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In our home we some how fell into traditional roles. I do most of the cooking and cleaning where my spouse does the yard work and repairs. Over the years we have learned that we are a better team so often we will help one another. A few times when I have went away my teen sons are left to clean and take care of the five year old. The first time I came home to a mess! 

Well what I considered a mess. But they did try.

Now I get the boys more involved in the house work. He actually does a good job. He may even get a bit intense about it haha

The only tip the men in my life have when it comes to cleaning is work together. The more people helping, the easier it is. And stay on top of it. No sense waiting for everything to pile up!


I was quite excited to get this package. I like to do a good deep clean of the house before winter comes. Having this I knew I could get some help and get a “Man Clean

Man Clean

According to the Urban Dictionary- Man Clean is defined as attempting in vain to remove dirt, i.e. sweeping breadcrumbs under the rug or spraying Febreze over vents.

P&G thought this definition was outdated so they asked Canadians about their cleaning habits and found overwhelmingly, 86% of guys are contributing to household cleaning. To add, they own up to their great cleaning swagger! Over 1 in 3 (34%) Canadian males rate themselves as “great” at household cleaning. 

Amir Johnson of the Toronto Raptors has partnered with Swiffer to change that definition as well, encouraging men to boast about their cleaning swagger. 

The new definition of Man Clean

Man clean should be about empowering guys to boast about their cleaning swagger, using the best tools, like Swiffer, to get the job done.

Amir Johnson from the Toronto Raptors has partnered with Swiffer to change the definition of Man Clean, encouraging men to boast about their cleaning swagger. Here are his tips on how to clean like a man.

1. Set the mood. Cleaning can feel overwhelming, which is why it’s easy to procrastinate. Decide which room you want to tackle, scope out the scene and then get pumped by putting on your favourite tunes.

2. Make a realistic plan. Guys love having a clean plan of attack. Figure out what you’re going to clean and how, and then make sure to stick to your strategy. Ensure you give yourself enough time for each task—cutting corners to get it done fast only means you’ll need to do it right the next time.

Stay focused, check items off your list and finish the job the right way.

3. Pick up your stuff. A clean home is just as much about organization as it is dusting and Swiffering.

You can’t get a legit clean with stuff all over the place, like the shoes you took off while watching the game and the bottles you didn’t take out after a night with your buds. Every item has its place – put it away, don’t just clean around it.

4. Use the right tools. Swiffer is a guy’s secret weapon when it comes to achieving a great Man Clean.

The Swiffer WetJet is the all-in-one mopping solution that traps and locks dirt so it doesn’t get pushed around. Need to dust? The Swiffer Duster traps and locks up to three times more dust than feather dusters. And, don’t forget to pick things up and dust under them!

5. Reward yourself. Finished cleaning? Time to celebrate! Visit to boast about your Man Clean and join the movement.


I put my guys to the challenge and had them help with the cleaning this weekend. Wow! The house smells fantastic! The floors are clean, counters clean, carpets vacuumed, dishes sparkling. All the laundry is washed, folded and put away. It was 100% a team effort! So much easier than doing it on my own I tell you 🙂 With this handy kit they did not even complain. They actually had fun with how easy it all was. 

Just look at this man sized Swiffer duster with extender


I placed it beside the regular Swiffer duster to give you an idea of size. The end even bends so you can get tops shelves, fan blades and other hard to reach areas. 


This along with the Swiffer wet jet makes for a quick clean. No getting down and crawling around to get the floors sparkly. It took less than an hour with everyone working together to clean the house. I truly appreciated the help and know when I leave next, the house will remain clean. 



giveaway time

1 lucky Canadian reader is going to win their own Man Clean prize pack containing the following $78 value Good luck! 

  • Swiffer WetJet 
  • Swiffer WetJet pads
  • Swiffer WetJet Multi-Purpose Solution
  • Swiffer 360 Dusters – $10.99
  • Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit 
  • Swiffer Sweeper pads 

This giveaway may appear on other blogs as part of the #PGmom/#mamanPG program.  However, to be fair, you can only win once per giveaway.  If your name is chosen more than once, another winner will be selected. All winners must be from within Canada.

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  1. Lori Jackson says

    My cleaning tip is vinegar & water….on everything!! Equal parts.

  2. Tip #1 – Don't leave the broom in the middle of the room and the pile of dirt on the floor in the other end of the room – or your wife might get upset with you – says my ADHD extreme oh look there's a squirrel hubby!!!
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  3. Carrie Finbow says

    Don't have a man to clean

  4. Every item has its place – put it away my Men have a hard time to understand that one 😉

  5. You can easily vacuum up the dust on the ceiling instead of dusting it

  6. andrea amy says

    A tip about cleaning from a man in my life…well, my husband doesn't clean and neither do my sons so I don't have a tip from a man, but my tip is to do a little each day so that you don't get overwhelmed with having to do it all at once.

  7. Buy a new cleaning gadget and he will do the cleaning just to try it.

  8. Karry Knisley says

    Use newspaper instead of paper towel to wash windows and mirrors

  9. Dayna Wilson says

    Have kids. I flat out could not get my husband to help around the house at all until he had the motivation to do it, in the form of our children 🙂

  10. stacey dempsey says

    Right now the man in my life is my 17 yr old son and I think his tip would be to ignore me long enough that I go ahead and do the job lol

  11. Clean the washroom first as that place tends to be the dirtiest

  12. Mix vinegar and Dawn soap to clean, from floors,shower,tub and sinks.

  13. Cleaning tip – Use hot water with lemon juice to clean microwaves. Just put some water and lemon juice in a bowl and heat it up in the microwave, then wipe the microwave with a cloth after

  14. Amy Heffernan says

    Mine cleans the bathroom. 🙂 Uses heavy duty cleaner he found at canadian tire. LOL Does the trick!

  15. Darlene Schuller says

    My husband said his tip .. keep multi surface wipes handy, those are the best for touch ups after meals/company;.

  16. dorcontest says

    Baking soda is great for stained sink drains. OH, and I don't think a man cleans as well as a women. Well, I haven't seen it yet. 🙂

  17. stephen gordon says

    Using baking soda and vinegar to unplug the toilets or sink drain.

  18. cheryl hodgkins says

    My hubby says you should wipe your shower walls with car wax to prevent soap scum from building up,

  19. wendy Hutton says

    don't have a man in my life but the previous one would never clean

  20. Vesper1931 says

    Can't use my man and clean in the same sentence, he just doesn't see the need. My tip is to use baking soda in my daily cleaning, I even go as far as putting it in my husband's hands and getting him to clean

  21. Vesper1931 says

    I have subscribed via RSS: – meiklesue at yahoo dot com

  22. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    My son is the man in my house and he tends to think it's ok to pile the washing up to the ceiling before actually tackling it – his argument is that it saves on water & electricity – blows my mind!
    I use baking soda and vinegar to clean out my sink and tub drains, works a treat. I also use vinegar and a splash of washing up liquid in water to clean my windows, also works very well.

  23. I am stupidly afraid of heights and because of that HATE to clean the tops of my kitchen cupboards.I started lining them with wax paper which is the perfect size!So now twice a year I spend less than 5 minutes changing out the paper!

  24. Susanne McCarthy says

    I like keeping disinfectant wipes on hand in the bathroom…great for a daily clean of the sink!

  25. SweetPanda says

    The cleaning tip from my man is: only do it when you see it's really dirty. My cleaning tip is clean the stove top and other counter service as soon as you finish cooking so it will make kitchen cleaning much easier

  26. sarah jackson says

    Have a routine , helps to keep things done !

  27. Bonnie
    Please throw in the cleaning crew also

  28. No man in my life so this is my tip: an old toothbrush gets into small spaces. It also works great on the grout in my kitchen ceramic floor. I just need to figure out how to put an extension rod on it so I use it while standing.

  29. Erika Belanger says

    Clean up as you go, ? lol

  30. i use dish soap and bleach to clean toilet bowls. works great.

  31. lyndac1968 says

    My man clean, hahahaha, more like me cleaning up after him

  32. I clean the bottom of the shower wall with a paste of bleach and baking soda.

  33. Jeannie Lam says

    My man loves cleaning with vinegar. He'll clean our kitchen counter tops with a 'secret' blend of vinegar and other ingredients that he won;t share with me.

  34. Judy Cowan says

    My man's tip is to use a combination of Blue Dawn and Vinegar to clean the soap scum off shower doors.

  35. My tip would be to always use gloves if you are using chemicals.

  36. silverneon2000 says

    You do not have to clean the whole house in one day. Take your time.

    My recent post Darnley Cascade and Crooks' Hollow Conservation Area

  37. I have convinced him that nobody in our house cleans bathrooms as well as he does!

  38. He doesn't really have tips… he just likes things clean! I'm a big Swiffer fan. Use a swifter vac, that's my tip. 🙂

  39. edmontonjb says

    My man's cleaning tip would be "shove the dirty dishes in the oven and hope no one looks there"! The one thing he is good at is using wipes to clean the counters and tables.


  40. Wayne Lecoy says

    I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a Man Clean prize pack.
    In response to your requirement to tell you a tip about cleaning from the man in my life.
    Since i am the man my cleaning tips are By placing a few drops of lemon oil in your vacuum cleaner bag,
    your home will smell fresh by the time you’re done cleaning the floors and rugs
    and Lemon juice is great for getting rid of those pesky watermarks or rust on your flatware. Rub lemon juice on your flatware with a paper towel and you’ll be amazed at how shiny and new they’ll look.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Vacuuming the house includes ALL the rooms! (but thanks for doing some of it for me!)

  42. Clean well 1 room at a time.

  43. I do not recomend my tip but I have been diagnosed with cancer and he has now become so helpful it is a pain in the butt.

  44. sschool2010 says

    Use newspaper to clean your windows are it gives a real shine and no marks (great for car windows)

  45. Well just asked for his tip..he went over to the stove and popped up the stove top! wow, all these years cleaning my stoves and never knew that the stove top just pops up, even has metal props to hold it up! He then went and got some cleaner and cloths and cleaned up the drips and spills easily! wonder if i can get him to clean out the actual oven!

  46. Darlene Demell says

    My hubby is pretty good for cleaning the house and after I put clean sheets on the bed, he always goes in behind me and sprays them with febreeze. He said it makes the bed smell nice and fresh. So that is his tip.

  47. hmrcarlson says

    My husband's idea of cleaning is throwing everything into drawers and closets. I can't say it is very helpful.

  48. I clean for myself!

  49. Use gloves to keep skin integrity

  50. takle one cleaning project at a time.

  51. Per my DH make sure that you clean things up as soon as the mess is made because is fresh is easier to clean then ground in.

  52. No man in my house but my tip is to keep all the little things picked up or they will become a pile

  53. Michelle Policelli says

    Always use gloves if your using chemicals!!

  54. Ha ha, very funny. My man has no cleaning tips, he's oblivious to any dust and dirt in the house. His best 'man cleaning tip' would be to sweep out the garage every few weeks!

  55. Mine doesn't do cleaning, so no hint from him. My tip is just to do a bit every day, so it doesn't pile up.

  56. kathy downey says

    My cleaning tip is vinegar and water on hard wood floors

  57. Keep vinegar and paper towels in the washroom

  58. My husband taught me to clean the drum of our washing machine monthly with vinegar.

  59. Kristi Renout says

    I can't say that my husband would have any tips. I suppose his best tip would be to hide when I get mad over his not cleaning?

  60. Doris Calvert says

    My husband says no time and will do things a way he knows I don't like it so I quit asking

  61. Victoria Ess says

    His tip is to invest in some good quality cleaning supplies.

  62. My hubby puts off cleaning until I end up doing it. That's his cleaning strategy.

  63. julielaura1 says

    I think men have blinkers on when it comes to cleaning, my hubby asked me why I was cleaning something that was already clean!

  64. Do a little bit of cleaning each day rather than waiting until one day a week to do it all. Makes it a lot easier to handle and you're less likely to procrastinate.

  65. SueSueper Sue says

    Don't go in that room and it wont get dirty. HAHA, Nice tip! Only if you house is big enough.
    Don't go in that room and you wont see it. That works too.

  66. LILLIAN BROWN says

    my husband does all the outside work and I do most of the inside but he does help to reach the high spots to dust with old pillow cases on the broom handle

  67. nicolthepickle says

    Yesterday I went into the garage and a huge space was cleaned up. I was so impressed. He does "big" cleaning things. I appreciate it. 🙂

  68. stacy marie kozier says

    just let the lady do it.

  69. Florence Cochrane says

    He does the windows with vinegar and newspaper.

  70. Equal parts of Vinegar and Water for everything! LOL

  71. Carol Denny says

    I make my own cleaner.

  72. Put everything in plastic bins so its easier to sweep and mop and every time you use the mop soak it in javex to keep it nic and clean

  73. Put things away.. not in neat little piles all over the house.

  74. Christina Ferguson says

    When I asked my man what his tip would be he instantly said clean up as you go. He loves to cook elaborate meals but the kitchen always looks fab afterwards and that's because he cleans as he cooks. My tip would be that he incorporate the same method when in the bathroom. 😀

  75. clean as you cook so you dont have a super messy kitchen after to deal with
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  76. mine does laundry and cooks BUT that is great but most times leaves a mess behind when cooking .Leave the spray bottle of vinegar and water on the counter the hint will be absorded eventually

  77. To clean the windshield & other glass inside the cars, (and now house too) use a few drops of liquid dish soap, 3 oz. rubbing alcohol then fill the sprayer up with water. Shake the mix up, and use newspapers instead of paper towels, and the glass will look amazing!

  78. Buy a vaccuum with all the gadgets.. the shinier the better and he"ll do all the vaccuuming

  79. butterflyamyc says

    My husband is good at making a mess, not so good about cleaning. My tip vinegar and water for cleaning.

  80. A tip about cleaning from the man in my life? Um….lol. I'll have to give my own tip, he wouldn't have a clue about cleaning tips. ;). Dish soap is a great cleaner for stainless steel.

  81. Mary Yaroscavitch says

    My other half likes to clean as much as I do lol we don’t like to so when we do find a product or products we do like we tackle it together. 2 is always better than 1 I always say!

  82. Karla Sceviour says

    my hubbys tip about cleaning would be to tell me he`ll do it later,,then hope I forgets about it and do it mywelf,which usually happens

  83. Make a list and check off each item when completed

  84. Juliee Fitze says

    The tip from my man would be let her do it.

  85. lol some of these are awesome, geez, the hubby just doesn't cut it when cleaning, neither do the kids

  86. Treen Goodwin says

    My hubby helps with the cooking mostly , he will help if i ask him , but i would rather clean myself lol .. but he's a great cook , notips from cleaning tho , half assed lol sorry but its true hahaha .. i like to use vinegar to clean my walls and floors 🙂

  87. He has no tips but says he would vacuum if we had a Dyson.

  88. Bailey Eileen Parr says

    I use hot water with 1 part vinegar and a touch of dish soap. Works great!

  89. well i am the man in my life lol i make lots of shelves and nooks and cabinets for organizing then my wife labels them

  90. do everything quickly but efficiently

  91. partners in everything. thanks

  92. aarone mawdsley says

    Do the dishes right away or else they will stink!

  93. Jennifer L. says

    Be a minimalist; it makes cleaning easier.

  94. Brent MacLeod says

    I am a man and I do clean, just not very often. 🙂 The best tip I have is don't let it pile up so it becomes a bigger job than it needs to be.

  95. dawn rader says

    the man in my life is great at helping me put laundry away….he says its important to do it right away rather than put it off till later.

  96. Kate Hearn says

    My hubby isn't big on cleaning until I get fed up and leave it sitting for a bit…then he power cleans. We get our little guy involved by making it into a game

  97. have him fold laundry while watching sports

  98. Anna Johnson says

    Sort mail, papers etc. into recycle and keep as soon as it comes in so surfaces don't get cluttered. Words my hubby lives by! lol

  99. This would be a good excuse to show him how to clean.

  100. Lori Whatley says

    OMG, our house can't be without Swiffter!!! You have Swiffter, you have clean

  101. I keep thing simple for hubs, nothing super scented, nothing pink or frilly to clean with. I have my girly things to do touch ups or clean my areas but I know the last thing he wants are his hands to smell like lavender.

  102. His tip? Leave the house as soon as cleaning is mentioned. =(

  103. Roz Irvine says

    My tip to cleaning would be to pick up after yourself so that it's not such an overwhelming task at the end of the week.

  104. karinespace says

    I'd love to have my man trained like my mom trained my dad.

  105. Robyn Bellefleur says

    My husband only takes the garbage out so my tip is to put dryer sheets in between sheets and towels after washing to keep your closets smelling fresh.

  106. My cleaning tip…hire a maid service!

  107. use microcloths to clean the shower while you are having your shower

  108. prairiebelle says

    my hubby is awesome, he lives by "tidy as you go"

  109. Tip from the man, if he leaves it long enough I will do it!

  110. Lori Bazan says

    My husband is starting to understand that when he cleans or does dishes it is an aphrodisiac and saves up my energy for later!

  111. Sarah Jackson says

    my husbands tip is to do a quick wipe down/ sweep of the floor every day – this minimizes the amount of work to do in the full cleaning on the weekends

  112. Carole Ann says

    The "man" in my life is my 14 year old teen, his cleaning tip is to kick and shove all the junk and dirty laundry from his bedroom floor under the bed, and then only go through it and sort it on laundry day. Doesn't work for me, but one day he will learn.. lol

  113. My boyfriends tip is to always wipe up pee that hots the seat right away.

  114. Don't expect him to clean how you would clean, and be happy with his cleaning job

  115. Jennifer P. says

    Clean one room at a time, otherwise you end up with a bunch of "almost clean" rooms when you move from one to the next without finishing, and that can feel frustrating.

  116. onlybluemomma3 says

    I can honestly say.. I haven't learned any cleaning tips from my husband LOL

  117. Robert Wise says

    I am a man and I do clean up after myself. My tip is to carry about some kind of Rubbermaid container (or any kind of container) and do a walk through of the house; put everything you see in it that doesn't belong where you found it. Much easier than to take the container through the house and put everything back where it goes.

  118. I think my guys (jr & sr) do a poor job cleaning on purpose so I won't ask them often… that a tip? lol

  119. Teach them how to clean because half the time they don't know how to do it.

  120. holly ogorman says

    My male cat doesn't help clean much, unless it's that stray piece of cat food on the kitchen floor!

  121. Kayla Gilbert says

    Do the carpets outside on the balcony. That way the dust will go outside.

  122. momofrogue says

    my husbands idea of a cleaning tip is just don't do it long enough for me to get frustrated and do it for him.

  123. Clean reguarly, before things get dire!

  124. Windex cleans everything. (that is my man's tip)

  125. Stephanie D says

    Dont let a man clean ! LOL

  126. leave it for mom to do ,. ugh

  127. Audrey Skinner says

    The man in my life thinks you only need to clean when the dirt is really evident.

  128. My tip is to clean as you go – so if you are bathing the kids for example – clean the bathroom while you are watching them.

  129. melanie borhi says

    I am single so I clean for myself, but I do love swiffer products and febreze products would love to win this pack

  130. cheryl hodgkins says

    Wipe your shower walls with car wax to prevent soap scum from building up,

  131. My man says do it quickly and then play video games! So not a tip but that was his response when asked lol!

  132. jeannine glen says

    i'm doing some renovations in my living room. it's going to be really dusty. these products would come in handy.

  133. Mike Kozseluha says

    Don't let the grime build up – dust on a more frequent basis before it cakes up and turns to grime …

  134. Get the kids to do it!

  135. would love to have this, have wanted to try the wetjet product for years, no man right now, but am hopeful

  136. Put on upbeat music to help get you into a more energetic mood to clean!

  137. I would love to have this to clean our hard wood floors

  138. Greta Bomberry says

    Boy do I need the help of Swiffer. I'm not allowed to use a footstool or ladder to get at places I no longer can reach and it is out of the question to call in paid homemakers to do these things for you. Swiffer makes it so much easier for me and gives me back my independance

  139. My tip is give your man the remote and tell him to watch sports until you've finished all your cleaning.


  141. don't let a mess accumulate. clean as you go.

  142. My tip is to use vinegar and water to clean my coffee maker and kettle

  143. Joanne Lowery says

    he uses baking soda on the carpets when he vacuums.

  144. Mike Mottishaw says

    my tip is too use a proper step-stool when reaching for higher places to clean..

  145. Don't let the man clean, they sucks at it, haha

  146. Uses newspaper to clean the mirrors.

  147. His is Get Rid of the Clutter, keep the countertops clear

  148. My husband loves cleaning gadgets. This might inspire him.

  149. truckerofbc says

    Being the man in my life, i do laundry weekly, and I clean up after the pets and keep the downstairs neat and clean…thats enough man clean for me.

  150. Get the main part of the floor, but not the corners.

  151. .throwing down some baking soda on the carpets before vaccuing and usin baking soda and vinegar on tough stove spots 🙂

  152. Barbara Hutcheson says

    ******Ummmm my man doesn't clean-lol******

  153. My tip is to get the man to leave the house if you want the cleaning done properly!

  154. Monique L.S. says

    Put shaving cream on the bathroom mirror to prevent it from fogging up when you shower.

  155. Elva Roberts says

    My husband is very neat and tidy. When I was visiting my daughter, who was going through a difficult divorce, he kept our kitchen floor spotlessly clean by wiping up spots and spills when and if they occurred. I thought the floor was newly scrubbed when I returned but he had used this method which worked wonderfully.

  156. Yes, generally 'have a higher threshold/tolerance than those around you'…but I would also say to have cleaning supplies easily accessible!

  157. Sarah Stickney says

    start at one end of the house

  158. Cleaning as you go makes things a lot faster and easier to get clean.

  159. dishes need to be done everyday
    My recent post pinterest Saturday

  160. Dad says "plan ahead so you can run through cleaning quickly".

  161. His tip to me is always to let him do it lol. My guy is very anal for lack of a better word. He has to have things just so so he prefers if I leave the cleaning to him. He he also likes to tackle the hardest job first (like the bathroom) and go from there.

  162. From my experience i have to get my hubby to do chores in the morning. we joke about him being past his shelf life in the afternoon so I have to plan early to get help on chores!

  163. krista gould says

    I use vinegar and water on wndows andmirrors instead of paper towel i use newspaper

  164. I dont think my hubby knows what a broom or mop is. lol :/

  165. My tip is for laundry – sort it Before you ask him to do it.
    My recent post Fall Glasses

  166. My man tries, but I have learned not to say anything. I clean up after him after he's gone out. If I say anything, he won't try anymore.

  167. use anti-bacterial wipes for cleaning surfaces

  168. The man in my life would love to win this

  169. Marion Bruce says

    My youngest son cleans as good as I can! Super particular!

  170. chris arnott says

    i am the man of the house and i do a wonderful job cleaning because i am off work due to disability so i clean to keep busy

  171. His tips is to start using white vinegar and lemon to clean around the house.

  172. His way is to wait until it really needs cleaning or clean in bulk to get everything done at once.

  173. Use newspaper to clean glass

  174. My husband does a lot of the cleaning,but sometimes I have to clean up behind him, lol

  175. melissa portillo says

    baking soda! cheap and awesome for smells

  176. Christina B. says

    Vacuum cobwebs!

  177. Pat Drouillard says

    Do it right the first time….

  178. Teresa Claire says

    Michael is a great housekeeper! I am very lucky. He loves the swiffer duster and uses it to clean the electronics like the tv.

  179. Brenda Lacourciere says

    My husband says laundry goes better when you mix colors and wash everything on cold.

  180. Krista Embertson says

    I have a cleaning bucket of products in both my kids rooms, in all the bathroom and under the kitchen sink. You make a mess you clean it immediately. 3 of the 4 of us at our house are in school full time. I don't have time to do homework and clean the entire house myself. Thank goodness for my adult children and husband who bought me a roomba and a crock pot!

  181. Share the responsibility

  182. um… well, I am a "man cleaner" as a woman. HATE cleaning. I never wash my floors but just spray all purpose cleaner on the "bad spots" and wipe it off when company is coming…. whoops. ha ha ha

  183. He said always use gloves when cleaning the toilet mind you hr never cleaned a toilet in his life

  184. A cleaning tip from my husband is to use coca cola on rust. stains, it usually helps get rid of it.

  185. vinegar & water works well

  186. My hubby say's "Use paper towels instead of plates and it'll save you from having to do dishes so often."

  187. Nancy Fontaine says

    My husband says to put a couple of drops of vinegar in the water spray bottle. It helps cut dirt in corners.

  188. My husband absolutely hates housework. He helps do dishes, and will vacuum now and then, but that's about it so no tips from him. From me: Use bounce sheets on your baseboards. It helps repel dust and pet fur, meaning they don't have to be cleaned as often. To avoid dropping dust off your ceiling fan while cleaning put a pillowcase over the blades, then pull the dust off into the pillowcase. When done, take outside, turn inside out, and shake.

  189. Bonnie Lam says

    Tell the man to make a bet. If he doesn't clean up after himself then he'll have to smell his own stinky socks. It works. Trust me.

    Good luck to you all. Huggiez.

  190. teressabignell says

    do a little each day or clean as you go. That way you don't have an over whelming amount to do at once

  191. He's always telling the kids….you made the mess, you clean it up.

  192. vanessa foster says

    vinegar and lemons clean without harsh chems!!!!!!!

  193. i never get help from hubby go reason why he make more of a mess .my tip is use shaving cream on the bathroom mirror it will not fog up on you! 🙂
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  194. Use a vacuum to clean the floors, carpet or not, it gets way more dirt and hair than a broom!

  195. Tiffany Wilson says

    My hubby does most of the cleaning. He says just keep up on things everyday and it won't get overwhelming.

  196. I'm married to a clean freak and I'm okay with that! One thing that immediately came to mind is towel drying the the bathtub walls after having a shower to prevent and soap or mildew build up…

  197. Darlene Millen says

    love theses idems could use them every day better then mop n broom n dusting is easy ty

  198. jeff beckley says

    I’m the man in her life so my tip would be, I clean daily so I don’t have to dedicate a whole day to it later!

  199. When my husband cleans, he REALLY cleans!! I need to get out of our house when he cleans – nothing & no one gets in his way… including my things that I can NEVER FIND when he's finished! :S

  200. Use old flyers/newspapers to clean mirrors with windex!

  201. Alayne Langford says

    My man's tip is to throw everything possible out, even if it isn't broken. I am a hoarder and he is a garbage man. That would be his tip! 🙂

  202. Let your mam pick out his own cleaning toy and he will use it.

  203. Get into the routine of doing little things daily ( like wipe the sink when you are done) and a thorough weekly cleaning will be done in no time.

  204. Angela Mitchell says

    Hee hee a cleaning tip from my husband? Not likely:) My tip is to make a list of things that need to be done. I love lists!

  205. My hubby's tip is the newspaper for papertowels on windows. I tried it once. I didn't like it.
    My son's tip is too not let your stuff get so cluttered you use a shovel to remove it. LOL… teens!

  206. Ah, trick question. The answer is to close your eyes.

  207. Aarti Missra says

    Clean a little bit every day so things don't pile up.

  208. Leave it right until the last minute when before the wife gets home, throw water on our face to look like sweat and complain of hot flashes and being busy with the kids so the wife finishes up, lol.

  209. josephine evans says

    pick up odd and ends off of the floor before you vacuum lol

  210. My hubby showed me a cool trick when hand washing dishes, he made a little bowl of soapy water and kept dipping the sponge into it to help conserve dish soap. It totally worked and I didn't go through a whole bottle of dish soap in a week like I was doing before!

  211. Cecilia Kanhai says

    I could use this prize.

  212. Susan Stirling says

    I long ago learned to save my breath and do it myself — I came home (at the time Bermuda) once after a hurricane to learn power was out for 5 days and though my husband was home, the fridge and freezer doors were still closed and full — ewwww shrimp and steak in the freezer after all that time? The old 'pros' taught me that the easiest way to clean "stank" from the inside of fridges is rolled up newspapers overnight.

  213. He uses sugar and dish soap to clean the grease off his hands.
    My recent post Crystal Porter – West Coast (Lana Del Rey Cover)

  214. His tip about cleaning is to do it right away and get it over with.

  215. Katy Emanuel says

    A good scrub brush will clean anything in the bathroom.

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