Ultimate Culinary Adventure: The World’s Most Expensive Food [INFOGRAPHIC]

What if you decided to eat only the most expensive dishes all day long. Would you try an exquisite Anqui Pho soup in Santa Monica? Or maybe a $1000 salad by a celebrity chef Raymond Blanc? Below are some of the worlds most expensive meals you will ever find.

Caviar in 24-Karat tins, sushi wrapped in 24-Karat gold leaves, truffle salad, and ‘bacon bling’ — these are just some of the outrageously expensive meals you can encounter in the culinary world.

The infographic will help you answer these questions:

  • What was so delicious that it sold for $330,000 at an auction?

  • What’s the most expensive spice in the world?

  • How much can a slice of 1937 royal wedding cake cost? A lot!

  • Where do you have to go to taste the most expensive dessert?

very expensive restaurants


 So which food in the infographic would you like to taste?


  1. DARLENE W says

    I don't know if I would like any of the worlds most expensive foods, comfort food that is what I need

  2. Good heavens… they do say that food is getting more expensive!

  3. kathy downey says

    I would donate my money before I would spend it on those foods

  4. WOW – and not even sure I would like them!

  5. nenasinclair says

    Omg, insanely expensive!!

  6. Elva Roberts says

    I wouldn't want to taste any. This money should be given to feed children in the third World countries. As long as people are going hungry, this kind of extravance is, in my opinion, completely not justified.

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