Celebrate National Coffee Day (Sept 29) with a @TimHortons Giveaway Canada $25 GC

Source- Tim Hortons Facebook

Source- Tim Hortons Facebook

Did you know more people visit Tim Hortons in a week than visit Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in one year or that Tim Hortons serves nearly two billion cups of coffee each year? That’s enough to fill 26,504 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

It’s clear Canadians love their coffee ! To celebrate National Coffee Day (September 29) and thank their guests for making Tim Hortons Canada’s coffee leader Tim Hortons is offering $1 small Dark Roast coffee from September 22 to 29.


Some interesting stats below from the Canadian Coffee Association of Canada: 

o 65% of Canadians aged 18-79 say they drank coffee in the last day 
o Canadian coffee drinkers consume an average of 3.2 cups of coffee per day
o 78% of Canadians say they consume coffee at breakfast
o Coffee and tap water are the most commonly consumed beverages, with nearly two-thirds of consumers having consumed them in the past day (65% and 63% respectively)

I personally start most day offs with a large coffee from Tim Hortons. For me it is tradition and a great way to start the day! 

giveaway time

I have a tasty giveaway for you all! One lucky Canadian reader is going to win a $25 Tim Hortons Gift Card to buy coffee or whatever your family loves most 🙂 Enter the form below. Good luck! 



Disclosure- I am part of the Tim Hortons Timfluencer program. As an ambassador I receive special perks for my involvement. All opinions are always my own


  1. I take my medium Timmies with 3 milk and 1 sweetener 🙂 mmmm

  2. Christina B. says

    Double double, I tried regular and it was horrid…to me of course. I guess I need a lot of cream and sugar! :p

  3. joanne darrell says

    I take 1 cream and 1 sugar in my coffee.

  4. Hot chocolate or Iced Capp with chocolate milk

  5. I used to take a double double but now I drink it black. Regular roast.

  6. try small things says

    I don't drink coffee, but my father-in-law drinks Timmie's several times a day; double cream, 1 sweetener.
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  7. Crystal Chiasson says

    I love my Moka!!! The hubby is the coffee drinker. Lol

  8. double cream

  9. I am a triple triple coffee drinker and I don't like the dark roast, it is too strong for me as I am more of a mild coffee kinda girl

  10. Silvia Demmy says

    i like mine with just cream .

  11. If it’s their regular coffee, two milks, usually. I find it really acidic black. The dark roast is good black, though.

  12. I love my double double!

  13. Black, please. And I like that new dark roast. Mmmm.
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  14. I am a double double gal.

  15. Double double or a cafe mocha!

  16. Three cream, one sugar please.

  17. XL with three cream
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  18. Reg. roast, double double!

  19. I always get a large with 3 milk!

  20. I used to be a Triple, Triple girl but I went down to a large DD and maybe one of these days I will be able to go down to a regular

  21. I love the new Dark Roast and I like it double double.Timmies is the best!!THX for a chance.

  22. I'm not terribly picky with my coffee so i'll drink anything, but i usually order a double double.

  23. josephine evans says

    Simply addicted!

  24. i’m all about the double double

  25. Double Double….

  26. Bailey Dexter says

    I love the new dark roast coffee, I always get a triple triple. Love the cream!

  27. I like it black 🙂

  28. Michelle Policelli says

    i like mine Double Double

  29. Lori Jackson says

    Double double….and I LOVE their iced caps!

  30. sabrina worrall says

    I don't drink coffee – I drink XL steeped tea with 3 milk 🙂

  31. Daria Nowell says

    Double double!!

  32. stephen gordon says

    Regular kind of guy. Thanks for the chance. Cheers

  33. aphroditeinvancouver says

    I get a double double

  34. i like my coffee black.

  35. Chris Stockford says

    Double Double

  36. lots of sugar

  37. Large regular with milk.

  38. My fave is English toffee capacino

  39. I am a tea drinker
    My husband likes double double 🙂

  40. I like mine as an XL double double, original roast.

  41. I don’t like coffee but love Timmies white hot chocolate & regular hot chocolate!

  42. I am a triple cream double sugar coffee drinker Love my Tim's

  43. Double double all the way

  44. I like my coffee with 1 sugar and 2 cream.

  45. prairiebelle says

    double double for me

  46. Wendy Jensen says

    I love my coffee black so I can savor the flavor!

  47. i love Tim Hortons, but prefer iced coffee or donuts to coffee.

  48. Double cream half a sweetener

  49. Florence Cochrane says

    Double Double for me.

  50. I prefer a steeped tea, but hubby takes his Tims coffee black!

  51. i always get a small regular.

  52. I love my large triple triple

  53. bkleincocacola says

    I love my coffee as a double double.

  54. I'm actually not a coffee drinker. I prefer herbal tea.

  55. I like triple triple sometimes I drink double double.


  57. I like double double! Thanks for the giveaway

  58. I like French Vanillas from Timmies!!

  59. I like mine with one cream and one splenda.

  60. Karry Knisley says

    Double double with a french vanilla shot

  61. kathy downey says

    double double

  62. Straight up black!

  63. Double double

  64. I like my coffee sweet so I get a large triple triple


  65. I take mine double double

  66. stacey dempsey says

    I Like mine with 2 creams and 1 sugar

  67. One cream one milk

  68. butterflyamyc says

    I like double double

  69. I like mine double milk no sugar

  70. I love a medium double double…

  71. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I like regular coffee with triple sugar and double cream – delicious. So tomorrow's National Coffee Day, another new one to me, for every day is coffee day 🙂

  72. I like my coffee black.

  73. I love their dark roast, large with one milk & two sweetener.

  74. I'm gonna be honest. I do not like their coffee, but do like their chili.

  75. silverneon2000 says

    I enjoy my coffee double double please

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  76. I'm a small, black dark roast!

  77. wendy Hutton says

    double double for me please

  78. Double Double!

  79. I love it as a Dark Roast with a shot of expresso.

  80. Two cream, one sugar…regular roast

  81. double double!!!!

  82. i like mine with 2 creams

  83. Dayna Wilson says

    Double cream, no sugar.

  84. I have hot chocolate or a cappucinno, don't drink coffee. Have had def and needed 4 sugar so stopped that quick lol

  85. aiming4simple says

    I prefer the Chai tea or hot chocolate, with a donut of course.
    My recent post Harvest Lentil Salad with Goji Berry Vinaigrette

  86. Double double for me!

  87. In my coffee I take2 cream 3 sugar.

  88. I am a double double girl for sure!

  89. kristineewald says

    Half english toffee half black for a treat or just black 🙂

  90. I take mine with double cream and a sweetener.

  91. Andrea Williams says

    My favorite is a Double Double.

  92. Doris Calvert says

    double double reg

  93. Colleen rose says

    Steep,tea for me

  94. Colleen Rose says

    Steeped,tea for me

  95. alexanernberg says

    I like my Timmies coffee with double cream. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  96. I love mine double double with milk 🙂

  97. Audrey Skinner says

    I like my Tims with milk only.

  98. Large regular double cream

  99. I go for half coffee half hot chocolate at timmys!

  100. I love mine black, 1 sugar.

  101. double double

  102. seoforfun2014 says

    double double

  103. I like it with 2 cream, no sugar.

  104. I like my Timmies with double cream

  105. double double!

  106. Black coffee for me, please.

  107. Double double for me.

  108. Actually I'm not a coffee lover. I prefer Tim Hortons teas. I love the steeped tea black.

  109. Debbie Cunningham says

    Double Double for sure

  110. I like my coffee with double cream.

  111. BobbiJo pentney says

    I like tea, two milk two sugar.

  112. 1/2 coffee + 1/2 hot chocolate

  113. I love Double Double!

  114. nenasinclair says

    I like my Tinnies with just a little cream!

  115. Kristina Ziegler says

    Medium Regular!

  116. I like it double double!

  117. double double

  118. I prefer Double Double

  119. I'm a Double Double girl and really like their new dark roast.

  120. billiondollarprincesss says

    Double Double!

  121. Double double

  122. extra large with 2 milk

  123. I don't like coffee therefore I never drink it. I do visit Tim Horton's and drink the Earl Grey tea they have.

  124. I am a French Vanilla latte lover.

  125. cheryl hodgkins says

    triple triple

  126. French Vanilla with 1 cream, Dark Coffee straight up, Hot Chocolate with an ice cube (seriously I've lost many a tastebud to a hot chocolate burn!)

  127. Double double for me!

  128. I like a double double

  129. Being as the weather is unusually warm for September, I'm still enjoying Iced Capps made with milk.
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  130. seham merzib says

    No sugar just cream

  131. I love my double double!

  132. It has to be black, regular roast1

  133. I take it either black or with cream…mood depending

  134. I love their French Vanilla and hubby is a double double

  135. I like my coffee with just milk.

  136. Matthew Tully says

    Sadly enough I take a triple triple in a large, but I have cut down to 1 a day max and sometimes I go without all together.

  137. Double double

  138. one milk only!

  139. I take mine black!

  140. Treen Goodwin says

    I like it with just milk i am sweet enough 🙂

  141. Double Double

  142. Two cream, one sugar

  143. I just like my coffee black, and loving the new Dark!

  144. I like mine with cream and a blueberry muffin 🙂

  145. i like mine with just cream. haven't tried the black yet

  146. I like double double

  147. Sarah Stickney says

    i take mine a med. double double

  148. black! 🙂

  149. Double double for me

  150. Elva Roberts says

    I like my Tim's Double Double.

  151. holly ogorman says

    I like my coffee as chocolate milk; I'm not a coffee drinker at all!

  152. One double double please!

  153. Belinda Swim says


  154. I like a latte

  155. I like a small decaf with 2 milk, 2 sugar

  156. I like mine double double

  157. Maria McLachlan says

    Like double double

  158. Double double please 🙂

  159. Victoria Ess says

    I like my coffee black.

  160. I prefer the regular blend, 1/3 tsp sugar and 1 1/2 creams.

  161. Always like mines double double

  162. I like it best in latte form!

  163. My fave is 3/4 coffee and 1/4 hot chocolate. Yum!

  164. Black for me!

  165. it must be Double Double and usually Medium and no Dark Roast.

  166. I like my coffee at Tims in Mocha form

  167. double double 🙂

  168. I like my coffee with a double shot of milk

  169. Tricia Cooper says

    I don't drink coffee – I enjoy an Earl Grey Tea (2 milk/1 sugar) from Tim Hortons. I often get my Mother a coffee – black and she's a fan of the new Dark Roast!

  170. I actually hate coffee but I love tea with milk.

  171. erin mcsweeney says

    double double please

  172. I'm to young at 75 to drink coffee….

  173. Just cream.

  174. Monique L.S. says

    I like my coffee with 2 milks.

  175. I like my coffee regular with a shot of espresso

  176. 2 cream, No sugar for me!

  177. I love getting iced coffee.

  178. I take cream with the new dark roast!

  179. I LOVE French Vanilla or double double. SOOOO GOOD! Now I want to go to Timmy’s, like right now!

  180. jeannine glen says

    my husband loves their coffee. me I like their green tea.

  181. I like min 2 cream one sugar 🙂

  182. I like my coffee black.

  183. Straight up black for me! 🙂

  184. Stuart Roberts says

    I love Tims black

  185. Je n' aime pas le café mais quand je vais chez Tim je prend soie du thé ou du chocolat chaud celui-ci est délicieux.

  186. LOVE me some double double! 🙂

  187. nicolthepickle says

    I like it medium with two cream.

  188. Gwen Collins says

    Must admit, not a coffee lover. But love their hot chocolate


  190. Terri O'Donnell says

    1 cream & 2 sugar

  191. large triple triple

  192. black – why ruin good coffee

  193. Diana Corlett says

    I like my coffee black!

  194. Double double

  195. melanie borhi says

    I like my coffee 3 cream 2 sugar 😉

  196. Robyn Bellefleur says

    Double double! 🙂

  197. Susanne McCarthy says

    Black for me

  198. Sarah Jackson says

    2 milk, 1 sugar coffee

  199. cream and sugar in decaf for me !

  200. I don't drink coffee much, but if I do it's decaf with 2 milks and 1 packet of sugar.

  201. double cream

  202. Shelley May says

    I enjoy my Tim Hortons smooth rich and full of flavor coffee, triple triple with the added butter, yes butter! For years I have been adding two teaspoons of real butter into my coffee! Not only for the added richness but it allows the coffee to stay in my system longer, prevents those “coffee drops” where one hour you’re wide awake and not even less than a minute you can fall asleep at your work desk! Yes, I have done that, a few times and beleive me, waking up to your boss in your face, is not the most pleasant thing to wake up to! My family has been adding butter to their tea for years (20 plus years) and I thought, why not, in my coffee! Turns out it’s the most delicious, creamy way of not only bringing out the wonderful full flavor of Tim Hortons coffee but a great health benefit! I decided to look online one day to read about it, and reassure myself I wasn’t crazy 😉 I found out that it also gives you wonderful health benefits (lots of vitamins)! So that is how I love my Tim Hortons coffee! 🙂 Cheers! (Tim Hortons coffee in my hand). 🙂

  203. I like it black

  204. SueSueper Sue says

    I like double double for sure. 🙂

  205. Cheryl Almas says

    I like mine made as a Mocha.

  206. Josephine Evans says

    Yes please! Medium Double double please!

  207. I like triple cream and no sugar because I am told that I am already sweet enough !!!

  208. A large double double is the way to go! Yum!!
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  209. With 3 milk

  210. I like my coffee hot with splenda and cream!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  211. 3 cream and 1 sugar – large

  212. 2 cream 4 sweetener in my XL

  213. one sugar, one cream

  214. Robert Wise says


  215. Double double. Not a big fan of the dark roast.

  216. I like mine with 2 creams and 1 sugar, although I don't drink as much coffee as I do lattes 🙂

  217. Always black – need that kick!

  218. Double double for me! Although I tend to order hot chocolates more often

  219. I like mine with two milks

  220. Karrie Cheung says

    one sugar, one milk and one cream

  221. TMLFan1313 says

    1 sweetener 2 cream always extra large from Timmies

  222. Doris Herns says

    I love the chocolate glazed doughnut

  223. I'm not a coffee drinker. Love Tim Hortons hot chocolate.

  224. actually i'm more of a pink lemonade drinker and the donuts lol – the pink stuff is more like a slushie then just plain ole lemonade

  225. cheryl hodgkins says

    triple triple is the way I like my medium coffee

  226. I prefer an Earl Grey Tea Latte 🙂
    My recent post Food Bank Friday Challenge #55

  227. marcusbarnes says

    I like my coffee black. Thank you!

  228. I like my regular roast double double coffee from Tim Hortons 🙂

  229. sschool2010 says

    milk and sweetener

  230. good o double double
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  231. I like mine with one milk.

  232. Rhonda W G. says

    I always have my coffee black!

  233. Maria McLachlan says

    Double Double

  234. I like mine black!

  235. Milk and 2 sugars

  236. double cream no sugar

  237. onlybluemomma3 says

    Medium Regular. MMMM

  238. Jennifer L. says

    I like mine double cream.

  239. I love it double double

  240. Kayla Gilbert says

    I prefer Black!

  241. Triple triple with a hazel nut shot

  242. I prefer mine regular triple, triple…but my hubby likes dark roast double, double

  243. Stephanie D says

    Not a coffee fan! Just french vanilla cappuccino for with whip cream and chocolate shavings : )

  244. I like it black, 1 sugar.

  245. Just milk for me

  246. OMG, double cream of course. Wow, $25 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. edm388@gmail.com Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest.

  247. Juliee Fitze says

    I like mine with double cream.

  248. XL with two cream and two sweetener! YUM!

  249. I prefer my coffee black. Haven't tried the Dark Roast yet.

  250. a double double

  251. I like a hot and fresh ground medium roast coffee, black.

  252. Just Black! yum

  253. I always take a medium double double when I go to tims ! 🙂

  254. black! love coffee with it's true taste

  255. I am really not that big of a coffee drinker. I usually have half coffee and half hot chocolate.

  256. Nancy J Montgomery says

    Double double.

  257. love my coffee double cream

  258. Tammy Dalley says

    Double double for me



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