and my toddler still uses it. We finally took some of the parts off so she can learn how to pedal. We had a difficult time steering but besides that it was a great trike.
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  17. I love this toy! My son needs one. He is almost two.

  18. Oh how adorable do the kids look on their smartrikes. Those smartrike have some pretty cool features also. Gona learn more about that.
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  19. OH my goodness that is the coolest. I love this, and think it would be perfect for my one year old granddaughter!

  20. (read like the superman catch line) Its a trike! Its a stroller! It is SmarTrike! Can you tell I have a son? Either way, that looks like a great product!

  21. toughcookiemommy says

    I love this tricycle. It would have been perfect for taking long walks with my boys when they were little.
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  22. Danielle says

    This looks like a great 1st birthday gift for my little niece! I have a question though: I've seen reviews of other models of the SmarTrike saying that it tips easily. Two mothers said that on occasion when their child reached over the side, the whole bike tipped and the mother had to catch it before it fell with their baby in it. Has anyone had this experience with the Chic model?

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