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Shortly after our third child was born we knew I was going to remain a stay at home mom. For us with child care it just made the most sense. But some sacrifices and lots of budgeting needed to be had. That is when I started my frugal lifestyle and clipping coupons. 

Fast forward another child and many years later and I now am a work from home mom. But I still like to save when shopping. 

On top of using coupons I watch the flyers closely for deals. I also will bring in flyers for stores to match or in most cases, beat the competitors price. Saves lots of gas and time doing this. Only problem is I am not great at organizing. So my flyers would get all wrinkly and ripped. Sometimes lost or shuffled causing me more confusion. Until recently that is!

Introducing Flipp– Flipp (developed by Toronto-based tech company, Wishabi) brings the flyer to the digital age, aggregating all your favorites onto one digital device for access anywhere, anytime.

Flipp is the easiest way to browse flyers and save money. Quickly browse the brands you love, clip items straight to your shopping list, and highlight top deals across flyers.

So now you can see all the flyers for all the stores you want. Not only can you see them but you can highlight specials, clip savings and access them for price matching. All this savings available in your handy smart phone. 

Flipp is easy and fast to download and simple to use. Once you have downloaded, choose your location by adding your postal code. Then see deals by category. 


Anything you highlight and save can be easily found later for quick reference. 

With Thanksgiving around the corner I wanted to see what was on sale for snacks. Something I can let my guest munch on while they wait for dinner. 


By sliding the arrow at the bottom I was able to pick my desired savings. Anything in that saving pepercentagehowed up on the screen. Great way to maximize my grocery budget!

Next, I wanted to price out Turkeys. After all Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Plus if I can find a deal I will by extra. I found them for a great price at No Frills. I circled the ad on the Flipp app and saved it so I can reference it when shopping.


This Thanksgiving you can save like me with Flipp! Flipp can be downloaded in itunes and Google Play store

Contest alert

Flipp users across Canada have a chance to win a special Flippsgiving prize. Readers who download the app and tweet a Thanksgiving-themed photo – from shopping and cooking, to decorating, serving dinner and more! – or share a helpful holiday savings tip, inspired by their use of Flipp! – will be eligible to win a $250 gift card. To qualify for the prize, each entry, across Twitter (@getflipp) or Instagram (getflipp) – or both!, must include the hashtag #Flippsgiving! The winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 14

Here is an example

flipp-tweetTwitter party time

Flipp will host a Thanksgiving-themed Twitter party on Tuesday, October 7, from 9-10pm ET. Participants can share their family traditions and offer and receive helpful tips for shopping, tricks for prepping the meal, and much more! The #Flippsgiving twitter party will have prizes including two $50 gift cards will be given away exclusively to party participants! 

flippsgiving-twitter party


Start saving today and check out Flipp for more information


Disclosure- This post has been brought to you by Flipp. All opinions expressed are my own


  1. Sounds like a great app! I've heard a lot about it and know many who use it. I use an app that is similar and can't live without it. So handy!! I'll have to check out Flipp too so I can find even more ways to save 🙂

  2. Awesome app. I love an app that is easy to use and saves me money. Makes me a happy gal, that's for sure. 😀

  3. yeah I was in shock when I saw the prices last weekend for turkeys at nofrills ..I was actually looking for a bag of beets (but our store is too small to stock them)

  4. Journeysof TheZoo says

    We're a single-family income so I watch where our money goes. Even if we weren't, I'd still clip coupons.

    I recently downloaded Flipp and it's my go-to app before heading for my weekly shop. I can't even remember what we did before these useful apps.

    Besos, Sarah
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  5. It's such a great app. Last week I went to Target to buy batteries, they didn't have ANY on sale. I pulled out my phone and searched battery sales on Flipp. Then showed the cashier my phone and they priced matched! It's the best app on my phone!

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