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Many years ago when I had my first child, I felt alone. Then, there was no internet and being much younger than most moms, I had issues connecting and relating. Then as time progressed and I had more children, I widened my circle and found moms who were like me. Moms who had felt alone and were happy to hear stories similar to theirs. But the issue was I lived outside of the city and did not meet with many parents as I was home with small children. Hard for me to get out and about until the kids got older. It does not matter what is happening in your life with your family, sleepless nights, feeding problems, potty training, or having children later on in life, there is always someone else out there. You are not alone! It is so easy to find the support and resources for moms these days online. Recently I came across a social network for mothers that has everything I wish I had back when my oldest was born. The nice thing is the site is not just for new parents with babies. There are tips and support for moms, parenting, babies, big kids and more. 



Often new parents just need the support of others who are going through what they are. An ear to listen, someone to talk to that is not directly involved or someone to bounce ideas off of. A community that creates bonds and friendships is a valuable tool for parents and families. I wish I had this resource when I first became a mom. Many of the books I read were outdated and my mom was the only person I had to talk to. Having had children so many years prior, she was not really in the know for most things 🙂

Now I have four children and have been a mom for over twenty years. But this community is still a valuable resource. My experiences are great for others who are just now going through many milestones for the first time. The online world has opened up our world so much that we can communicate with people hours away we before would never have been in touch with. 

A few features on this site that I thought would be helpful for many are: The ovulation calender, great for anyone trying to conceive. Moms Expertise Timeline, Find your question according to period and explore the moms expert tips. The community is an easy to search and follow forum with many great options to share and grow. I bet you will benefit from it if you feel alone and new to what is happening around you. 

Do you have a supportive community for your parenting questions?

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