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My youngest started grade one this year. She was really excited to get back to school and see her friends. She could not wait to meet her new teachers and play on the new playground the school has up. I love my daughter’s school so much! The teachers are great and the parents are friendly. It is a small school with a great community focus. 

Her school has what they call two nutrition breaks. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. So when I pack her a lunch, I need to make sure she has enough for both. A reusable water bottle is great for her. She can fill it up throughout the day as she needs. Recently You Name it Baby sent me a water bottle, a lunch bag and a mini back back for her. All were personalized with her name embroidered on them. In pink of course! The water bottle also has a cartoon girl on it that looks just like her. This too was able to be customized. 


The backpack is great for field trips, children in day care or an afternoon play date. As the one I received was toddler size and do not hold a full size note book. But they do have kids sizes too. so make sure you check out the size to get what fits your child best!

When you are five it is a big deal to see your name embroidered on your stuff. She was so happy to see these when they arrived. The colour was perfect. The material is super soft and everything is designed for younger children.


With her name on her belongings, there is no doubt these belong to her. That means they will stay out of the lost and found. And since they are made uniquely for your child, you can have whatever name you want on them. Great for those children who have a hard time finding items already made with their names on them. 

The lunch bags are isolated with lots of room and match with the water bottle and back packs. Super cute! 

You Name It Baby! is located at 3383 Bathurst Street  North York, Ontario. They provide FREE SHIPPING ON CANADA & U.S. ORDERS OVER $199

Check them out today! I bet there is a child in your life that would love to see their name on one of their fun items.

Check them out online and on Twitter @YouNameItBaby


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