Keeping your Kids Healthy During Back to School #BTS

September is quickly approaching, and with it comes the back to school excitement.  From rulers, to glue sticks, to backpacks, you want to have all of the back to school fixings that kick start your child’s year off right. While adequate school supplies are essential, have you given thought to how you can keep your little one in tip-top health this upcoming school year? Proper footwear and heavy backpacks are a few of the issues that might weigh your child down and hold him or her back from staying focused and performing at his or her personal best.

Eating healthy

A hearty, healthy breakfast is essential to keep your child’s body full and mind focused. A proper meal consisting of a low sugar, whole grain cereal and fresh fruit is one option. When packing lunch and snacks for your child, go for healthy snacks but keep in mind that they should be something that your child enjoys eating so you can be sure that he or she doesn’t throw it away, waste it, or trade it for junk food. Things like nutrition bars, yogurts, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are always safe choices.

The right backpack

It is during these early years that children are growing and developing very quickly, and this development can either be helped or hindered by environmental factors. Diet and sleep are some of the obvious factors, of course, but have you given any thought to the load that can be placed on your child just by the weight of his or her backpack? If it is too heavy or if it is worn incorrectly, a backpack can strain the muscles and joints in the back and can even potentially cause injury. This can also cause your child to develop poor posture.

When purchasing a backpack, be sure to choose one that is made of lightweight material (traditional canvas bags are fine), as to not add any unnecessary additional weight to the pack. Find a bag that has two wide, padded shoulder straps – narrow straps dig into the shoulders and cause pain to the neck and shoulder area. Choose a pack that has a padded back to provide comfort and to protect from the sharp edges of books that can dig into your child’s back, and multiple compartments to distribute the weight more evenly. Encourage your child to bring home only what is necessary and to leave the rest in a locker or desk at school. Doctors recommend that the weight of backpacks should be no more than 15% of your child’s total body weight. Jansport is always a great option.

Proper footwear

Another important issue to consider when sending your child back to school is footwear. Here there are a few different factors to take into account – fit, comfort, the school’s dress code, and any structural issues that are present. When purchasing sneakers, make sure that your child gets fitted at the store by an associate – these are the ages where his or her feet are growing quite rapidly.

You may need to purchase supportive insoles, especially if your child has flat feet or some other kind of structural problem. This will help to keep your child more active without pain and discomfort, as well as prevent long term foot problems later in life.

With these suggestions, your child is sure to have a great, healthy school year. What other products do you send your child to school with to ensure their little bodies stay fighting fit?



  1. lyndac1968 says

    These are all great tips, my daughters backpack was so heavy at times I don't know how she carried it

  2. kathy downey says

    These are are some great tips,thanks

  3. kathy downey says

    Proper fitting footwear is so important,my kids always wear running shoes during school

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