I complained about my mail carrier

Yes you read that right, I complained about my mail carrier. 

The lady who delivers my mail, rural mail direct to my mail box does not like me. I swear she does not! Maybe she dislikes all the packages she needs to bring to me. Maybe it is my super long driveway and the fact so many people who send mail want a signature. So depending on what they ask for, she either drops off a slip for me to go to town. Or she knocks on my door for me to sign right away. 

For almost three years she leaves letter mail in my box located at the end of my driveway. She NEVER lifts the flag to tell me I have mail. Having a long driveway this sucks! I need to walk out in the yucky weather and see if there is mail. One neighbour even hollered across the road that the flag would be up if there was mail. A few times parcel pick ups have been left in the mail box. I drive into town and come home. Then I find more for that day. So I have learned to ask while there if there are any others for me. A twenty minute drive one way is not fun when the weather is yucky. 

Anyways, the last time this happened I mentioned to the lady in the post office that my flag is never up. I asked if there was an issue I did not know about. Is it wiggly or loose? She had no idea. 

Now my flag is up every time there is mail. But guess what?

The mail lady left a 10 day notice for me to fix the handle on my mail box. The same mail box that has been the same since we moved in. I guess she did not like me complaining. My other neighbour was over the other day. He mentioned he complained about his flag not being up. Guess what? He got a notice he needed to move his mailbox 2 inches closer to the road. His mail box has been in the same spot for over 25 years. 

It seems this mail carrier does not like us mentioning the flag. Hubs says I should not have complained. I said it was more just an observation. But now we have to add a handle to our box or no mail deliver in 10 days. 

Something tells me she is going to keep playing cat and mouse and it is not going to be fun 🙁

What would you do if you were me?



  1. Stick to your guns. She is being paid to do a job. If she is not doing her job her supervisors should know. Keep complaining if required. Add the handle and see what else she comes up with.

  2. Set up a hidden camera and microphone, and record her shenanigans. 😉

  3. I would give the mail person a small token gift as an olive branch. Their job is brutal and you want all your packages. Extend the olive branch and maybe things will smooth out.

  4. Document everything. I have a feeling you are going to need it. Dates, times, notices, conversations, everything. Good luck.

  5. tough situation you want your mail but who wants to be bullied by their carrier if she is playing dirty pool. She should just do her job properly and all would be well.

  6. I have a super box but my person doesn't realize that just because they can stuff something in my box does not mean I can get it out once they close the master door. The opening then becomes a few centimetres smaller. I am sure it is something they have never thought of, but if you had to stuff it in why not just put it in the parcel slot and give me the key. Maybe that means they have to document something??
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  7. A few people on our route complained about our carrier too… including my dad. So everyone got notices to move their boxes either closer to the road or further off of the road based upon some pre-determined measurement by Canada Post. Our box was in the same place for the 8 years that we lived in the house and however long it was there before we moved in. Ironically, now every year, snow plows take our mailboxes out on a regular basis. It's gotten so bad that there are people with broom handles stuck into the ground with buckets hanging off of them because they just can't be bothered to keep putting the mailbox and post back in. I'm just wondering who I'm going to send the bills to for replacing the boxes and posts…. The township or Canada Post for their genius measurement scheme.

  8. crystal parsons says

    I would of done the same I am in the process of getting ready to make a complaint about my mail carrier because she seems to be putting are mail in other peoples mail boxes in stead of in are I never received my hydro bill last month I have lived here 8 yrs. and never had this happen and now my neighbours are putting my mail in my box at night because she just sticks my mail where ever she pleases it seems. Don't back down that is their jobs they don't like it they should find another one

  9. I'm thinking they need to get rid of her and hire someone else who enjoys delivering mail, I would not listen to hubby and I would put a complaint in about her, and your neighbour should do the same!!!

  10. I hate to say it, but Canadian posties generally feel very entitled after years of union protection, and they take it out on customers (without whom they wouldn’t have jobs!) I love the idea of extending an olive branch, but I doubt it will be effective in practice, as she has already shown herself to be quite vindictive. I concur with others who say document everything carefully. If she has enough valid complaints she will be removed from that route or that position, as she should be. There are many people who would gladly take that “brutal” job with it’s excellent remuneration and benefits.

  11. maybe kill her with kindness? reverse psychology? Leave her a small timmies GC and card in the mailbox thanking her for delivering your packages and how much you appreciate it… ? lol
    if anything it'll confuse the heck out of her

  12. wendy Hutton says

    I would call the head Canada post and complain, I have a sister in law who is post master back home and we used to get into it lots about Dads mailbox- community one not being shovelled out in the winter and many seniors used that box- she was not impressed about me complaining to her so I went above her head to the head post master- things really improved

  13. Doris Calvert says

    Well I use to work at the post office and the job is not a piece of cake, it's difficult to walk in deep snow, pouring rain and yes long driveways, you are also timed on how long your take, not to mention at least a few hundred get bitten by a dog every year! But with that being said the pay is excellent, and you get a cost of living allowance, and shift differencial if you work after 5 pm. So well paid for the job they do and I would get together with the neighbours that are not happy and go right to however her boss is and she will be talked to, but it's union so very hard to get her fired, take pictures of everything, when flags are not put up, parcels not taken it's the only way to get rid of her but she can accidently lose stuff if she is that bitchy! I was happy working at the post officeand when you do extra for people they treat you just as good. Bake her some cookies and say thanks for putting up the flag it makes it so much easier for me, she may surprise you 🙂

  14. I have to say no issues with my carrier, that is after I approached him to ask him to put the mail slot door down when finished putting the mail in. Oh yeah I almost forgot, almost everyone on my street had a complaint about him. A new carrier was in place within a week after we petitioned Canada Post head office to have him removed after all attempts to resolve the bad service we were getting were not looked after by the local Post office.
    Well not worry, their jobs are going the way the dodo bird did…extinct. Mail carriers are being phased out in favour of super boxes or whatever they are called. So you will end up either getting your parcels from a super box or driving the 20 minutes to the post office. Unfortunately the new carrier for my street is one of the best I have ever had. Always friendly and polite and will even deliver to the back door if it is storming out or there is a threat of bad weather. Also had him over for a BBQ… and beer!

  15. alexanernberg says

    Your Postie applied and was hired to be a Postie. They are also being paid (and most likely quite well), to perform their job. I would keep track in a log all of the times they are not carrying out their duties to your satisfaction and present it to the Post Office Administration by hand or special delivery. I empathize with the situation you are in.

  16. Hmm….being a rural mail carrier she might be under contract to Canada Post. I would think enough complaints would result in them not awarding her the contract when it's up for renewal. Not that I wish anyone lose their job….

  17. I hear you! And I would *not* back down. I totally agree with "Psychasarah". I've definitely seen a decline in service, especially they last year or so. Maybe it's because they know that it won't be long before we don't get any more home delivery?
    We live in a house that is separated into 3 apartments. There was only 1 mail box when we moved in 8 years ago. It worked for us. My daughter lived in the apartment downstairs, and the elderly man in the other apartment didn't get much mail. It worked for us. Then, a year ago, new people moved in. All of a sudden, Canada Post left a message that we needed to get at least one more mail box. We got these "warning" letters 3 times in one month. Finally, the landlord put up another box. Guess what–the mail carriers put the mail wherever they want to! I have to check both boxes now all the time, because my mail could be in either one!! Geez!!

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