Florida in the summer is HOT!

Growing up we often spent many winter vacations in Florida. My parents would drive down with my sister and I for 2- 3 weeks of fun in the sun. We would move from place to place enjoying the many attractions and sights the area has. It was always a great time and I remember it fondly. A couple of winters we went last minute and flew down. That too was nice but I always enjoyed the adventure of the drive. Fast forward a few years and our family drove down with my parents and our children in early winter. It was really nice and the weather was mild. 

You always know who the tourists are in Florida in the winter. They are the ones not wearing winter clothes and actually swimming in the ocean. The locals find it too cold! 


A couple years back the kids and I went down to Florida for a holiday getaway. We planned it last minute and did not really think of the time of year. We ended up going mid-July. July is a very hot month to go to Florida. The place we stayed in was under renovations and the AC broke while there. You can imagine the uncomfortable heat. I had no idea Florida was so humid either. It was 24 hours before the owners called an air conditioning repair guy in Wellington

For that time we spent it in the pool. We also made sure to eat at restaurants with air conditioning and lots of free refills on cold drinks. Temperatures in Florida  are warm in the winter for us Canadians. You can imagine how hot it was in the summer! Now as we are looking to plan another trip, we are looking at late winter or early spring. When it will be cooler and we do not need to worry too much about the air conditioning going down. 

bird on beach

I know we escape the cold weather for heat, but it is still nice to cool off when needed! 

Have you ever been to Florida in the summer?


  1. I've only been to Florida over Christmas break – 3 times. We're heading down in October which should be warmer than in December but cooler than July (thankfully)!

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