The Grilled Breakfast of Champions


Some people may think that cereal is not a hearty breakfast. But what are you going to use as an alternative? Toast? Oatmeal? No way! Set your inner carnivore free, grab some gear from and unleash your inner grill chef! But what constitutes this Holy Grail, this grilled meal of perfection? Well, that’s where we come in. Consider this a handy recipe guide, showing you exactly what you need to get to create the grilled breakfast of champions. Follow this handy guide before too long neighbours will be making excuses to invite themselves over and stay a while particularly around the hours in which breakfast is normally served.


What fried breakfast is complete without the assorted meat parts that taste so good (even though they sound so wrong when you try to figure out where they come from)? This should be one of the first things on the grill and consider it the bricks of your grilled breakfast of champions, laying the foundation for the delicious treats that are soon to follow. You can also pick up some gourmet sausages to mix it up a little bit if you feel that way inclined, but either way it provides an important element of any storm that is grilled up.


Fried eggs might not be as healthy an option as their scrambled brothers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw them into the mix every now and then. A couple of fried eggs can easily make their way into the mix and your tastebuds will thank you, even if your waistline doesn’t. Treat yourself and grill up a storm with a delicious egg that will be the glue that brings this fried feast together.


Kick things up a gear with some delicious steak. Maybe it seems a little bit extravagant for a morning meal, but hey we only get to live once and you’re going to start living life in the fast lane. Nothing like a nice T-bone to start your day the right way, even if your doctor probably advises you do otherwise.


Potatoes + olive oil + the grill = a meal everybody is going to love. Slice them thing or chop them up into chunks and grill up a storm. You can also consider potatoes a great way to give your meal a much-needed carbohydrate to help control the protein element, which is probably a good idea.


And here’s the king – the part of the meal that will really turn a hit into a home run. Bacon and grills go together like bicycles and wheels so grab yourself a kilo of long rashers or short cut and head on over to your nearest grill to give your taste buds everything they’ve been craving. Consider this the garnish on your grilled salad!

What do you think of our list? Are there any grilled dishes we’ve missed out? Would you addany thing to the list? Leave any questions, comments or suggestions in the section below, thanks for reading and enjoy your delicious, grilled feast!


  1. I would add grilled tomatoes – love them with bacon and egss!

  2. Looks like a delicious Saturday morning breakfast. I love potatoes grilled.

  3. YUM!! That looks like a great breakfast! I would add fruit salad. A must for breakfast! I have never steak for breakfast! Maybe one day!

  4. kathy downey says

    This looks like a great breakfast

  5. Oh my gosh! Now I am hungry….I could eat breakfast for any meal of the day! I love feeding my kids a hearty breakfast on busy days! The only thing I can think of to add would be grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and onions! Yum!
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  6. I'm looking forward to our next bacon and egg day….thanks to your post.

  7. You know the way to my heart. Shredded potatoes are my favorite for hashbrowns. Top with a bit of yolk from my egg and ketchup – money! Now I'm hungry!
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  8. Everything is better with bacon! That looks like a perfect Breakfast for Hubs!
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  9. Treen Goodwin says

    wow hubby would love this kinda Breakfast , he loves bacon , but he has to have Fresh eggs not store bought , yummy i will be making him this one of these mornings 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Doris Calvert says

    my kind of breakfast and the eggs look perfect for me, when am i coming for breakfast?

  11. i would eat this everyday if i could, even for supper too lol, tyvm.

  12. looks like a very delicious breakfast the kind we like to have as well I dip the shredded potatoes in pancake mix then fry it

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