Win Family passes to Canada’s Wonderland

It is hard to believe we are almost at the end of July. Hopefully you have had some time to enjoy family and friends and get some much needed R&R. If you are still planning a family getaway, why not consider Canada’s Wonderland? 

I am always surprised how many people will fly to an amusement park but have never been to the one we have right here in our backyard.

Canada’s Wonderland has something for everyone! 



It’s really no wonder that Canada’s Wonderland is Canada’s premiere amusement park. It’s where families come to spend quality time with each other and their good friends, g-forces. Only Canada’s premiere amusement park has Leviathan, a new roller coaster in 2012 that boasts speeds of 125 km/h with an 80-degree drop. Canada’s premiere amusement park also features such thrilling rides as Vortex, Shockwave, Behemoth and the 301-foot WindSeeker. And for the kids, there’s Planet Snoopy and the new Dinosaurs Alive! Seven acres of Jurassic fun with over 40 life-sized dinos. And if you like water park thrills, Canada’s premiere amusement park features Splash Works, a 20-acre water park featuring The Plunge, Super Soaker, the Lazy River and enough thrill rides to leave you and your family closer and prunier than ever. It’s what happens here every day at Canada’s premiere amusement park. Canada’s Wonderland. Thrills Connect.


Splash Works offers a 20 acre water park and admission is included with your Canada’s Wonderland ticket. 

This year the mountain has a new ride as well. Wonder Mountain’s Guardian combines the excitement of a roller coaster, 3D animation and an interactive gaming experience. 



We kicked off the summer with a visit to Canada’s Wonderland and are planning another visit soon. My family just can not get enough of this place 🙂 

Tips- You can bring a refillable water bottle into the park. we fill them yup at the fountains. You can choose to buy food on site or have a picnic outside the gate. Lots of seating available throughout the park. 

Grab a map so you can easily find the washrooms as the park is BIG

The park is open 10 AM -10PM through out July and August. 

Buy your ticket online at least 3 days in advance and save $20 off the front gate price of $59.99. Enjoy all of our world-class rides, shows and attractions any day the park is open in 2014.

Valid for guests 48″ and taller and under age 60

Giveaway time

I have a fabulous prize for 4 passes to Canada’s Wonderland for one lucky reader. No transportation. So you must get there yourself. Best for those in Ontario . Fill out the form below. Good luck! 


  1. cynmom16 says

    It's been years since we went to Wonderland and all the kids are tall enough to ride now…but how brave are they?

  2. I really want to try the new ride the Guardian !!!! Looks so awesome !

  3. I would love to win this and take my family !

  4. Kelly Bouma says

    think I would like to try the new one Wonder Mountain's Guardian

  5. DARLENE W says

    Roller coasters are not for me, I would like something like the merry go round

  6. Ava Mifflin says

    I would say the Leviathan

  7. DARLENE W says

    I would love to win this so I could take my grandchildren to Canada's Wonderland

  8. I'd like to try the new Guardian ride.

  9. I'd love to win this to take my family back!

  10. mistygrl70 says

    Oh the Mountain's Guardian of course!

  11. Sylvia Mollison says

    It has been forever since I have been to Wonderland and have never been to the water park. Sounds like just the ticket for a hot summer day!

  12. Really exciting giveaway! I would love for my kids to try the Snoopy vs Red Baron!

  13. Carol Barrette says

    I haven't been to Wonderland since before Leviathan, that would be my first stop

  14. I would love to win because I have never been to Canada’s Wonderland!

  15. Juliee Fitze says

    I like the water rides.

  16. I have been earlier this year and was anxious to try the new ride "Guardian" i am in LOVE with that ride and would love to take my family so they can experience it as well, and of course so I can once again..soooo fun

  17. I want to take a nice, relaxing float down Splash Works' Lazy River.

  18. Mountain Guardian.

  19. Lisa Neutel says

    I would love to take my family ..they have never been and it's been years since I've been … My fave roller coaster was The Bat ..and so many I want to try

  20. I would like to win so we would take our daughter and her friend. Both have never been to wonderland.

  21. kelly young says

    the ghoster coaster lol

  22. kelly young says

    money is tight this year and i live sooo close would love to win

  23. Courtney says

    I love Behemoth!

  24. I would love to try the Wonder Mountain’s Guardian!

  25. Triplets3 says

    Would love to try Wonder Mountain’s Guardian!

  26. I want to ride the Guardian,looks so fun!!!

  27. Darlene Tuling says

    I would love the check out The Guardian

  28. erin2470 says

    Swing of the Century

  29. I would love to spend the day at Planet Snoopy!

  30. I would love to win these passes so I can take my kids!

  31. Leviathan

  32. Not a big roller coaster person, but my daughter would love to go. We'd spend the day at Planet Snoopy.

  33. cheryl P says


  34. winnie b says

    the bat!

  35. White Water Canyon

  36. Behemoth

  37. I want to try the new Guardian ride.

  38. Leah Ryan says

    Wonders mountain guardian looks amazing!!

  39. Veronica S. says

    I am such a wuss. I love the old school rides, kid's area and the water park.

  40. Jennifer Lo says

    Let's try Leviathan

  41. Jennifer Lo says

    we haven't been to Wonderland with the girls before

  42. joyskitchen says

    I just would love my kids to have the whole experience – I remember going as a kid and loving it but I haven't shared that with my kids yet so for me it would be White Water Canyon (not to mention how much my daughter would love watching the shows!).

  43. I love the bat, i could spend my day on that and the ghoster coaster

  44. the Guardian!

  45. I remember the hype surrounding Leviathan. That's one ride I'd check out, but from a distance, no way I'm getting on that roller coaster.

  46. nancy chartrand says

    My 12 year old son has been begging to go to wonderland for his first time, he is smaller then most and I think he should be tall enough now for some of the bigger rides, I would love to take him. I have always loved hanna barbera land the best

  47. Erin Leigh says

    two words: WATER PARK. 🙂

  48. Erin Leigh says

    Canada's Wonderland is a fantastic way to spend a summer day!

  49. mommakoala says

    I would like to check out the new Guardian ride

  50. mommakoala says

    It's been ages since I have been to Wonderland. It would be a great summer activity with the family

  51. sarah sar says

    I want to go on the Minebuster!

  52. sarah sar says

    I'd love to win this for my family…I haven't been there since high school! That was 10 years ago.

  53. I am scared of rides but I promised my boys if we won I would go on the Behemoth!

  54. Adina H. says

    Whit Water Canyon is fun.

  55. Adina H. says

    I would like to win because I'd probably take my nephew for his first trip there.

  56. Lori Jackson says

    The new Guardian!!!

  57. Karry Knisley says

    I want to go on Timberwolf Falls

  58. Susanne McCarthy says


  59. Susanne McCarthy says

    I have never been to Canada's Wonderland myself. Would like to experience with my kids ( who of course have gone already)

  60. We haven't taken the kids yet! They are excited about the water park 🙂

  61. I loved WM's Guardian! So fun and interactive! I'd love to bring my girls back there!

  62. I want to try the gaurdian

  63. Holly Wright says

    I really want to ride The Bat again, its my fav!

  64. I would want to go on the Mountain guardian ride.

  65. Sofia Dias says

    Guardian was awesome!

  66. Shelley H says

    Their newest one The Guardian!

  67. KarenEHill says

    I would love to win this for my sister and her two boys who are teens now and would love it

  68. SweetPanda says

    I would most want to try the Guardian

  69. sschool2010 says

    Guardian as it looks awesome!

  70. sschool2010 says

    My family goes every year and it would be a great prize for that reason!

  71. I would love to try the new ride of course — the Mountain's Guardian!

  72. Love to win this prize because it's been years since I've been. Also, my cousins from Hong Kong are visiting; I would love to take them!

  73. Crystal Dubeau says

    I haven't been to Wonderland since High School! I would love to take the kids, and we would do all the rides, I would love to try the Mountain Guardian… 😀

  74. Would love to check out Leviathan

  75. Canada's Wonderland is always getting some new things and new ideas….

  76. Leviathan is the best coaster!

  77. trowbdon says

    The Lazy River

  78. trowbdon says

    I haven't been in so long

  79. mistygrl70 says

    I would like to win because I've not been to Wonderland since it opened, my husband and children have never been.

  80. Lindsay T says

    Guardian sounds awesome!

  81. Lindsay T says

    I’d like to win because my girls have never been to wonderland and I know we’d have lots of fun there as a family.

  82. White water canyon needs to be checked out.


  84. cozycomfycouch says

    I would love to take my daughters. They have never been there. I would take them on all kid rides. They would love it! Maria medeiros

  85. Wonder Mountain's Guardian!

  86. BobbiJo pentney says

    In this heat I would love to go on the White water canyon

  87. I'd most like to check out the DINOSAURS ALIVE! We would have so much fun with that!! Splash works is also a favourite of ours so we'd spend a good chunk of the day there!

  88. shellie clark says

    I would love to ride Wonder Mountain's Guardian

  89. charityk says

    the drop tower

  90. Leviathan (if I'm brave enough)

  91. The Mountain Guardian looks like a must try!

  92. The guardian looks cool
    My recent post Testimonial..which I’m so grateful for …

  93. I would like to try Leviathan and meet Charlie Brown.

  94. Barbara Hutcheson says

    ******love to try Leviathin******

  95. great giveaway thankyou

  96. I would love to go on Leviathon.

  97. I would like to win so I can take my kids, they are old enough now to ride all the kiddie coasters and would have a blast.

  98. lest get on the guardian ride yeahhhhhhhhhh

  99. Leviathan! 🙂 Thanks!!

  100. I would loveto win so I could take my kids there this Summer! My hubby recently lost over 100 pounds – now he can fit on all of the rides – it would be great for all of us to go and play! Thanks so much!!

  101. The Fly
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  102. I want to take my kids if swing if the century!

  103. Leviathan!

  104. my daughter told me the one thing she wants to do most this summer is go to wonderland but it's not in our budget. I would love to be able to surprise the family with a trip to wonderland!

  105. I would love to take my daughter there. I haven’t been to the kids side in ages!

  106. My kids would love kids world and my older daughter loves the bat

  107. My youngest daughter has never been and would love it here.

    Thanks for the contest

  108. We love the ghoster coaster!!!

  109. Shelley H says

    I would love to take the kids! They haven't been in a few years

  110. BobbiJo Pentney says

    I would love to win this prize to enjoy some more summer with y family

  111. The new 4D mountain ride!

  112. the leviathan!

  113. the behemoth is my favourite!

  114. Courtney says

    Would love to go on the Guardian!

  115. I want to take the kids on White Water Canyon 🙂
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  116. Ashley J says

    The Guardian

  117. It's been so long since the kids have gone, and we'd love to go

  118. My kids need to experience Dragonfiler!!

  119. Wonder Mountain Guardian

  120. I would love to win this prize as I have an 11 year old boy who is celebrating his birthday very soon. I'd like to take him and his 2 best friends for a day at the park. Full of fun!

  121. Lesley Berry says

    The new Guardian ride looks awesome!!! I’d love to check it out, seems fun and not too scary for me! Lol than off to the water park and kiddie rides with my boys!

  122. Lesley Berry says

    Summer fun with my hubby and boys is why I’d like to win!! Time goes too fast and money isn’t unlimited. So I’d love to enjoy a wonderland adventure day without the big cost lol

  123. I am more of a water park person. I love the lazy river, but I am positive my husband and kids would love to try the new rides out. The 4D mountain ride and the Guardian!!

  124. Laura Callum says

    The water park!

  125. the guardian looks wonderfully extreme

  126. Have not been in quite a few years!! I want to try leviathan… Behemoth and the new guardian ride!! And old favourites if they’re still around!

  127. Tisa Lekic says

    I have NEVER been. Thanks for the opportunity to give me a chance to take my 2 sons and hubby!

  128. Sherry Cormier says

    I would love to take the kids to Planet Snoopy and kidsville. Winning this would be great for my family as we are moving so it has been a bit stressful for the kids.

  129. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I would like to go on the Behemoth.

  130. I have not been there for a few years and need to reacquaint myself.

  131. Extreme sky flyer look great

  132. my daughter and her best friend have never been.

  133. I would love to try the Guardian. Looks awesome.

  134. The bat

  135. I have a big family. this would be a great adventure

  136. Lisa Robertson says

    Leviathan all the way

  137. Diane Morgan says

    My daughters into riding roller coasters like bat and leviathan

  138. Katy Emanuel says

    I would love to check out the water park

  139. Deanna Carney says

    Love Jetscream!

  140. I would like to try the new Guardian ride! Thanks!

  141. koalateagirl says

    The Guardian. It looks like fun

  142. No trip to Wonderland is complete without hitting up the Funnel Cakes!

  143. Jennifer L. says

    I'm really eager to try the Guardian.

  144. I really want to win this prize pack so I can take my sister and nieces out for a fun-filled day at Canada's Wonderland!
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  145. guardian looks fantastic

  146. stephy905 says

    I'd like to check out the WindSeeker

  147. stephy905 says

    I'd like to win because my family needs a fun day

  148. Kayla Gilbert says

    I always loved riding The Fly ride and going to the Water Park.

  149. my daughter loves leviathan

  150. Theresa Michalik says

    Have never been and would love to try Mountain Guardian.

  151. Theresa Michalik says

    Would like to win because we have never been.

  152. stefanie haluk says

    I want to try the new Guardian.

  153. Laurie Harrison says

    The water park

  154. KarenEHill says

    I would love to win this for my sister and her 2 teen boys to enjoy this summer.

  155. I would just love a fun day out. I haven't been to the park in years.

  156. Sarah Jackson says

    We would like to try the Wonder mountain Guardian and Leviathan

  157. Trisha Y. says

    I would love to go on the new ride in the mountain Guardian. 🙂

  158. Trisha Y. says

    I'd love to win this prize to introduce my 8yr old to the awesome world of ROLLERCOASTERS!!

  159. Victoria Ess says

    I'd like to check out the Behemoth!

  160. any roller coaster

  161. lynda tomkinson says

    would love to get a chance to see the new guardians ride. Also to do Leviathan for the 100th time, lol
    fiances keeping us away this year

  162. Ashley G says

    I would love to win this prize because I haven’t been to Canada’s Wonderland since I was a kid and I’ve wanted to go back for years! My six year old son has never been and I think he would have a blast. We could never afford it, and things have been rough lately so we could really use the fun and excitement!

  163. Kate Hearn says

    I wanna take my little guy to snoopy/peanuts place…and the wicked cool dino place

  164. wanna check out Leviathan, but my 11yr old son wants to try them ALL 🙂

  165. Liz Revell says

    I still have yet to try behemoth!!!

  166. the behemouth

  167. I would take my kids and df

  168. Lee-Ann S says

    All of Splashworks. It was too cold the last time we went to visit.

  169. Yasmin Remani says

    i would like to ride leviathan and behemoth… havent been on those yet 🙂

  170. Kim Griffin says

    I want to ride Wonder Mountain's Guardian – I love interactive rides.

  171. Nina Bergeron says


  172. The Leviathan

  173. It has been too long since we have been there as a family! Would love to go again!

  174. I would most like to ride The Guardian!

  175. I'd love to win, because I haven't been since the year it opened, and affording it this Summer is not an option.

  176. Water slides with my kids!

  177. Victoria Ess says

    I would love to win this prize so my family can go this year!

  178. Sylvia Mollison says

    I would love to win this to have a great family day with my kids who are begging for a trip to Wonderland!

  179. ladymarielle says

    Wonder Mountain's Guardian would be the first ride I'd want to try!!
    My recent post The Summer Of Monsters

  180. I want to get up the courage to try Leviathan

  181. C McLaren says

    The Guardian looks like a lot of fun.

  182. Would love to win

  183. We haven't been to Canada's Wonderland yet this year and we'd love to check out the new ride!

  184. Darcy Headon says

    I would love to try the Guardian

  185. I would like to go with my cousins so we can finally spend some time together.



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