Backpacks for School from Staples Canada #BTS

Picking out the backpack that is just right is not as easy as you would expect. You need the right size and fit for your needs. Plus it has to suit you and look stylish!  Staples Canada has a huge selection of backpacks for everyone in school. Recently I got some for my kids and they love them! 


My teen son chose this Swiss back pack for the days he is not training. He is an athlete and has another bag for that. This one is for the days he wants to chill out and look good. Like most teen boys do! The colour and texture of the material are very unique and match nicely with any coat or clothing he wears. Blends in nicely and washes up great! The Swiss Alps backpack is padded and has lots of pocket space for his gear. Great price at $35 online as well. 

My other son chose a multi function back pack. Something he could use for different purposes like school, sleepovers and homework. Grade nine and he has so much homework already. The High Sierra Access Backpack is a large backpack with mesh pockets and fully zipped pouches. This durable backpack is great for many needs. Lots of room in it for school work and clothes for sports. The price for this one is $59.96


Now with my five year old, it is all about the colour. She likes anything ‘girly’/ She loves pink and purple and wanted something for her lunch bag and agenda. The WillLand Outdoors  College Luminosa 25L Backpack, in Purple was a fun choice for her. I read up on it and was confinement it would last all year long. With a durable leather bottom I figured it would stand up to school yard play as well. The size is perfect for her to carry, not too big at all. You can order this backpack online only for $49.99

There is still plenty of time to get the last few things you and your children need for back to school. Staples has you covered in store and online. Shipping is free on orders over $45 excluding GST and PST, coupons or price matches within local trade areas. The order is shipped pending credit approval and product availability. Orders under $45 are charged a $15 shipping fee.

My one teen needed a lunch bag still. He did not want to use bags and wanted something that was insulated. So I ordered him the Off Track 2 Compartments lunch bag in black. This lunch bag is really big. Great for leftovers, sandwiches and an ice pack. He likes the two compartments to separate morning lunch from afternoon snack as well. The price was right at $19.99

We survived the first week of school. All a little tired but all together happy. Looking forward to a great year full of excitement and opportunities. Hoping these all last the year for the kids as well 🙂

How do your kids choose their backpacks?


  1. chancesmommy says

    Those look awesome. I need a really durable backpack for Little One. I don't remember going through a new backpack every single year. I recall having one that lasted a few years. Little One goes through one a year. At the end of the year, there are always holes at the bottom! Going to check out the ones you mentioned in this post.!

  2. I need that lunch bag for road trips. We travel often to our hometown, which is 3 hours away, and as I'm sure you know – to keep a toddler happy during a drive: a lot of food is involved. I am going to have to swing by Staples and pick it up.

    I love the purple backpack. Quality goes such a long way, I would rather have a good backpack to last years then one cheap one that lasts half the school year (those books weigh a lot).
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  3. Backpacks are not only functional, but I am finding they are also becoming a fashion statement. We go through so many of them.

  4. thriftymommagogo says

    I actually like the Swiss Army one at the top of this post. It's attractive and genderless in a way. I mean anyone could use it. It is hard to choose sometimes. I had one from a sponsored post and it is gorgeous – sent to me for review. Then I also wanted a bigger one for my older daughter and I was hunting hard for just the right one. Luckily I found if at Staples.
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  5. MapleMouseMama says

    We actually visited a couple of different Staples this year as my daughter had asked for a Jansport backpack. I was pleasantly surprised with the selection and we almost came home with the Swiss Alp one like your son Kim! It was my hubby's choice at any rate, LOL. In the end style reigned supreme and the Jansport of choice "sports" come colourful skulls, LOL.
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  6. We order from Lands End usually. My older son is in grade 5 and has been using his same backpack since the beginning of grade 1. He refuses to let me get him a new one!!

  7. alexanernberg says

    It is very important to get the right size backpack for your kids. Never really paid attention to this until I picked up one of my kids backpack one day. It was really heavy. I wonder how many kids end up going to a chiropractor due to ill-fitting backpacks. Not something to take lightly.

  8. kathy downey says

    My kids love backpacks and have quite a few,but you must be sure to have the right size

  9. kathy downey says

    We are going to town this weekend,will check Staples out for these

  10. Erika Belanger says

    I didn't even know they sold BackPacks! I will have to check them out as my son will need a new backack before the end of the year! I like Swiss too!!

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