Matt & Steve’s Extreme Beans are more than a garnish

After taking the Caesar garnish category by storm with The Extreme Bean, Hot & Spicy, Matt & Steve’s introduces The Extreme Bean, Sweet & Savoury. Challenging the ordinary pickle, the new flavour is tasty enough to create countless hor d’oeuvres, dress up any burger and sweet enough to do what most The Extreme Bean lovers do, eat it right out of the jar. 



A while back I was introduced to Matt & Steve’s Extreme beans as a garnish to the classic Caesar. These flavourful beans are a tasty crunchy addition to this classic drink. They usually raise eye brows the first time someone sees them. But most quickly love the taste and enjoy! I personally am not a huge Caesar fan but many friends love them. I may have one or two a year tops myself. Usually when someone else makes one for me. After all, drinks are like food, always best when served and made by someone else 🙂 

I was excited to hear about the New Bean from Matt & Steve’s Extreme Bean line. ‘The Extreme Bean, Sweet & Savoury Offers Pickle Lovers Something To Get Excited About‘ So good you can eat it on its own! Well I have been enjoying the beans and olives on their own as is. So I was excited to try this out. Maybe along side a sandwich? 

bean with sandwich


Ignore my thumb prints in my bread, it was very fresh! The bean was a nice addition to add some crunch and flavour to my lunch. 


Currently offering The Extreme Bean in three different flavours: Hot & SpicyGarlic & Dill, and now Sweet & Savoury, creating a Caesar garnish has turned into a lot of tasty products. With the success of The Extreme Bean comes a number of products and bar supplies from cocktail rimmers like Matt & Steve’s Caesar RimStrawberry Kiss and Lime Margarita to a The Extreme Bean stuffed jumbo olive, The B’nOlive – the perfect pairing for any martini, dirty or clean. 

Matt & Steve’s specializes in pickled products and cocktail seasonings. The company was founded in 2000 by college roommates Matt Larochelle and Steve McVicker. Known for The Extreme Bean™, a pickled bean with a big crunch and bold flavour, the product line includes The B’nOlive, glass rimmers and bar supplies that stand behind their four brand pillars: Tasty, Topical, Social and Fun.

 My fave though is the B’nOlives. If you love olives like me you must try them! Matt & Steve’s the B’nOlive! Olive lovers be prepared for a true tastebud delight! They have stuffed a giant olive with the world famous Extreme Bean!!


A little tidbit of info for you

Reinventing a 4,000 year old tradition, both Matt and Steve have close to 15 years of pickling experience. What began as a desire for a better, tastier Caesar garnish has turned into an evolution of the pickle, amongst many other snacking products and flavorsome bar supplies that stand behind their four brand pillars: Tasty, Topical, Social and Fun. With pickle giants, such as Bicks taking manufacturing south sourcing products from US farmers and taking jobs away from Canadians, Matt & Steve’s are still proudly grown and manufactured in Canada out of their Mississauga warehouse

For you Caesar lovers- Bloody Caesar 

The evolution of these two classic cocktails has begun! Matt & Steve’s Tasty Beverage Co. has created the Bloody Caesar/Mary Radical Rimmer to enhance and complement the flavours with just the right amount of spice and bite.


The Sweet and savory bean is great for Bread and butter pickle fans. Yummy served with a sandwich or on its own! 

You can find Matt & Steve’s Extreme beans and products in a grocery store near you or online. Also be sure to connect with them on social media and keep up on what is new InstagramFacebook and Twitter  

Are you an extreme bean fan? How do you enjoy yours?


  1. those are some tasty looking caesars

  2. Ooooh, these look really good! I love bean pickles – which is funny because I don't like beans themselves. 🙂 I'll have to watch for these and try them out. (Sounds like a good excuse to make a Caesar too!) Thanks for sharing. 🙂
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  3. You had me at BEANS AND OLIVES!! Those are too of my favourite things! Add them together and you have a world class snack!! What a great addition to salads and sandwiches!

  4. definitely not a caesar lover, but I love pickles so I would definitely try this!
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  5. I love these beans! They really are quite delicious in ceasears

  6. My mouth is watering and it is only 10am too early for a Caesar? I haven't heard of them but will definitely been checking them out I have a few dinner parties planned and these look like a must have!
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  7. We ran into these guys at the Food and Wine show in Toronto. We bought a kit and indulged in many ceasers after the kids went to bed 🙂 Thanks for the reminder I need to top up on some beans!

  8. I treat these as a snack. Some cheese and crackers and yummers.

  9. I still need to try these, my hubby would like the spicy ones and I want the olives, mmm

  10. Corey is salivating over this post Kim, he loves it. He loves spicy and olives. He says he is going to check for them our next grocery shop thanks LOL — he said mmmm think of all the sandwiches I can make!

  11. These look good, what a great garnish or just a snack

  12. My hubby loves Extreme Bean products!

  13. I think I need to try these

  14. I love them, I just like eating them alone or as a garnish with a sandwich.

  15. I LOVE Extreme Beans, I go through almost 1 jar a week. They started selling them at Lococo's right by me so I buy them all the time. It is a great snack or side dish.

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