Delicious Loaded Deviled Eggs

Summer may over but that does not mean entertaining is over. There are still plenty of opportunities to get together with friends and family and enjoy one another’s company. The Fall is great for backyard parties, pot-lucks and game day entertaining. Deviled Eggs is always a crowd pleaser. Especially when the game is on or having a few cocktails and needing something to nibble on. The more flavour they have the better. I know at our parties they are always the first thing to go! 

Check out this recipe on a twist of the classic Deviled Egg recipe, Delicious Loaded Deviled Eggs 

Loaded Deviled Eggs

(Makes 24 halves)


12 large eggs (hard-boiled, cooled & halved)

6 slices bacon (cooked crisp & crumbled)

2 teaspoons fresh chives

2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons finely shredded cheddar cheese

1⁄4 cup buttermilk




1. Transfer egg yolks from halves to mixing bowl & combine with remaining ingredients.

2. Add the sour cream or buttermilk last & use more as needed to reach desired smoothness.

3. Spoon yolk mixture into halves. The bulk will have grown substantially, so pile it high & “dust” with a sprinkle of paprika.



Your guests will love this version of the classic Deviled egg recipe. After all who doesn’t love bacon?

What do you add to your Deviled eggs?


  1. Treen Goodwin says

    My hubby would so love these , i'm not an egg fan but i will make them for my hubby for sure thanks for share the recipe 🙂

  2. I love devilled eggs, when there is a family function my sister usually makes them

  3. Victoria Ess says

    The filling looks amazing! Thank you so much for the recipe inspiration!

  4. kathy downey says

    These look amazing,Oh I know I would love these

  5. I can't wait to make these for the next get-together.

  6. I love deviled eggs, and the fact that you found a way to add bacon to them…well…I know what I'm making this weekend!
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  7. massholemommy says

    I have never had a deviled egg before, which is odd because I know they are something I would like. I need to get on that…..

  8. I love deviled eggs, but never thought to put bacon on top!! What an awesome idea!!

  9. These look delicious! I loved deviled eggs already, but these loaded ones look crazy good!
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  10. i luv deviled eggs, so i'm gonna try it , tyvm.

  11. alexanernberg says

    Your deviled eggs look divine. Like the addition of bacon and chives. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Julie / @Flip_4 says

    OMG…Bacon in devilled eggs is GENIUS!!! Will have to try that next time I make those. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  13. dedezoomsalot900300623 says

    I'd love to take these for a work lunch! Deviled Eggs are a favorite but I never make them for myself.
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  14. Those sound great! Love devil eggs, I have never heard of putting cheese in them!

  15. Love deviled eggs though we are pretty boring with just mayo! =)
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  16. Oooh, that looks like a deviled egg I might actually like. I'll have to show this to my husband!

  17. We make deviled eggs seasonally around here. There are always a few family members who demand them! I make a similar recipe with chipotle.

  18. Deviled eggs are one of my favourite things! Your recipe looks delicious and I am certainly going to make them.

  19. Oh yum!!!! Loaded deviled eggs are my favorite! So simple and so much you can do!

  20. I love doing red onions and cilantro on mine

  21. Deviled eggs? Bacon? Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!
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  22. OMG! It's like the best dance party ever, and it's right there in my mouth! That looks amazing. Plus, bacon. Yeah… bacon.
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  23. I generally don't eat eggs. The toppings, however, are almost enough to make me try these deviled eggs!
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  24. I love deviled eggs and this looks like a great twist on them. Definitely going to try it out.

  25. Catherine S says

    These look really good. My husband and son both love deviled eggs. I will have to make this for them.

  26. I can seriously eat eggs every single day. My aunt makes delicious deviled eggs, I have to force myself to not eat the whole plate. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    My recent post Five Favourites

  27. Oh, I never thought of adding Bacon to them! YUM! Fall is actually my favorite time to get together with people. 🙂

  28. these look delicious, with all the holiday parties coming up I'll have to try making them
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  29. Devil eggs are one of my favorite things. I love them too much, LOL. I tend to make them for major holidays so I don't eat too many of them in one setting.

  30. Those deviled eggs look so yummy. I have actually been craving deviled eggs. I may have to try your recipe.

  31. ascendingbutterfly says

    I love deviled eggs, these look delish. You are right pretty much everything is better with Bacon. I don't buy Apple Cider Vinegar at all, will this work as well without it?

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  32. Shop with Me Dad says

    oh yum!! I am making these this year for Thanksgiving!! They look so dang good!

    Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

  33. My kids absolutely adore deviled eggs. These would be amazing.

  34. What a tasty idea! Loaded deviled eggs sound yummy and look good, too.

  35. Those look really delicious. I'll have to make these for our family's next gathering.

  36. These look delicious! We love deviled eggs! Pinned – thanks

  37. We love deviled eggs around this home, they do not last long. I will have to try this recipe idea out, never heard of fully loaded deviled eggs, only potatoes! Looks like a yummy treat to bring to family gathering or add for a family BBQ night.

  38. I have never had Deviled eggs. Ever, I should give them a try. You sure do make them look delicious!

  39. why didn;t i ever think of this. they sound really good

  40. Those just look good. Deviled eggs always remind me of holidays (that's a good thing). 🙂
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  41. I just love the bacon! I am a big hard boiled egg fan, I should make these more regularly.
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  42. Oh my I'm in heaven! I haven't eaten deviled eggs in a long time. Thanks as I'm going to make these tomorrow!

  43. I love deviled eggs..but I never tried them with bacon, vinegar or cheese…I will now…thank you

  44. kristen visser says

    oh man do those ever look delicious! i havent had deviled eggs in years and now seeing this i realize how much i miss them. definitely whipping some up 🙂

  45. I have never thought to add bacon to my deviled. eggs. I have no idea why I never thought of it since they so obviously go together… like Bert and Ernie, Bacon and eggs… YUM!

  46. Oh yum these look delicious. Easy too, I love when things are also easy!

  47. cool

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