Golf Lovers Getaway

This time of year in Canada you see the golf lovers trying hard to hold onto any sunny days they can. They will even take the day off of work to get in, one last round of gold.  For most of Canada, the summer was not what we are use to. The Fall seems wetter and colder than previous years and I personally do not blame anyone for trying to hold on as long as they can. Why not enjoy the sunshine for a little longer? Get out and get some exercise and fresh air. For many winter is on its way. So Canadians are looking to head south. 

A great option for many Canadians is a winter getaway to South Florida. So if you love golf you should look into a seasonal golf membership at a club. I was looking for a seasonal golf membership in Boca Raton to give as a gift to a family member. We figured this was a great gift as my uncle loves to spend his winter in South Florida. This way we could give him a group gift from us all. Everyone chip in for something he would actually use and truly enjoy. The “Premier” Membership, is ideal for the seasonal visitor looking for the benefits of Private Club membership, without having to be bound to an annual commitment.  With this program you can decide exactly how long you will need it (minimum 3 months the first year and four months thereafter) and what time frame you will be in the area.  You can even add on additional days, up to two weeks, to really take advantage of the duration of your visit .  This is perfect for the golf lover escaping the cold winters of Canada and other parts of the world. 


There is another membership option as well, the “Passport” Membership. This option enables the member 30 days of access to the club to be used consecutively or in clusters throughout the year at the members’ discretion. This is a great option for people who are not in the same area as long or visit for a shorter period. 

This is surely a great gift!

I wish I could escape the cold snowy winters of Canada and head to South Florida. Boca Country Club is affordable compared to other resorts. It is not just for the retired either. Their very youthful energetic approach is extremely refreshing! The area is great for beaches, shopping and dining. Boca Raton and South Florida are rich in music, art, beauty and culture. The Boca Raton Art Museum frequently showcases major traveling exhibits, but also works to expand the local art scene by encouraging visitors with special events, and introducing the work of up and coming young artists. 

A great destination for a golf lovers getaway! 


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