Things to do & see in Niagara Falls New York #TasteNiagara

Earlier this month Amy had the chance to explore Niagara Falls New York. You can see her first post here
Next up on our day of intrepid exploring of the Niagara region was a trip to the 2014 Sweet Chalk Festival @sweetlockport in Lockport, New York. A gem of a spot, I knew the name, I live an hour from the border, but I had never been. I will be going back let me tell you.
The chalk festival was in its 2nd year and saw many artists, some local too, show their talents in, yes chalk, along the canal in this lovely town. 
chalk festival
This was also when we got to taste some of the treats Niagara, and Lockport had to offer. We had the yummiest lunch courtesy of @SweetRideRentals who offer bicycle rentals to tourists as well (hence the name LOL). The owner also has a some fun photo ops available in-store (see the pictures of moi as a few works of art, beware, you might not be able to tell the painting is actually me 😉 ).
lockport icecream
We strolled along the canal for our next stop, a delectable dessert at artisan local ice creamery Lake Effect Ice Cream @lake_effect_ic. It was beyond divine. I’m sure you will agree there is something special about homemade ice cream as opposed to commercial. I enjoy both let me tell you, but this was oh so creamy and yummy! I of course went for the peanut butter cup flavoured. Mmmmmm!!!!
As the name implies, there’s an association with locks in Lockport so we did something so wonderfully lovely and wrote sayings (or our names etc.) on some locks and locked them on the Big Bridge. Mine said ‘Smiles are an infection you want’. 
We then learned all about the locks and how there was a ‘race’ between companies to acquire water rights and such. Water truly has driven the economy and development of the Niagara Region (on both sides of the border). Our lovely guide Tom from the Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride showed us the whole system and, as the name implies, there was also an underground boat ride component. That was beyond cool let me tell you. 
cave tunnel
He showed us how the original 5 locks looked and how they are still being modified and used extensively by pleasure boaters and commercial craft to this day. He also took us on a tour of the underground water system that they are actively restoring (privately too, not publicly funded so this is truly a labour of love that you can see when the guides speak about it). The tour was incredible, I’ve not done much cave exploring, but this was definitely really cool to experience. Even taking the boat ride and being able to see just how extensive this line is was eerily awesome. Of course I had to take a #CaveSelfie LOL. Tours run daily, their twitter is @lockportcave.
amy selfie
Our divine tour guides Michelle and Libby from Niagara Tourism and Convention Corporation then spirited us across the canal to go on another boat ride (being a boater as a kid this was 7th Heaven for me I assure you), this time experiencing a taste of the Erie Canal Cruises and Lockport Locks.
They have 3 different boats, one is even a paddlewheel (loved it!) and also have a lovely area for weddings, events and parties. Another gem of the area! (Can you tell I love playing tourist?)
We had a lovely cruise along the waters of the canal and got to go up, and down one of the locks. Again, me being a boater I did offer several times to help with the lines ;). It was so relaxing and for those who have never experienced a lock, basically an elevator for boats, this is another area must. We went up 25 feet in about 8 minutes, going down took 4. 
On the return to the dock we also had the treat of going under one of the last bridges that actually lifts for boats to go under. I was feeling so spoiled let me tell you, I debated just stowing away, but I think they were on to me ;).
lock port
An area you can easily spend a day in, Lockport is a lovely spot with lots to do and enjoy. Try to get there on a weekend when the local market is on too and you can get lots of treats from local vendors.
lock port 2
Next up: the final chapter…canon balls, a castle, divine wine and more!
Disclosure- The trip was complimentary for media invited and all opinions are of the writer. No compensation was provided 


  1. Wow what a great place to visit. If I am every up north I will be sure to check this out.

  2. Wow, sounds like fun! I hope to visit one day. Looking forward to hear more about your adventures.
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  3. That's just beautiful. I would love to visit some day.
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  4. Jenna Wood says

    Wow, I never knew there was so much to experience when visiting Niagra! It's definitely on my 'must visit' bucket list. I think I'd love to go on that underground boat ride!

  5. husvarphoto says

    Love the Cave Selfie! haha Oh this makes me miss the East Coast!! We're planning a trip to Niagara soon… it's been about 12 years since I last went!
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  6. It looks so beautiful there. The underground boat ride is epic! I'd really love to take a trip to see this.
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  7. martinkadeluxe says

    Such a great post! I've always wanted to go to Niagra, but I wanted to stay in the US! How awesome that there's all this good stuff just in NY!?

  8. It's been many years since we have gone to Niagara Falls. I cannot wait to bring my kids to both sides.

  9. You just brought back some fantastic memories for me. I lived in Saratoga Springs 25 or so years ago, and we went to Niagara Falls a couple of times. It was awesome!

  10. I have only been to Niagara Falls on the US side once, and all we did was go look, take a few photos and go home! It was so cold, I wish we had been better prepared. Thank you for these ideas, we will make sure to see all this fun stuff the next time we go!
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  11. massholemommy says

    I haven't been to that area in about 10 years and have been thinking a lot about going back again. I love that area.

  12. dedezoomsalot900300623 says

    I've never been to this area of the US. I'd love to visit someday!

  13. The New Classy says

    What great pics. I went to Niagara Falls as a teen and hope to visit again some day.

  14. I’ve always wanted to go to Niagara Falls! What a cool way to Keane

    More about the history

  15. Sounds fun! I haven't been since my early teens, I'd love to go back now with my family.

  16. I've lived in the Niagara region of ON for a few years now and haven't gone across the river yet. But I'm now curious about the U.S falls…

  17. How fun that you got to take a cave selfie. There's a lot of interesting facts and places on the new york side of niagara falls.

  18. This looks like you had an exciting time.I love the pictures you took.I love water and boats because I grew up on a lake so of course I really love the pictures of Lockport.I've only seen Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

  19. Kristin Wheeler says

    Thanks for sharing! We live in RI and have thought about taking this trip. It's not too far from us. Good to know the kids will have fun!

  20. This sounds like a ton of fun. What a great experience! Niagara Falls is definitely on my bucket of sites to see.
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  21. I really want to visit Niagra Falls! I definitely have it on my bucket list to do!

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  23. Really enjoyed reading all about Lockport. When I lived in Toronto, I used to hear about that area quite a bit, however, I never did get to visit. I've only been to Niagara Falls, Ontario but never across the border there. Hope to make it across one day – looks great!

  24. Wow, looks like a lot of fun! I've been to the Canadian Niagara but never over the border. Thanks for sharing!

  25. kathy downey says

    Wow what a great place to visit,I have never been there but sure would love to

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