Earn Gift Cards in your down time with Superpoints US/CAN

Back in the day before I had a blog I was all about coupons, surveys and contests. I loved them so much! For me being a stay at home mom, they were perfect. I could help my family save, get a few prizes or perks and not lose any important time with my loved ones. I still do enter contests just not as many. I also am getting back into my coupons. I can not resist a great savings! Recently I was informed Superpoints was back. 

Superpoints was always a good time killer for me. I would be waiting for my children at their practice and bored out of my mind. So I would keep hitting the SuperLucky Button. Now that it is back I am doing the same. In less than a month I have cashed out for 3 gift cards for Amazon, Target and Best Buy. I really commit no time to it either. 

A few minutes a day playing around hitting the button. When I have more time I complete the quick and easy free surveys in blue. These often will give me 10 points even if I do not qualify. 

Others ways I have received points is from their offers. Offers are based on location and are open to USA and Canada. I never complete any offer I am not interested in. So far I have downloaded an app for my phone, played a few games and checked out a website. All giving me more points towards my gift cards. I am excited to see what I will cash out for before Christmas. 

Points are also rewarded when a person is signed up through my referral link. Since Superpoints is invite only, here is my link to join. When you reach bronze I will be given bonus points. But until then (and after) you win, I win too! Be sure to sign up and share your link with your family and friends so they too can start cashing out and you can get more points. 


Once a member you can add posts to the stumble bar and when people like it, you can get more points. I enjoy it and like that there is no real commitment. I do it daily when I have extra time. 

I almost forgot, the email you receive daily is lucky too! Be sure to click the link in the email and you can get more points! I am all about the free and love being rewarded so it has been a great thing for me. 

Hope to see you in my network! 


  1. I have signed up but haven't started using it! I really should!

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