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I have some pretty great friends! In the last few months out of no where, I have received a few cards in the mail. Cards expressing gratitude or just because. Cards that are personalized and make me tear up when reading. Knowing somebody took the time to think about me and send me a card, means a lot! 

With technology being so convenient, we often forget to send cards or letters in the mail. We have lost the personalized touch in our day to day encounters. 


This week I am accepting the challenge from Hallmark. I am sending 7 cards, one a day for seven days to people I want to reach out to. People who have touched my life in some way or another. To say thanks for being you! 


Hallmark has a great selection of cards for every occasion. The images are very unique and the stationary is the highest of quality. I love the cards that have glitter, gems or a 3D image the most. They allow you to express your personality in a fun way. 

Join me in sending a card or letter a day by mail to seven people in your life. A friend, neighbour, colleague or family member. They will be so happy to open it up and you will get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing you brightened someones day! 

giveaway time

I have a notecard set (that comes with 10 blank cards) from Hallmark’s Sarah Richardson Collection for one lucky Canadian reader to giveaway


Disclosure- As a part of the Hallmark Press pause panel I recieve products free of charge for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own


  1. An invitation to a family 50th Wedding Anniversary.

  2. Jeannie Lam says

    My son received a birthday card in the mail last week.

  3. I received a card from my aunt. We send letters at least once a month to keep in touch.

  4. I received a birthday card in the mail today!

  5. I received a coin set that I had ordered from the mint

  6. wedding invitation

  7. I received a Birthday Card. Thankyou, Ken

  8. I received a birthday card just yesterday from a friend.

  9. We received a wedding invitation in the mail.

  10. I received a check in the mail.

  11. a birthday card

  12. I received a wedding invitation!

  13. I correspond with an elderly aunt on a regular basis. I owe her a letter – she writes back quicker than me!

  14. the last thing I got in the mail that ways not a bill or junk was coupons and then before that a card from a girlfriend saying thanks for something i helped her with recently. She's loves to send hand written notes and cards because it makes her happy too. I haven't sent a hand written card or letter in the longest time. Every time i sit down to do it I draw a blank which is just sad. I always feel like i'm not going to say enough/the right thing or that im going to get too mushy which people often take as weird.

  15. I received a$ 1.00 coupon from mottes.

  16. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    That was a prize that arrived today 🙂

  17. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I am an email subscriber – does this count for the RSS subscription? I don't see anywhere for an email subscription and I can't do the RSS one.

  18. A Birthday card, that was in March!

  19. Free samples!

  20. I got a beauty subscription box in the mail today.

  21. Baby money from the government, ha ha!
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  22. Victoria Ess says

    I received my paystub.

  23. My daughter received a birthday package from her grandmother and aunt.

  24. Susanne McCarthy says

    Birthdays cards 🙂

  25. Pictures in hard copy of a wedding!

  26. We received our Toronto Zoo Membership renewal!

  27. I received my kelloggs free tote in the mail!

  28. Wedding invitation last week 🙂

  29. The last good mail was a birthday card from my grandma. She sends one every year 🙂

  30. Michelle Weaver says

    The last thing I received in the mail was a wedding invitation from my best friend!

  31. kathy downey says

    I received a Novel I won online in the mail.

  32. truckerofbc says

    I got a $20 Staples Gift Card yesterday

  33. A Mac Book AIR. 🙂 But I always enjoy a good red letter day! 🙂

  34. today – magazines, coupons, ID replacement and a box of stuff I ordered online.

  35. My mom sent me a thank you card, it was so sweet. She took my son away for 2 weeks to BC and he was a mazing. So she tanked me for giving her a grandson and for being a great mom. I cried.

  36. I received a birthday card.

  37. a letter from a friend overseas

  38. A postcard!

  39. I received some coupons for free products!

  40. review item, and a jamberry gift from Stacey! 🙂
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  41. a letter from a friend

  42. I received some reusable snack bags that i purchased on etsy!

  43. Kristi Renout says

    A coupon for applesauce!

  44. I received a birthday card

  45. I received a thank you card from our recently married friends! 🙂

  46. Angela Mitchell says

    I received a sample of shampoo and conditioner from Dove:)

  47. A BOOK

  48. a cheque

  49. Birthday cards! 🙂

  50. shellie clark says

    I received a birthday card

  51. This past week, I receive a hand written card of encouragement

  52. billiondollarprincesss says

    A cheque.

  53. A GOSH make up set to test and review.

  54. Pat Drouillard says

    free samples

  55. romagnolifarms says

    There is nothing that fills my heart with the same delight as receiving a hand-written note from a friend. I love to share that joy with others too. And would love to win the beautiful Hallmark Card Set!

  56. Friday. I get lots of fun mail!!!
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  57. A couple of books I ordered for my little guy. He was super excited, and I felt like a hero

  58. A cheque from the insurance company – yeah!

  59. I received a coupon a few days ago in the mail

  60. holly ogorman says

    An FPC from POM Wonderful!

  61. I received a birthday card today 🙂

  62. Hmmm… Good question 🙂

  63. kimm coleman says

    I received a card in the mail.

  64. A gift from my sister

  65. a birthday card – whoo hoo! 🙂

  66. prairiebelle says

    I received a cheque in the mail. It was nice!

  67. Kayla Gilbert says

    I received a marketing ad for the upcoming elections.

  68. Monique L.S. says

    I won a couple of product coupons.

  69. julie bolduc says

    I received a thank you card from a friends baby shower

  70. doreen lamoureux says

    I received a postcard from my sweetheart. Now that was nice.

  71. I just received a bunch of avery & pantene products to test and review!

  72. A Free Product Coupon from Awesome!!!

  73. Elva Roberts says

    I received a letter from my sister's granddaughter who lives in San Diego, Calfornia.

  74. Treen Goodwin says

    I received some coupons in the mail 🙂

  75. cheryl hodgkins says

    I received a $10.00 voucher to niagara casino

  76. Tara Gauthier says

    I received a cheque in the mail.

  77. Katy Emanuel says

    I received my monthly homegrown collective box in the mail today.

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