Long Distance Travel, No Jetlag

Everyone thinks that if they travel long distances they will suffer from jetlag. That is only true when flying in the east – west directions. Its the time zone hopping that causes the problem. You can get far away and stay in the same time zone if you just head south. Sure you might be tired when you arrive but that is because it is long travel day. Bed time and breakfast are the same so your sleep schedule isn’t screwed up. So no jet lag.

Feeling a little been there done that about Florida or Mexico? Thinking about somewhere exotic? Needing a once in a lifetime adventure? Just a little further and you are there. I’m talking about landing in Brazil. You probably heard about it lately. The place was plastered on the sports channels for a month this summer for the World Cup. It is going to be on there again in 2016 for the summer Olympics.

Or maybe you have a love of James Bond movies including some of the less than stellar ones like Moonraker. The classic cable car fight scene takes place in Rio de Janeiro on the way to Sugarloaf Mountain. The beautiful beaches and beautiful people and the national religion of football or soccer as we like to say in North America. That’s the place.

This isn’t going to be a little weekend getaway. It is a big place, the fifth biggest country in the world. You will need some time to travel about. Just like you wouldn’t plan a weekend trip to drive from Toronto to Edmonton, there is going to be some flying in your future. You will not be flying on some chicken bus of the sky either. Brazil is a modern country where serious business happens. Flying around is serious too. TAM is who you want to be flying with on your hops about. They will take you to more places in Brazil in comfort and style than anyone else.

Now all you have to do is whittle down your wish list of destinations. Unless you want to move there for a few years. It is a big place to explore.



  1. Don't forget that one needs a Visa to go to Brasil. Whilst not difficult to get, it sure is time consuming to gather all the necessary paperwork!


  2. I have never heard of TAM. Thank You for the info.

  3. So TAM is an airline that flies within Brazil? Thought about going to Brazil a few times, not yet though

  4. Cheryl Grandy says

    I hadn't thought about traveling to South America, and hadn't heard of TAM. Thanks for the information.

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