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If you have teens like I do, you know all too well about the argument. The argument about taking electronics and valuables to school with them. They make a valid point after all. All the other kids are doing it 😉 But seriously, lunch gets boring and my kids have almost an hour bus ride to school. So I do not not mind. I just do not trust their stuff to be left unattended in their locker. Locker rooms are another place I worry and their back packs, If no watched I worry their items will get scooped. But kids will be kids and in this time and age, they need these things with them. The one time my son left his phone home was the day I NEEDED to reach him. Then there are the days you need to send them with cash. You surely do not want that to be seen. 

So what is a parent to do?

I set rules as does the school. Different teachers have different rules about iPods and music. Phones are not to be used during class and ringers set to vibrate. No disrupting the class! 

Luckily their are products to help kids protect and secure their belongings while at school. 

I am a believer of out of sight our of mind. So most often, if items are not seen they are safe. But you really never know. 


New to the dudley fall lineup are the Load N Lock Pencil Pod and the FULLY Loaded Lunch. 

Load N Lock Pencil Pod – Students can carry their supplies in style and securely with this portable pencil case. It has a hard see-thru compartment that is easily accessible, along with a large internal storage area for writing utensils. For the students who want to lock up their valuables, there is a three digit resettable combination lock. The pencil pod has a rotating divider that has two elastic straps, and an elastic rubber band that securely holds the materials that students wish to keep in their pencil case. The Load N Lock Pencil Pod is offered in blue, pink, metallic, silver, green and purple and retails for $14.99.


The FULLY LOADED Lunch- Perfect for school, work or traveling. This lunch bag has two front mesh pockets for quick access to frequently used items, along with two front zippered compartments that are great for smaller personal items. It also has a modeled heavy duty rubber handle for a comfortable carry, and an insulated interior lining to keep your food fresh throughout the day. If you are looking for a backpack to store your lunch bag in, the FULLY LOADED backpack is the perfect complement. The FULLY LOADED Lunch can stand up straight, or flat on its back, and it retails for $14.99.


Now the kids can have some of their stuff hidden from others. Easy access for them and secure! You can see about these dudley products and more here

The bright colours and cool styles make these great for teens in high school or junior high. 

giveaway time

dudley wants your kids to have a great back to school season! They are giving my readers a chance to win the above mentioned products. 1 lucky Canadian reader is going to win a Load N Lock Pencil Pod and the FULLY Loaded Lunch (choice of colour is up to the client when shipping) Good luck! 

disclosure- I received the above mentioned product. No other compensation was provided


  1. backpacks! In fact, both my 7 and 17 year old have dudley backpacks and they are AWESOME.

  2. Darlene Demell says

    I think a cell phone could be hidden from view in this. That way its not so open for people to see and possibly take.

  3. I like the Claw bike lock

  4. kathy downey says

    Claw bike lock is cool

  5. My daughter could really use the Flare Bike lock for her bike!

  6. butterflyamyc says

    My kids could use the Kit for there lockers.

  7. We always have a Dudley combination lock on hand….love the locker accessories, The Hook would be really useful, my boy always needs more places to hang his hoodies.

  8. truckerofbc says

    My son could use a new bike lock

  9. THE LOCKER MAT would be a great idea ofr the winter timew with the wet boots at the bottom of the locker

  10. They could use a backpack

  11. My girls would use the Kit for their lockers

  12. Bike lock

  13. Another item that could be used is the THE FULLY LOADED™ Backpack (Judy Cowan)

  14. Jeannie Lam says

    My son could use the fully loaded back pack

  15. The Kit


  17. My boys could use the THE CLAW™ lock for their bicycles!

  18. Doris Calvert says

    My niece started Jr high as is taking the transit and has to transfer so the THE PHAT BOTTOM BAG with reflective shoulder straps would be nice.

  19. The LG2 pad lock

  20. Better/newer dudley locker combo lock.

  21. My son could use the THE LETTER LOCK.

  22. Steve Bobula says

    My Daughter Needs an iPad or some type of Tablet

  23. the backpack

  24. a good quality backpack that provides support

  25. My girls could use new bike locks.

  26. THE MIRROR XL would be useful!

  27. Darlene Demell says

    The THE CYCLONE™ combination lock would be perfect. (Sorry I read the question wrong first time. Please delete my other comment.)

  28. We could use "The Scholar" as well!
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  29. a backpack

  30. nenasinclair says

    My son could make use of the CLAW MINI™!

  31. I like the locker kit

  32. I have been looking for a durable lunch pail, my 3 girls tend to go through several through out the school year simply from wear and tear.

  33. Victoria Ess says

    They could also use a lock like the claw.

  34. my daughter could really use a Phat Bottom bag!

  35. Tricia Cooper says
  36. Treen Goodwin says

    THE HOOK for lockers 🙂

  37. The Flare Bike Lock would be useful.

  38. Rosanne Robinson says

    My grandson could use a new bike lock 🙂

  39. a new bike lock would be good

  40. Both my boys could use any of these products but seeing as the both just got new bikes this simmer, I will go with the CLAW BIKE LOCK!

  41. THE ESSENTIALS™ in Pink or green

  42. mongupp (@mongupp) says

    Phat bottom bag

  43. Kristi Renout says

    I like the claw bike lock!

  44. They could use the Claw bike lock

  45. Angela Mitchell says

    My daughter could use the THE SCHOLAR kit.

  46. bike locks

  47. JulieevFotze says

    A new bike lock would be really handy.

  48. They could definitely use a new backpack!

  49. Jocelyne Alldrick says

    i would love a bike lock!
    there are 5 of us and we dont' always go together…so we could use our own!


  51. a bike lock

  52. Darlene Schuller says

    My daughter would love The Kit.

  53. Everyone can use a bike lock.

  54. The locker mat would be very quite useful

  55. We could use a new bike lock

  56. Belinda Swim says

    The Locker Mat

  57. My daughter would really like the "The Kit".

  58. A backpack 🙂

  59. Jennifer P. says

    My daughter could use the THE PHAT BOTTOM BAG – I love that it can sit upright! Would be great for getting less dirty, and for keeping items in place.

  60. I think their THE PHAT BOTTOM BAG would be great- love how it stands upright so no struggle to get stuff out!

  61. backpack. I know when I was in school I could never find a backpack that could last the whole school year. These ones look more heavy duty

  62. The Claw bike lock is super neat.

  63. We could use a LG2 lock. We end up buying new ones every year for some reason.

  64. A backpack be nice.

  65. They will use backpack, combination padlock

  66. My kids could use the claw, bike and sport lock,

  67. My daughter could use the backpack

  68. She could use the THE PHAT BOTTOM BAG!

  69. Maybe some locker accessories? 🙂

  70. Melanie Borhi says

    Dudley locker lock

  71. A bike lock

  72. Backpacks! I like the look of theirs!

  73. A new backpack

  74. The Phat Bottom Packpack looks goods.

  75. I think my kids could use the fully-loaded backpack

  76. Definitely the bike lock! Too many bikes have been stolen lately in my quickly gentrifying neighborhood!

  77. THE CLAW could be something else from dudley to use for back to school. Thanks

  78. Maria McLachlan says

    I didn't get me son a new back back this year his looked good but I noticed the other day it's wearing so back pack here

  79. julie bolduc says

    I could use THE HOOK™

  80. My girl is in grade four and would love it

  81. THE REAL DEAL ADJUSTABLE LOCKER SHELF™ would be so handy for my son this year!

  82. Tammy Dalley says

    my son would use the bike lock!

  83. Elva Roberts says

    I know my grandchildren would love your Backpacks for School.

  84. …maybe the Phat-Bottom Backpack for my daughter.

  85. I would love the backpacks as well for my kids!

  86. SueSueper Sue says

    I think the THE MIRROR XL™ – Locker Mirror would be fantastic.

  87. Elva Roberts says

    My grandxhildren could use one of their beautiful and useful backpacks.

  88. Chris Stockford says

    Locker Lock

  89. My son could use a bike lock for when he bikes to school.

  90. I love the scholar set … im a little OCD so to have so much coordinating, is awesome <3

  91. Fully Loaded Backpack

  92. cheryl hodgkins says

    She could use THE LETTER LOCK bike lock

  93. THE LOCKER MAT would be a great idea and a new backpack

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