Real Life Ghostly Encounters

I am a big chicken when it comes to anything creepy! I have been since I was a little girl and saw a real ghost for the first time. Believe me or not, I know what I saw and what I felt and it was not the last time either. Over the years I have had a few ghostly encounters that I can remember clearly. Often the temperature changes, an unusual smell comes over the room or I get shivers. Sometimes I hear things like foot steps or breathing and a few times I have seen things. Things that can not really be explained like a man looking out a window of a building that has no access to the second floor. A building that is older than anything I have seen yet he is on the second floor dressed like a cowboy. Later on I learn to find out the area and the house is known for being haunted and the man I describe has been seen by others. 

So I have learned to trust these feelings, ask questions and be open when others tell me of similar Ghostly Encounters. 

Recently a family member told me of their ghostly encounter. The funny thing is they were very unsure that is what it was. He was driving by an old cemetery and never noticed people walking around there before. He drives by daily so noticed when he saw a woman twirling around almost dancing on the grass in front of a large gravestone. He said her arms were up in the air and extended and she was wearing an old long dress made of a burlap like material. He must have had a strange look on his face as his passenger asked what he was looking at? He said “That woman dancing” and it was obvious he was the only person who was seeing her. 



When he told me of this I said it must have been a ghost or spirit of some kind. He agreed and was a bit relieved I did not think he was crazy. 

I know Halloween is around the corner and our mind likes to play tricks on us. But for some this is real and there just is no other explanation than a ghostly encounter. 

Have you ever experienced something like this? 


  1. Darlene Demell says

    I have had many things happen to me over the years involving ghosts and things I can't explain. Like footprints in the snow coming down the steps and going no where and not going back out again. My husband and I had just gotten into bed one night and he (was) a non-believer in these things. I saw a shadow come into the room and someone sat beside me on the bed. I felt it was my uncle who had died about a week before. He and I always got along well. I asked him what he wanted and he got up and our bed with us in it, went right up in the air almost touching the ceiling and back down again. Then I saw the shadow leave the room. My husband said, "now I believe". I could tell you tons of things that have happened over the years and things I see but it would take too much time right now. I am not afraid though. A ghost will not hurt you.

  2. I have never encountered a ghost, but I know there are things beyond our physical world.

  3. I believe in ghosts and spirits. Never really encountered anything myself though. However, my cousins used to live in an appartment that was haunted. Their stories were amazing.

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