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My day usually starts withe a load of laundry and ends with a load. Some where in between I get in folding, hanging and sorting as well as putting away. well, maybe that takes a bit longer. I have had baskets pile up of clean laundry waiting to be placed in the appropriate places. But after a while I see a sea of laundry and need a break. A small laundry day for me is three loads. That is laundry for five people, towels, clothes and linens. If it is a cleaning day or sports day for the kids, the amount is more. I hang what I can to dry and I usually wash in cold water. 

Did I mention that laundry is never ending?

I really do not mind. My kids help as much as they can with folding and sorting. But when it comes to the washing, I prefer to do it myself. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I realized how much of a chore laundry really was. So to make it easier I keep on top of it. If I let it go for one day, it is a nightmare to catch up. I watch for coupons and sales and stock up on the things I need to make life easier. 

So far we have only had a few instances where whites turned pink, sweater shrank and socks were never found. With an active family we have all kinds of laundry issues and rely on OxiClean to keep our whites white and brighten our colours. 

With Fall around the corner and many with children back to school OxiClean wants to help you take a load off. Check out the tips sheet I posted last week! 



1 lucky Canadian reader is going to win the following (Canada) $30 value

o   OxiClean™ Laundry Detergent Paks, Fresh Scent

o   OxiClean™ Liquid Laundry Detergent, Fresh Scent

o   OxiClean™ Liquid Laundry Detergent, Perfume & Dye Free

Disclosure- This is a sponsored giveaway. All opinions are my own


  1. It says the contest is now closed and there are no options for me to choose as to what adventure I would choose.

  2. No, I haven't entered the contest.

  3. Karry Knisley says

    I have entered and would chose the Algonquin park adventure

  4. I only do my laundry on the weekend, thus saving $$$ for not doing it at peak hours posted by my utility company

  5. My laundry routine is throw everything in the washer ( no sorting) hang it to dry outside then put away!

  6. I am very lucky my husband does the laundry

  7. I have subscribed via RSS: http://feedpress.me/talesofarantingginger – no room on form to state the different email address for this subscription – meiklesue at yahoo dot com

  8. I try and wait to do all my laundry on the weekends when the price is cheaper

  9. I try to do a load each day to stay on top of it but I forget loads in the washer a lot and have to re-wash!


  10. We try to work with the cheaper electricity prices and wash in the evenings and on Saturday.

  11. Usually do laundry once a week on the weekend, 6-7 loads normally. (Judy Cowan)

  12. I try to make sure I have a full load

  13. I'm a non sorter kind of gal. I just throw it in the wash and then the dryer.

  14. usually do the laundry on the weekend during the evening hours, or sometimes after work in the evening

  15. I usually do a load every couple of day, its just hubby and I

  16. Every day I'm doing a load of laundry!!
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  17. Carol McCann says

    only use no dyes no sent I wash one a week 3 loads most times

  18. wendy Hutton says

    we usually do about a couple loads every 3 days

  19. no real routine. when the pile gets to be a load of colour and/or whites, in they go. in nice weather it gets hung out to dry.

  20. I wash and dry clothes, towels and sheets separately and will only separate colours and whites if necessary.

  21. Jeannie Lam says

    Our laundry routine is pretty simple. We do laundry when the basket is full. We also do a load of cloth diapers when we are close to running out.

  22. Dayna Wilson says

    I have no routine. I do it when it amasses.

  23. On weekdays I do not start the laundry until 7 pm or later in order to avoid the high cost of hydro and I do most of my laundry on the weekend for the same reason. I have a he washer so it uses a much smaller amount of water but I have to use he detergent.

  24. My laundry routine is three times a week to do a wash and dryer load to keep up with it all! A glass of red wine each time I complete

  25. Late a night I put a load of laundry on. It's my peace and quiet…really

  26. Rhonda W G. says

    I aim to do a load a day…I generally use cold water too.

  27. I do my laundry whenever I got a load or either white, colour or dark.

  28. RuffRuminations says

    My routine is when I am running out of underwear I do laundry

  29. prairiebelle says

    I wait and do laundry on the weekends. Usually two loads each day

  30. I usually do the laundry in the evening or weekend

  31. We usually do three or four loads on the weekend

  32. Victoria Ess says

    I try to keep it to two loads a week.

  33. I just bought a new washer and dryer. You pay a fourtian and they don't clean. So now I use bakind soda and vinegar to get my whites white and it really works. If I could get the old wringer washer I would.

  34. i do laundry a few times a week after 9pm and usually in cold water

  35. laundry is done when it needs to be done. thanks

  36. I do a load of laundry every other evening.

  37. Michelle Policelli says

    I usually do the laundry in the evenings!

  38. I do a load every other day. Bedding and towels on the weekend.

  39. There are only three of us so we don't do a lot of laundry, about four or five a week.

  40. I wash several loads a day in my HE washer, usually using detergent pods and then dry them right after. Never-ending!

  41. Laundry one or twice a week, each time with sorting, checking pockets, and etc.

  42. Andrea Williams says

    No specific routine, as the bins get full I try to do the laundry.

  43. I do a couple loads every day and leave them in the laundry hamper for my husband to put them away.

  44. Brenda Penton says

    I don't really have a routine. I do a load on most days. I usually save up my whites and reds into their own loads until I have enough.

  45. I usually do about five loads a week including a load of my delicates.

  46. I do laundry on the weekends.

  47. i try to keep on top of my laundry, keeping whites separate for a larger load

  48. Treen Goodwin says

    I do at least one load a day … i hate laundry laying around 🙂

  49. I sort and do whites, sheets, towels and clothes separately each week.

  50. butterflyamyc says

    I do one load of laundry every day while I'm cooking supper.

  51. alyce poalillo says

    I do 3-4 loads a week and just work it into the daily chores. I use liquid detergent and I use Oxy a lot since I have cats and there is always a mess. I do not use softeners at all.

  52. My routine is to pack it all up and ride the 2 miles to the nearest laundry mat. Wash it then dry it and finally fold it all up. Pack it all up again and head back home.

  53. I generally do the laundry at night, about 3 times a week.

  54. weekend mornings, or waiting for non-peak time.

  55. We live in a triplex with shared laundry facilities and we get two days a week to get our laundry done. So it piles up and we do it all at once. If we miss a day things get sorted by importance (work/school clothing, ect). We do blankets, pillows and coats once a month or once every other month.

  56. It seems like I am constantly doing laundry! I try to not let it get piled up!

  57. I usually start my day by putting in a load of laundry, then I hang it when it is done, or if I lose track of time I at least hang it by the end of the day… I only use my dryer for sheets and towels. My daughter is in charge of folding towels, which I put away because she is too short to reach the shelf, and my husband is in charge of folding/putting away the sheets, except the kid's ones that I fold and put away. Oh, and usually before hanging the newly wet clothes, I take off, fold, and put away the dry clothes from the previous day that are most likely still on the drying racks.

  58. I do laundry about 3 times a week!

  59. I usually try to get some in first thing in the morning, and then fold it in the afternoon during nap time.

  60. Susanne McCarthy says

    I do laundry every day…I have to to keep up with towels, sheets, work clothes, everyday clothes….the list never ends!!

  61. Lisa Neutel says

    We always do laundry on the weekends ..it's a marathon but at least it's cheaper on electric bill

  62. I do my laundry on the weekend.

  63. Belinda Swim says

    I get my hubby to bring the clothes to the basement , then I sort them, throw them in the washer, then hubby has to go to the basement get the clothes for me put the basket on our back deck where I hang them to dry. Then I fold them up while I am taking them off the line, last step is to put them away

  64. I must do anywhere from 6-8 loads a week!

  65. We don't have much of a routine – just getting it done whenever we can!

  66. i do laundry every day. at least 2 loads, most days more. if i skip a day i tend to be overwhelmed and it will take me weeks to get caught up. so much laundry.

  67. kathy downey says

    I wash every nice day in warm weather and hang outside to dry in the winter months I wash on Mondays and Thursdays

  68. kristineewald says

    I let it pile up and then do it all at once

  69. I don't have much of a routine. When the pile gets too big I throw it in, lol

  70. I have no real routine. I get to it when I have free time, and usually it's in the mornings. Once a week.

  71. I usually do laundry on the weekend and hang it on the line to dry.

  72. i use regular non scented detergent and do all my laundry on the weekends.

  73. I do a load, transfer it to the dryer and leave it for 3 or 4 days.

  74. Valerie Mabrey says

    There is no return when we are out of clothes we wash.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  75. Every Wednesday night is laundry night

  76. My laundry mission is to turn everything right side out first, than pre treat stain. and throw in washer add soap and softener and wash. Come drying time I throw in dryer and throw in woolzies! Walla! Done laundry

  77. Sarah Stickney says

    i do laundry every sunday

  78. After washing clothes and other items I try to hang dry as many items as possible.

  79. we do our laundry on the weekend its normally 3-4 loads

  80. once a week everything gets done..then I don't have to think it about for another week

  81. When I can't walk through the house anymore without stepping on laundry: empty clean clothes that have been in basket for a week, putting them away, then refill basket with dirty clothes from pile on floor. Put in washing machine and turn on to wash. Forget about for 2 days. Rewash as necessary, decide against clothesline because I don't have the time/energy, put in dryer. Forget about for 2 days. Move into laundry basket and take upstairs to sit for a week. Repeat.

  82. Kristi Renout says

    I try to only do laundry on the weekends, which can be hard with two active little boys.

  83. I do it whenever I have two loads to do.

  84. I wash the tops and bottoms separately, socks are also a separate load. I do most of the laundry on the weekend

  85. I do a separate load of my towels, and all clothing. I do laundry about once a week

  86. I also stay on top of the laundry by washing clothes regularly.

  87. Do about 3-4 loads per week minimum

  88. JulieevFotze says

    I try to do my laundry on Sat and I hang it to dry.

  89. Barbara Hutcheson says

    ******My laundry routine is 2 x weekly usually once mid week and once over weekend. I also prefer to hang my laundry outside while the weather is good to avoid using the dryer******

  90. We do laundry at least once per week but may increase it depending on which sports season is in session!

  91. julie bolduc says

    Each morning I do a load before I start my day then I dont have to worry about it till the next day

  92. Kurtis Schumacher says

    I wash everything when it's dirty, and when its clean I wear it! what a amazing world we live in

  93. Tammy Dalley says

    I do laundry everyday!

  94. Angela Mitchell says

    I have no routine, lol! I do about 3 to 5 loads a week and sometimes I even forget about the clothes in the washer and they get all stinky!

  95. wash when i need to

  96. I don't use a laundry hamper – I just throw everything into the washing machine daily and when it is full I do a load ..

  97. I try to do my laundry around the rainy weather so I don't have to hang everything up in my bathroom

  98. hot wash for kids and gym clothes, cold wash for the rest

  99. just do it.. all the time.. getting tired of being the only one in my house who does the laundry.

  100. every day after work I throw in a load!

  101. I don't really have a laundry routine, when the weather is nice I do a wash so I can hang it on the line, in the winter I often hang them on a clothes rack if there isn't too much of it. This saves money and when the clothes come off the line they smell really nice!

  102. routine? … well, we avoid buying whites, so we dont seperate our laundry … I do the Cloth Diapers with littelest's clothes once a week (almost trained, not night trained) and we change bedding once every 2 weeks, and wash 2-3 loads of bedding once a month, and the rest of the laundry on the weekends

  103. shellie clark says

    3 loads on sunday night

  104. I do laundry almost every day so there's never a big load piled up!

  105. well atm i don't separate anything lol, and i only do laundry once every 2 weeks or so!

  106. Right now it is two loads 2 times a week with at least 1 load each time finding it’s way onto the clothes line.

  107. I do laundry every week, and I work very hard to get clothes clean. This would more than help!!!

  108. I wash a couple loads every other day to keep up with the dirty laundry.

  109. Hubby washes and folds in the evening and I put away in the morning.

  110. I do the laundry at night and on weekends

  111. I try to do it 2 to 3 days a week on off peak hours of course.

  112. I usually wait for a sunny day with some wind so I can put my clothes on the line – only use the dryer for certain items and emergencies.

  113. I don't really have a laundry routine, but I usually will do it all in one day. Luckily there is only three of us, so it goes pretty quick. Although, lately I have been doing one load each night since my son needs certain clothing ready for the next day.

  114. melanie borhi says

    I usually do laundry 1-2 times per week and usually in evenings

  115. Clothes pile up until a washer load or two. Seperate the clothes into whites and non whites and wash. We also wash washclothes and towels seperateley.

  116. I always do my laundry on Sundays…and it is usually 3 loads.

  117. done on the weekend (cheaper hydro rates); 3 loads; easy peasy; no ironing!

  118. Up and down the stairs is my laundry routine!

  119. evening and weekends are always laundry times….save money on hydro 🙂

  120. I love doing laundry. My husband bought me my washer because it had an Oxiclean setting on it LOL.
    My recent post Food Bank Friday Challenge #51

  121. I mostly do laundry off peak times and cold water washes

  122. Jennifer Allen says

    I do laundry in the evenings when I can to save on the electricity bill

  123. We alternate between some hand washing and machine washing.

  124. I do laundry every other day. I wash washing them and putting them in the dryer ,but we recently put up a clothesline, so now they are hung out .

  125. I do my laundry every Saturday because I live in an apartment.

  126. my laundry piles up, then i deal with it, doing it all in one huge go all day!

  127. holly ogorman says

    I don't sort other than towels/sheets vs clothes. Do it at night or on the weekends to be cheap.

  128. Zeta McMillan says

    We do our laundry on the weekend

  129. we always do laundry on the weekend when the rates are cheaper..start Saturday and usually finish sunday night!

  130. I separate whites and often do some oxi clean pre soaks for stain removal and brightening! It seems there
    is almost always something to launder daily or atleast several times week.

  131. billiondollarprincesss says

    I wash everything in cold water and then hang dry.

  132. I try to keep up with my laundry washing some by hand.

  133. i just wash whenever I had a load , I don't like to it pile up

  134. @ loads per week usually

  135. Patti Lovecky says

    I do at least a load a day and am very particular that it is separated properly before washing. I iron almost everything.

  136. Monique L.S. says

    Don't really have a routine. Just do laundry when it starts to pile up. I try to fold it and put away as soon as possible, or the basket will just end up sitting there for days.

  137. We have to haul city water in so we combine all family's laundry when time to wash clothes. The kids have to empty pockets and put clothes in the light, dark or red piles. I wash the clothes and put them in the dryer. After the clothes are dry I lay the kids clothes flat on their beds and they have to hang them up and put them away. I hate sorting socks so all the socks go in a sock bin and we all sort socks while watching a favourite TV show.

  138. Marilyn Legault says

    Wash twice a week, soaking my husbands dirt layered socks and shirts in Oxi Clean before washing.

  139. I sort my three loads into my laundry baskets & my fourth if it's blanket/curatin/throw rug week my fourth load gets sorted into the bathtub until my first load is finished & put away so I can have a basket back!

  140. My laundry routine is generally to do it on the weekend in order to benefit from the energy savings as the evenings are just too tiring.

  141. My routine is doing my laundry 2x a week

  142. I try my best to do laundry in the evening after 7pm or the weekend. Why? Better pricing for hydro.

  143. Maria McLachlan says

    I do laundry on weekends for peek saver. Usually 3-5 loads I end up doing something during week though

  144. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I do a couple loads of laundry almost every night so I can keep up with all of it.

  145. Chris Stockford says

    wash, dry, wear and repeat!

  146. I do it at night usually!

  147. I don't really have a routine…If there is enough for a load I do it LOL

  148. I do it Saturdays, and do the week's worth. No special tricks here, but always use Bounce.

  149. denise hardy says

    With a family of five I do laundry every other day

  150. cottagebunny says

    I do four to five loads on Saturdays and sundays to save on electricity.I love Oxi clean detergent!!!!!!!! I love it because I don't worry about colors being washed together and my laundry looks and smells awesome.

  151. wanda macsween says

    I wait until i have full loads, wash in cold water, sometimes hang to dry.

  152. My routine would be constant. LOL. I have five kids and my washer/dryer is going every moment I am home!

  153. my wife does the laundry most of the time

  154. No laundry routine…just try to get it done whenever I can.

  155. SueSueper Sue says

    Laundry routine is watch the weather if it's nice enough to hang to dry then that is laundry day. Save electricity costs.

  156. Nathan Lapointe says

    I do laundry about once a week or as needed.

  157. I'm a single guy: my laundry routine is whenever I run out of something!!!

  158. Wash clothes that need to be hung first then wash clothes that can be machine dried

  159. Bailey Dexter says

    We try to keep up with the laundry, so we do it every other night and then once a month I do all the curtains and any cloth items that out in the house!

  160. cheryl hodgkins says

    I do my laundry every Sunday

  161. Aarti Missra says

    I do a load or two of laundry on Monday and Wednesday nights while I catch up on shows.

  162. We do laundry once a week at night

  163. OMG, I try to wash with cold water setting. Wow, Wow, is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity.



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