Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation- More than you know #Timfluencer

Recently I had an amazing opportunity to attend one of Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation camps here in Ontario. We all hear about camp day once a year when we buy our coffee but I doubt many know much about it. I for one learned a great deal attending the camp with my children. I am excited to share the day with you in this post. 


Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners ask community organizations who work with economically disadvantaged children, between the ages of 9 and 12, to refer children who meet the criteria. All children who attend our camps are specially selected and referred by these local organizations. Unlike most camps, parents don’t apply directly to send their children to a Tim Horton Children’s Foundation camp. The first step for any parent interested in sending their child to camp would be to contact their child’s school or a local agency he/she is involved with to see if a Tim Hortons Restaurant Owner has asked them to select children for camp. If they have not been asked and someone involved in your child’s school or agency would be willing to recommend them for the program, they can contact the Foundation’s Home Office. Their contact information will be added to a list of people interested in referring children. If there are spaces that become available in their community, our registration team will reach out and ask them to complete an application for camp.

We were excited to learn there six camps in total. Five here in Canada and one in Kentucky. When your child is invited to the camp, all costs are covered. If they can not get to the airport, covered. If they do not have the right clothes for camp they will help them get them. They do not want any financial burden on the families. The children who are invited to camp are from different areas of North America, wherever there is a Tim Hortons in their town. Some are immigrants, some low income, some from single parent homes. Because of the popularity of the camp children can only attend once. Then when they reach a certain age they can attend as a youth leader. There is even a grant program that helps those who are youth leaders once they hit college/university. The support is on going.

The camp we visited was on a working farm. For many of these kids, they had never been up close to animals, never gardened or worked outside. Many live in the city and seeing this was something they would only experience through this wonderful program. All the camps are geared towards their geographic location. All are jam packed with activities, leadership opportunities, learning experiences and hard work. The camp is like an extended family and many of the campers stay in touch after leaving. While there they eat together and bunk together. The campers help each other overcome fear and build self confidence. Some of the friendships formed last a life time. 

Hearing how the campers were changed by their time there was really touching. A few of the camp leaders went to one of the camps when they were younger. For many of the campers this is a once in a life time opportunity. I was glad my children were with me, to see how these kids lives were changed by the camp and the other campers. The appreciated every little thing while there. 

I was amazed to hear that the only real day of fundraising is Camp day. when money from coffee purchased goes towards this great organization. Yes it is a part of Tim Hortons but they do not share funds. They depend 100% on money and products donated. This includes food, land and equipment on their camps. 

It was also interesting to hear that camp is all year long. During the school year, it is geared more towards schools and groups. 



The camp we visited was Onondaga. A working farm with ponds for swimming and fishing. Fields that are harvested and a western town for the days the kids want to “rough it” The camp is full of farm animals, tractors and great people. 



Next time you are grabbing a coffee and donuts think about leaving some change behind in the collection box. I saw first hand how this camp benefits children in need. It is a first class location with great people. You can also donate online via their website



Disclosure- I was invited to the camp as part of the Timfluencer program. A post was not required and all opinions are my own 


  1. touristmeetstravel says

    If I ever find myself in Tim Hortons I'll make sure to leave some change behind from now on.

  2. Wow I had no idea. Just like you I've heard about camp when they ask if I want to donate but I had no idea how it all worked. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. Camp day has a personal meaning to me as my cousin went a couple years when she was younger. She still speaks about her experience and even went back for leadership training. I love when companies give back to the community and let others who might not have been able to attend a camp for various reason the chance. Must of been an amazing experience and how sweet to experience it with your kids.

  4. What a great cause and the grounds look beautiful. So amazing to see this great Canadian company give back to its community. All kids deserve a chance to experience camp life. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure it must have been a great experience for you to check it out first hand.

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