Hosting a BOOMco blaster tournament #BOOMcoBLAST


What do you do when the summer is not as hot as it normally would be? Host a BOOMco Blaster tournament of course! 

Mattel has a new line of cutting-edge blaster technology, BOOMco. They have blasters, darts and targets as well as cool safety glasses, sweatbands and tats! Surely your kids will be able to keep busy for hours with these. Remember when we were kids and we played outside? Send them out in the yard for some active fun! 

Get a bunch of kids together and let them shoot targets with soft spongy darts. This  is always fun! You can see how these fun products work on the demo videos here. BOOMco is high energy fun for all ages. It was great to see the teens out running in the yard shooting at targets and each other. Instead of inside playing video games on the computer 🙂

The Smart Stick system is what lets you stick to your target. The rubbery covering on your darts sticks to the BOOMco targets and shields. Set up targets and see just how accurate they are. 

BOOMco products can be found at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and

boom darts


We still have lots of nice weather before winter hits. Check out BOOMco and help your kids be active. They will have a blast as will you with this. You can download targets to print yourself on their site. As well as follow along with weekly challenges. 

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Rapid Madness

Ultimate rapid-fire blasting!

  • Removable, transforming blaster shields!
  • 30 Smart Stick darts and 20-dart clip
  • Smart Stick™ target included


Quick-fire blaster that clips anywhere!

  • Portable & concealable for stealth play!
  • Cool collapsible handle!
  • Smart Stick™ target included

BOOMco Stealth Ambush

Photographer Jeremy LloydStylist Machiko Tanaka, Elizabeth Sloan, Tiffany Nolan

For these and other fun products from BOOMco see their website The brightly coloured blasters and targets are a great addition to our home.

BOOMco brings friends together through fast-paced play and competition that’s perfect year-round. Whether it’s a heart pounding pursuit challenge or an ultimate blaster tournament, BOOMco. amps up action at every turn.

Watch the hashtag to see what others are up to #BOOMcoBLAST


  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    My grandchildren would love playing with these, they'd have a ton of fun in any weather 🙂

  2. Reese Speaks says

    This must have been an amazing tourney you had with these BOOMco Blasters! My eldest would have loved having a tourney like this! Thanks for sharing this post with us!

  3. What a great fun activity, my grandkids would love this

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